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  1. mvk512

    Double handed Farr 30 sailing -> autopilot

    I haven't researched the construction of these cables, but they will get a lot of actuations per hour of operation. Think about how much an autopilot works in a typical sea state, driving back and forth many times per minute for hours on end. At the upper end of the design range there could be some pretty significant loads on the cable and drive mechanism. If you use only the clutch to disconnect the unit, those actuations (although at much lower load) will continue even when the unit is not in use. That type of use would be hard on a lot of cables I've worked with. I expect lubrication of the cable tube bore and cable protection from salt and corrosion will be important to keep it working smoothly. Would probably be best if it could be installed without the 90deg bend (or making the bend radius as large as possible. All that said... I'm intrigued and will likely consider it again in the future once I take care of all the critical boat repairs that are ongoing.
  2. mvk512

    Double handed Farr 30 sailing -> autopilot

    A couple of more links that have the 200 hr cable replacement referenced... Sail Magazine article: Page 41 of a catalog on Defender:
  3. mvk512

    Double handed Farr 30 sailing -> autopilot

    Here's the rev-A version: REV A RS Drive install manual.pdf
  4. mvk512

    Double handed Farr 30 sailing -> autopilot

    I guess one question is... how frequent is "Periodically" on the cable maintenance. Perhaps that's how they get to a longer cable life in REV B of the manual.
  5. mvk512

    Double handed Farr 30 sailing -> autopilot

    Well... It looks like my initial search pulled up the REV A version of the installation manual document: Looking at the latest REV B on the website, you are correct. I stand corrected. This sounds a much better. Perhaps they needed a time to accumulate data before updating in REV B.
  6. mvk512

    Octopus AP Drives

    From my response on the Farr-30 thread... The Octopus RS installation manual recommends replacing the cable every 150 to 200 hrs. That's a pretty short lifespan and gives me some concern on the robustness of these units. Spare cables would be needed for long offshore passages/races.
  7. mvk512

    Double handed Farr 30 sailing -> autopilot

    From the Octopus RS installation manual, they recommend replacing the cable every 150 to 200 hrs. That's a pretty short lifespan and gives me some concern on the robustness of these units. Spare cables would be needed for long offshore passages/races. Perhaps that's not a problem for you.
  8. mvk512

    Tides Marine Mast Track System

    For a carbon mast, I'd strongly recommend the Antal glue-on track (HS22.330). I wouldn't want all those fasteners in the carbon (holes and the need to isolate the fasteners). I have Antal on my carbon rig. I know it's pricy once you start adding up all the pieces (headboard, batcars, sliders), but it's been worth it. The dual luff groove and car track design works well and I use both. Luff tape on the race main for fully crewed races and batcars/sliders on the offshore/shorthanded race/cruise main. With the batcars/sliders I can easily raise the main (P = 47 ft) to the top without a winch by myself in light winds, and it drops fast and smooth. This has been really helpful shorthanded/singlehanded.
  9. I didn't know what I was going to do with mine, but as I was pulling the old CNG stove, plumbing and tank out of the boat, a local dock maintenance worker asked if he could have it. He was going to give it to his brother to set up a backyard kitchen. That was easy. Try asking around the marina. I usually find somebody interested in the stuff I take off the boat.
  10. mvk512

    Harken Jib Lead

    Another option... Bungee through PVC across the side deck just in front of the winch. Looks a little wonky, but it definitely works.
  11. mvk512

    Sat Tracking SPOT...tracking not reliable

    We've used services that integrate trackers for offshore race tracking/playback for many years. Folks with SPOTS do seem to drop out more often than the DeLorme/InReach trackers. My Gen-2 SPOT occasionally acted up through the years (no rhyme or reason) when other SPOTs had no problem. I always mounted it outside on the stern rail face-up. While usually an annoyance, years ago a spouse called the Coast Guard in a panic when their spouses SPOT track stopped... despite clear disclaimers with race tracker web links that the tracks were unreliable and were for entertainment only. That said, I used my SPOT on the 2014 Pac Cup and it worked without missing a beat all the way to Hawaii. Even though the coverage should have been poor on the approach go the islands, I didn't have a problem (except the "as designed" annoyance of having to restart it every 24 hrs). My old Gen-2 SPOT finally died after over 10 yrs of hard use, so I can't complain. I ordered an InReach Mini to replace it. We'll see how it goes.
  12. The boat is 33 yrs old, so they only would have covered 20% of those things without it.
  13. I did get the Geico "Partial Waiver of Depreciation". The annual cost for this addition seemed reasonable (around $60) as I recall. With this, there is no deduction deduction for repairs or replacement of the hull, mast, spars, metal supports and deck railing. Awhile back they were not providing it in California, but they are now.
  14. I received a similar notice of non-renewal from Pantaenius last December. They stated that the leading insurer for the policy has decided to withdraw completely from the marine insurance market in the United States. They also said that they "may" have some options for me from participating carriers. It came across that they really didn't care if I stayed. I was short on time did some quick research ended up going with Geico. The policy is almost 50% more than the previous from Pantaenius, but similar to others I checked with.
  15. mvk512

    Mainsail Bolt-rope Track

    Did you get the Antal HS22.33 track? I have a old Hall Spars track with an identical profile. It’s glued to a carbon fiber mast (P = 47.2’). Yes, the bolt rope profile is small, but I’ve never had a problem in some gnarly offshore conditions over many years. The bolt rope of the race main slides easily. That said, I destain the plastic slugs on the old cruising main. I recently had a Dacron main built for offshore shorthanded/singlehanded racing and put Antal race sliders on. They are amazing. I can raise the main singlehanded to the top and only need a winch to set luff tension. The stack height is also very low. This was the single best thing I’ve done to the boat for singlehanding or cruising with family.