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  1. Lucas is good, 100 magic miles eclipes's it for detail and information. Truly it is the boating bilble for the area. Not cheap at roughly 80 to 90 bucks a copy but I believe its in its 11th edition. I do not know of any charter boats that does not have it on their boats in the area and 95% of cruisers have it as a reference guide when cruising the area. It can be bought through local chanderlies or online. I have done a quick check and there is an actual web site for the book called "100 magic miles The Whitsunday Islands" It gives overview of the book. In relation to Club Marine restrictions I understand it is in relation to the large number of claims they had a few years ago when the area copped a beating from Cyclones. There were quite a few boaters who felt they could leave their boat at anchor or on moorings during major cyclones and unfortunatley ended up on the rocks. As a sideline if you go south of Mackay Noel Patricks book "The Curtis Coast" is also a must and has a lot more details regarding anchorages than Lucas IMO. Going north of the Whitsundays the publication "Gone Troppo" is also excellent.
  2. Hi Rantifarian, If you do not have a copy of the publication "One Hundred Magic Miles" I would strongly suggest you purchase one. It is the considered boating bible for that region. It documents the major anchorages showing the best anchoarges given diffrent wind conditions. It also documents the marinas and VHF channels to listen into for weather reports etc. It will also identify locations of public mooring buoys in the main tourist areas. Also check you insurance. We used to be with Club Marine but as part of their policy we were not allowed to anchor or pick up a mooring in Shute Harbour or Pioneer Bay which leaves you know choice but to go into one of the marinas. As a central point Cid Harbour and Nara inlet are the main anchorages, Nara is far better in most weather and Cid is excellent in anything from East to South west. The southern end of Whitehaven west of the cardinal marker is also very good in Southerlies and great for the family. All of the above anchorages are good holding. If you listen in on the charter VHF channel in for the morning and afternoon they give the BOM weather forecast for the following days. Hope this is of some assistance.
  3. Hi BJ, having done the trip a few times now we have stopped at the following places which should be accessible to you. Southport on the Gold Coast is almost an all weather access through the seaway entrance. The weather had to be pretty knarly to close the bar. Tweed River is accessible on high tide with it being dredged. In the right conditions IE a sou easter you can anchor behind the headland at Byron Bay. It can be a bit swell but is a anchorage worth considering if wishing to do smaller hops. Ballina may be touch and go and with the bar have quite a reputation. I only spoke with the local Volunteer Resuce crew the other day and they advised in calm conditions the bar is quite safe when entering on a rising tide. Yamba/Iluka is a major stopover for cruisers. A relativley safe bar to cross but I found it difficult to enter of a night if you are unfamiliar with the lights inside the river, it can be very confusing. Access to Yamba marina is very tide dependant and requires a bit of navigation to following the leads or you may end up on a sandbank. The Clarence River itself is quite deep and straight forward to navigate. Coffs Harbour has a good bay to anchor but as stated previously the marina was severley damaged earlier in the year and is closed till repaired, Last I heard this was not expected to occur till the new year. Fuel is still available. Depending on conditions the bay can be a bit swell. We have stayed overnight on the pick just south of the jetty and found it more than adequate. Trial Bay at South West Rocks is another great open anchorage and is very protected in anything from the south. Not so good from the north. Further south Port Macquarie and Camden Haven are both good anchorages and very safe. We have found that we prefer Camden Haven as it is an easier and safer bar crossing. Good anchorage up river at Laurieton but you can get wind against tide in strong winds. Its an easy run down the coast from there to Broughton Island or Port Stephens both very good anchorages. We do not consider Forster/Tuncurry due to limited anchoring opportunities and strong tidal flow. Newcastle is a major shipping port and basically an all weather port. I have only ever known it to be closed twice and that was in almost cyclonic conditions. We live on Lake Macquarie is an excellent place to visit and explore. Lots of places to re-supply and lots of lonely anchorages. If entering the lake you do have to negotiate a opening bridge and it should be entered on the last quarter of a rising tide. The channel is well marked and straight forward. If just wanting to overnight there are moorings on the sea side of the bridge where you can tie up. The depth of water to the seaside of the bridge is very good. Pittwater and Sydney Harbour are cruising grounds in their own rights with most line of sight navigtion. There are many other anchorages I have not named simply as we have not visited them and do not know them Hope this is of some assistance Greg and Sue SV Sunshine
  4. Hello Torsten, seriously your mate needs to get on site and put out what exactly his requirements are and also his experience. Big difference in being able to race around the cans and safely and competently navigate and cruise the coast of Australia. I can appreciate you posting on his behalf but a lot of information can get lost in translation. For starters while I see you moniker states Melbourne is your mate in Victoria, New South Wales, Queensland etc. Big difference in what advise to give as there are a lot of good boats out there but scattered throughout the states. Is you mate prepared to go interstate to look and purchase a boat. This can severely limit what you looking for. Size is another issue. Is it just him, wife and him, family etc. Lots and lots of things to consider. Best advise I can give is get you mate to go to a local marina and chat with owners at the yacht club. Much to be learned in a friendly atmosphere. More than happy if you or your friend want to PM me to discuss further. As stated there are so many boats out there at the moment that it would be impossible to start making recommendations of any substance with much more solid information. At moment we are cruising east coast of Australia in our boat. Highly recommend it Greg H SV Sunshine
  5. Hello all, as the owner of a Cheiftain 38 I can say that I love them to death. It was my widesigned by fe who talked me into buying our boat in Pittwater, New South Wales, Australia. Its a 1982 model which we have been upgrading as time and money permits. The boats were built by Cook Brothers (not to be confused with Cooksons). Quite a few were built with many going to the charter industry due to there layout and functionality. They are almost idiot proof, hence why I own one. They are no slouch and on our delivery trip to Lake Macquarie we maintained 8 knots and topped at 8.9 in 25 knots in a Sou Easterly with us on a broad reach. Its an Alan Wright Design. I would love to know what your morbid fasincation relates to. We have been out in some nasty stuff and while I doubted our ability the boat never caused us any angst. Inside the boat you can see that this boat was designed or fitted out by a person who had been at sea. There are hand holds everywhere. A great sea galley and storage everywhere. Greg and Sue Lake Macquarie NSW Lande Down Under