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  1. Mephisto Cat

    Exemplary Cruising Videos

    PESTILENCE Give this a look. I really enjoyed it. Great story-telling. Excellent producing.
  2. Mephisto Cat

    O/T - Moving to Australia; Boston Suburbs to Sydney

    Thank you Dreadom! ...hard to beat Manly! we did go up and park... but our boys prevented any shenanigans... we have enjoyed the view! -we've made the most of 4Pines - particularly while the weather was warm... we even got a pint from the house! Recently in this 'cold' weatger, we've been exploring the many other offerings. I love having a brewery at a mere stroll... We had a drink at 'the hold' last weekend... very shippy / salty feel to the bar. - nice crowd too, although FAR from salty. are you in the neighborhood??
  3. Mephisto Cat

    O/T - Moving to Australia; Boston Suburbs to Sydney

    Is the new member criteria that tough?!
  4. Mephisto Cat

    O/T - Moving to Australia; Boston Suburbs to Sydney

    Thanks for the tip!
  5. Mephisto Cat

    O/T - Moving to Australia; Boston Suburbs to Sydney

    Thanks for that insight Charisma. I forgot to mention that I did get out kayaking over at the spit... It was great fun - even with the boys paddling backwards!
  6. Mephisto Cat

    O/T - Moving to Australia; Boston Suburbs to Sydney

    Thanks Brass - Winter? This "ain't no stinkin' winter!!" (I say that very happily!!) I'm still going to the beach! (And I do NOT want a real winter - Mass is uninhabitable in the winter!) Thanks for that link! Very useful. I'm all over this... I'll jump on these winter twilights! I guess winter explains the lack of activity at the Manly YC... I've been at the Skiff club's bar (which is usually hopping) and the YC seems always dead. I'm relieved... PM on way!
  7. Mephisto Cat

    O/T - Moving to Australia; Boston Suburbs to Sydney

    Well - It has actually happened! We've made it. We are In Australia! Fk'n HR - That did not take long! (yes - I am still fighting with the bastards!) We are settling in nicely and so far enjoying life here greatly! (- Despite a pile for work that was awaiting my arrival!). I started the role back in January, but managing everyday things from Boston is freaki'n impossible. -the clock does not cooperate one bit! We landed a cool place in Manly and work in the city (Barangaroo)... Seems the Real Estate market is well on its way to cooling - I was able to get a bit of a discount! I love it! I have a short skateboard ride to the Ferry and then to the office. I rarely touch the car... Sometimes I ride to Circular Quay - just to get in a longer ride... I gawk at the boats in the harbor on the weekends as we are out exploring. I also drool at them from the office windows (there is a great view). My time out on the water has been limited to swimming at the beach and on the ferry. I need to go check out the skiff club and see how that works (So far, I only know that the bar works quite well!) I need to have a look at the skiffs - might be good to get the boys out on the water too... I need to get out there for a sail! Can you provide any suggestion on the friendliest clubs out there where I could offer my crew services? Is there a calendar on the web where I can check out beer-can races? or weekend races? (Maybe a map with club locations? - I'm super happy to see boat everywhere, but make it hard to know where to go!) I am certainly available on weekends, and can be available during the week! I'm happy racing, but also quite happy going out for just a sail - most any time! It is nice to be among friendly humans again! (there were only a handful of them in Massachusetts! )
  8. Mephisto Cat

    8 Bells Everett Pearson

    I have a soft spot for the Ensign's bigger brother - The Commander Courtesy of Mr. Pearson and Carl Alberg (another Genius before his time) What a pretty boat - not fast but always stiff in a big blow. I sailed her on the coast of California - From SF to Ensenada Mexico. Sailed her mostly within SF Bay. I raced short-handed / single-handed in her. (We did quite nicely - thank you!) Great boat. Built like a tank! Sleeps 4 in 6'+ bunks all around! Try that in the equivalent Alerion. We loved spending the weekends on her. I loved that 9-foot cockpit! The boat's mass and that cockpit made her feel much larger than its 25'-7" She remains in the Bay as I understand. She started out life in Tiburon where she spent 40-some years. I had her for 5-6 - in Berkeley mostly... A few years after I sold her to a family with two young boys, I heard she had eventually been donated to one of the sailing clubs. I hope she is being taken care of. - She has another 50 years in her..
  9. Mephisto Cat

    O/T - Moving to Australia; Boston Suburbs to Sydney

    Thanks! - This seems like something one can chew on.... I'll do some looking around on this.
  10. Mephisto Cat

    O/T - Moving to Australia; Boston Suburbs to Sydney

    Well - This heat will only last a few days - not months... (I hope!) In any case, I believe I'll be happier complaining about being hot in Sydney rather than complaining about the cold, and hot, and humidity, and... (long list here!) in the suburbs of Boston... (Sorry Boston). When living in Turkey, we had a stretch of 3 days where the temps reached the lo 50's (Celsius). The whole place shut down as the people headed towards any available body of water! I had a very nice flat there - but there was No A/C... that heat was brutal. I slept in the cool water-filled tub for part of the night! Also enjoyed a few movies in the theater, which had the A/C cranked-up so high I actually got cold in there. We are temporary transplants to the Boston area. I grew-up on the water in California - but left a while ago. Last home there was San Francisco. Have lived various countries in 4 continents for say - 50% of my life or so. I do have a subtle accent (I'm told) as a result of the various languages I've been immersed-in... Occasionally, I use a bit of British (lived in UK previously) and Australian (worked with Australian companies for a long time) slang. This complicates things making my accent hard to pinpoint.... - but it is nothing like a Boston accent. Zonker - I agree with the assessment (both on RE, and on the private school opinion. On the RE; I'll be looking to rent. I do have an option to extend beyond 2 years, but renting will be fine for us. On the schools; I just want to do nice basic good quality schooling. No religions content IS preferred.... I am not opposed to private secular schools - but need to get a better sense of what is available. (as with any location... how do you tell Very good from OK...) I will spend some of my time there on this very topic and talking to folks! Thanks for all the insight guys - I've received good information here...
  11. Mephisto Cat

    O/T - Moving to Australia; Boston Suburbs to Sydney

    Hi all! I'll be in Sydney fro Jan 14th to the 24th. I'll be working - but also scoping things out for the upcoming move. (This seems to be FINALLY being sorted out!). Of course, I will be available to crew on a Sail out on the harbour!! - if anyone finds themselves in need for an additional body - Please do let me know - I will be extremely grateful and will show this with beer! - I've been shoveling snow for the last 2 days from this massive storm. I've not even seen above-freezing temperatures for the last 2 weeks! I will be available on the weekend, but may be able to schedule something during the week as well... Looking forward to a bit of summer in the middle of winter
  12. Mephisto Cat

    VOR 2017-18

    I'm jumping in a bit late on this one.... On the last race someone developed a tracking site that was excellent. Do we know id this is available again? Where are folks following progress on this edition of the race? Cheers!
  13. Participating in the 2017 Transat and the 2018 Route du Rhum. Details below: None of the technology is ground-breaking or exotic (maybe the wave motion-generator application is new), but hey - it is on a boat! "Enel Green Power and skipper Andrea Fantini, at the port of Lorient, in Brittany, presented the sailboat that EGP equipped with renewable energy generation and storage systems with the aim to run on 100% "ecopower". The boat, a 12-metre Class 40, will take part in the Transat Jacques Vabre, the prestigious trans-Atlantic race beginning on 5 November in Le Havre (Normandy) and ending in Salvador De Bahia, in Brazil, for a voyage of 4,350 miles. As technological partner, EGP provided the sailboat with a mini-grid that combines energy produced by solar panels, a wind turbine and a hydrogenerator, with a storage system; all controlled, remotely, with an energy management and monitoring system. Specifically, 8 solar panels have been installed with a total capacity of around 520 W: 4 at the stern (two 110 W panels and two 50 W panels) and 4 on the deckhouse (50 W each), and a 420 W wind turbine at the stern, in addition to a 600 W hydrogenerator. The generation systems are connected to two batteries with a total capacity of approximately 3 KWh. Thanks to the energy management and monitoring system installed by EGP, the boat will be able to send back data on energy production and consumption in real time to determine the ideal configuration and help the technical teams perfect and apply optimum solutions. "The technological partnership with the Andrea Fantini Racing team allows us to make the most of our experience in the development of innovative, sustainable energy solutions and, at the same time, to show the vast and passionate sailing community the enormous potentials of renewables", said Antonio Cammisecra, Head of Enel Green Power. "The EGP sailboat will cut through the oceans, bringing the most innovative and sustainable solutions around the world; a true floating laboratory capable of providing valuable information for the perfection of marine generation technologies". Following the participation in the Transat Jaques Vabre, Enel Green Power will install on the boat a marine machine, developed in collaboration with Wave 4 Energy (W4E), with the aim of further increasing the on-board generation capacity from renewables. With these technologies, the boat will run on 100% "ecopower," also thanks to the replacement of the traditional motor with an electric one, which will be paired with a dedicated storage system to guarantee its autonomy. This is the first time that a marine machine is installed on a sailboat; a travelling experimental laboratory made possible thanks to Enel Green Power's know-how and ability to innovate. For the next two years, the Andrea Fantini Racing team will be competing on a boat, conceived and designed for single-handed or small crew ocean races, the same boat used in the past by the famous skipper Giovanni Soldini."
  14. Mephisto Cat

    O/T - Moving to Australia; Boston Suburbs to Sydney

    Is this a seasonal 'tank' or is it that the market in general is starting to show 'cracks'? Before Boston, we were in San Francisco and we see that housing prices there MUST have reached unsustainable levels... It sounds like Sydney may be on a similar path? We will likely not buy right away as my assignment is limited to a couple of years initially... We'll see what happens after this. -Conceptually, I open to a longer term (I really enjoyed my time in Australia previously), but there will have to be a family discussion... My wife is agreeing to the move now on the basis of a two year limit... I believe she will really like it - but we will see how things go...
  15. Mephisto Cat

    O/T - Moving to Australia; Boston Suburbs to Sydney

    PMs Sent gents. - Thanks in advance!