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  1. Mephisto Cat

    "Culus Nauticus" (nautical a**hole)

    wow. I've never 'been' so many places in one thread... so fast. I did learn a bit... By the end of it, I had to look out the window to determine where I was...
  2. Mephisto Cat

    Sad Day in Dana Point

    A very sad sight to see any proper sail vessel lost. I lived close to the Cutty Sark for a while while in London - before the renovations and fire. It was an impressive sight even simply sitting on the hard. (In a dry-dock, really). I recall hearing the news of the fire. I am glad she is still around!
  3. Mephisto Cat

    Where Didja Get Your Log In Name

    Found a boat. - it adopted me. That was the name... No. It was not a catamaran.
  4. Mephisto Cat

    Online sailing movies

    The Hollywood sailing flicks will make you jump out the window! (but for a few exceptions)... Check out the oldie but goodie "Riddle of the sands" on youtube for example... Also - check this thread out... It will surely keep you entertained fora few days! Do not miss my recommendation for the vid :"S/v Pestilence" Enjoy!
  5. Hi Just, No. - You are completely correct... This word seems to resonate positively with non-sailors (as most of the participating firms' crew and guests are in this case...) so we have been using this in communication. I should not have carried this into this forum! An additional benefit of the event is that we'll have a bunch of non-sailors exposed to the vice sport. - We'll try to keep them all on board the boats... I appreciate the bump to the top! - hopefully we'll have a good crowd next Friday!
  6. The inagural Renewable Energy Cupevent is taking place on Friday October 18th in Sydney Harbour. Link to the regatta website: This is a race to promote Renewable energy and celebrate the significant progress made with Renewable Energy implementation in Australia. This charity race is also raising funds in support of a wildlife conservation charity. All the available participant slots and sponsorship opportunities are fortunately filled, but it would be great to see more boats sailing along in support of Renewable energy generation. (perhaps the Race Committee will be emboldened by interest to expand the event!) The race will start around Clontarf Point and sail into the central Sidney harbour within view of the Harbour Bridge and Opera House and back to the Spit Bridge. The boats should be out on the water (fully powered by renewable energy ) from a bit after 2pm and returning towards Clontarf at 4:30 or so. Hoping to see you out there!
  7. Mephisto Cat

    Exemplary Cruising Videos

    PESTILENCE Give this a look. I really enjoyed it. Great story-telling. Excellent producing.