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  1. caneesq

    alex camet

    Who is the funniest person you ever sailed with?
  2. caneesq


    You clearly have. First time customer. I've seen your company for years. Glad we've connected this time. You delivered everything you promised, just as you said you would. You'll hear from me again regarding the grown up boat.
  3. caneesq


    They have arrived. Thanks again
  4. caneesq


    The OA, yes. RS Tera Int'l Yeah, I don't follow your videos, so I am stupid.
  5. caneesq


    we look forward to the gear nonetheless. The kids will be Team USA at other events. Obviously, no rush to send anything FedEx. Save whatever you can on freight. Their sailing team has even cancelled practice for the next month. No hurry, and thanks for making them. Re: the entry fees. Agreed. The OA actually sent an email to me explaining it wanted to make itself whole (cover 100% of its own expenses), so is keeping all the money. Great way to build a class.
  6. caneesq


    Clearly, a version of boat which doesn't rise to your level. If you are interested, you can find some information about them here
  7. caneesq


    We had registered the kids to compete in the RS Tera World Championships in South Africa. The RS Tera folks cancelled the event. Making it better, they are keeping 100% of the $600 entry fee, and 100% of the boat charter fee. Way to build a class. Emirates will let us reschedule the flight from LAX to Cape Town, and the safari folks are allowing us to reschedule. The RS Tera folks though, strictly are offering the back of their hands (or their middle finger). Dry Armor is (presumably) still shipping the regatta shirts and pennies for the kids. BCYC cancelled the Bogart race (Avalon and return), and has refunded 100% of the entry fee.
  8. caneesq


    white person from Sweden sails her yacht across the Atlantic to the United States, immediately gets to meet a President, then gets an audience at the United Nations to screech at a room full of people of color, the gist of her ire directed at China and India, about how they should radically change their society. What a white privileged d-bag a-hole.
  9. yep, I'm far more interested in joining regattas which have shorthanded classes. the whole day is better; far fewer cats to herd, and everybody gets all the 'job' they want, all day.
  10. caneesq

    Caught Red Handed from mythical front page

    let's assume the igloo was on the transom. is that probable cause to believe a crime has been committed? I think not.
  11. caneesq

    Caught Red Handed from mythical front page

    is there any such thing? and no, I don't think it would.
  12. caneesq

    Caught Red Handed from mythical front page

    sure, but the cause must be present. here, I don't see any. if someone made a report of illegal activity related to an unoccupied boat, seems like the PoPo needs a warrant.
  13. caneesq

    i touch myself

    does this mean there won't be any more "Sailing Chick of the Week" posts of scantily clad honey pots?
  14. caneesq

    Caught Red Handed from mythical front page

    I don't see what this has to do with the club. If a member beats his wife, or gets a DUI, or snorts a line of coke (at home), are their membership repercussions? Secondarily, the article includes the passage, " The EZ Rider was unoccupied but wardens searched it." Sounds like the Po Po didn't trouble itself for a warrant. Their don't appear to be any exigent circumstances. Admittedly, I don't practice criminal law an awful lot, but isn't this a warrantless search, subject to an exclusionary motion? If that works, the meat, shells, and confessions are all 'fruit of the poisonous tree,' and the dudes skate.