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  1. Three Italian billionaires and Spithill if LR sign him up
  2. Yep sorry really meant it dropped out of the headlines and by association revenues/audience numbers/exposure. During my film production days for a budget of $US4.5 mill, I'd be lucky to get $250,000 presale from AUS and NZ. MIght be able to raise $3 mill overall from world presales and deficit filled by other means. TV returns generally are the pits compared to film, sailing TV worse and AC in monohulls/classic match racing close to the You Pay US Network. Looking at the last AC the production budget could be in the $US4/7 million range and It would be likely they would have had to buy TV slots or at the very least underwrite certain costs for US network so maybe an added few million there. I know one film did the film equivalent and underwrote an entire US cinema chain. Fortunately, it did business and the financier kept his mansions. Somehow ETNZ/their TV bedfellow need to find a production budget of this level and would be looking to raise 70% of the budget by other means - equity perhaps through sailing/sponsor partners, but a tough sell for cash-strapped challengers. Billionaires don't like spending money, they might give the illusion but that's just show - MdN a typical example, spending very little for his return and influence. TV production, especially with all the whizbangs required and expected is not that cheap in NZ - from when I last looked at the numbers and decided to stay home.
  3. You get jack shit selling broadcast rights in NZ. In fact rights get lumped in with Aus and its bugger all for both. If you're a domestic NZ producer you might get something from TVNZ but then they'll do it themselves and try and offload it in some TV market fest like MIPCOM or MIFED. Total worldwide AC tv rights won't get much more than 350,000 after sub dist and commissions, tops. Usually you'd horse trade another programme series or pay them to run it. Look at Uk TV in the last AC, It was dropped when BAR dropped out so bang goes those revenues. So now any team trying to raise broadcast coin from US, UK, France and Japan (the major territories), is stuffed basically and its going to cost an arm and a leg to produce it what with all those higher graphics, high tech shooting costs and post.
  4. It's all very well talking about teams and boat types but a large foiling monohull will blow the budget way over 100 mil. Remember V5 budget discussions, DC saying in 2005 he would need 100-300 million. The Volvos are one design, still cost 70/80 mil, and they have their work cut out raising 7 teams in whats a well-established sponsor friendly event. Non of the existing corporate sponsors outside ENTZ's want to go mono and don't even want to go to NZ. I dealt with a few largish corporate sponsoring a RTW sailing event some years ago and none wanted to sponsor anything based n NZ let alone a sailing event - the markets too small, too monopolized and too remote. Approach a few, pitch and then tell them their Euro top brass need 3 days of travelling to visit. They don't have that sort of time, full stop, door closed. Dalton's always had issues both as winner and challenger and now he's under a couple of Italian financiers thumbs. Corporate sponsors on the last AC were largely new and essentially sold on foiling/wingsail tech. It was a two-way performance relationship. From their POV there is no point in being involved with performance design and then adding twenty tons of lead.
  5. They are meeting next week. Believe its really more a series of events to utilise the otherwise worthless boats and keep sponsors on board in case monohulls return and make raising coin more or less beyond practical.
  6. Perhaps Oracle was not so well funded. They were slow against A. "There is also a hard behind the scenes to verify but we are talking with some insistence. The director of Oracle's board a year ago he would pray Larry Ellison to spend less for the Cup, and he himself would be a little bored of the toy and he told the sailors "try to be self-sufficient," or paid the expenses with the organization and sponsors. This position could also reasonably explain the loss of competitiveness of the sailing team and defeat that lies ahead, but is explained by the estimated personal fortune of 50 billion and Ellison in his nature to master father of the company." Link http://www.ilsole24ore.com/art/notizie/2017-06-24/america-s-cup-business-77-milioni-euro-131421.shtml?uuid=AEWp7TlB
  7. audience

    There would be no issue of ETNZ getting funding - rather the opposite in fact. It's the event itself ie team bases, getting half decent prices on International TV rights etc. There's rumour of Gulf Harbour being considered if the Viaduct can't get the space but the Viaduct or similar is so crucial really. Haven't been there for years so don't know what's changed.
  8. audience

    Having actually been involved in raising event coin, it's a real tough number getting international corporate level event sponsorship for a gig in NZ. Its too remote, too small a market and sailings one of the hardest and expensive codes to attempt. It's far more effective to just send a reporter/crew V blogging, run the headline licensed footage when you know there is a story and most important of all, know what story you are running. It'll be interesting to see how it pans out holding the AC in Auckland and what sort of costs/logistics Auckland are up for. Getting funding for ETNZ (corporate plus a billionaire/millionaire or two) is not the same as AC funding especially when there may be conflicting sponsor interests and protection of their respective IP's.
  9. Control systems and technique. Rudder adjustments help control leach tension especially mid leach, a critical area. Same as other teams except ETNZ who instead use hydraulic jacks for the traveler. Others tried traveler jacks before. OK in light but not so in medium to heavy.
  10. Couple of others have similar wheel systems http://www.pocket-lint.com/news/140912-f1-on-the-water-how-ben -ainslie-and-land-rover-bar-plan-to-win-the-america-s-cup
  11. Thanks for that above. Puts the development to race cycle in better perspective with BAR moving up a knotch recently. Of course this 7 month foil development, 3 months building, 4 months learning how they work, means one wouldn't want to break one especially under the current rule system.
  12. Oracle have a wheel controlled - not button controlled foil system. Fore and aft movements via post control one item and ditto on the wheel for the other. Taken from F1 concepts and very efficient. Only one other team has something like this and too late for others to copy.This removes the need for a separate crew member monitoring foils for more efficient power generation. The boats take 4g in turns so pedestal grinding remains the most efficient.
  13. They can foil down to 6 knots
  14. Recently. BAR AC50 https://youtu.be/8RfVEz7gbb4