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  1. Cat sailing in Aus doesn't seem overly well co-ordinated, there seem to be pockets of good, but there doesn't appear to be one calendar to go to, its all a bit fragmented. Lots of classes and clubs use Facebook, which is a bit useless if you have never signed up to that medium. I was trying to get a handle on regattas for a new cat sailor in NSW, and it is difficult to find the information. A lot of regattas seem to be word of mouth / "oh its the same as last year" / last minute details published. etc, run out of smaller clubs with little or know web presence. This is not a criticism, but more of an observation, cat sailing seems to be very grass roots / volunteer run, so its not hard to imagine how / why its like this. I think the F18s may travel to compete rather than be all at one club? But I can't say with authority. Cheers
  2. VIRB 360 and instrument data - it works!

    Here is a VIRB Ultra 30 screen grab no external instruments connected, but pretty functional on its own, with the built in data gathering.
  3. Nacra F18 infusion MK3

    Thats good info, so would epoxy based filler be the best thing for small repairs?
  4. Nacra F18 infusion MK3

    THX all for the info. When I say larger, I'm talking 1.5cm x maybe .5cm, yes largely where they exit the hulls, looks like GelCoat, but is very powdery when sanding it?
  5. Nacra F18 infusion MK3

    Any chance you have repaired Nacra foils? I'm looking at a pair of very new C foils that the top coat (whatever it is) appears to be chipping off in in sort of longer chunks rather than a small localised chip that you would expect. Im not quite sure how to handle this. One part of me wants to sand / fair them back, and have them epoxy painted. Any suggestions?
  6. Sydney to Hobart 2017

    Assuming they were not cheating some other way, alongside the flagrant disregarding of the rules? I mean, ya gotta wonder if they were happy to cheat in such a public way, what were they doing that couldn't be seen. Thats always the question in my mind when I observe those who feel like they are above the rules the rest of us abide by.
  7. Bloody awesome work Nic!!

  8. Sydney to Hobart 2017

    LOL happens all the time the Americas Cup, why not in the S2H
  9. Sydney to Hobart 2017

    And AS performance director
  10. Sydney to Hobart 2017

    Google "Chrome Location Guard" might work for you
  11. Sydney to Hobart 2017

    Wow YACHT LDV Comanche - CYCA (Jim Cooney & Samantha Grant) SPEED 30.8 kt HEADING 187 DTG 305.7 nm DTL 0.0 nm
  12. Americas cup replays on foxtel right now
  13. We walked onto the dock that the boats were moored too. The crew said to us that "normally" at other ports you can't get near the boats. The security guard did move us along, and I got the impression if there were bigger crowds there would be no one allowed on the individual jetties, but you can still get pretty close. I think it all opens on 27th
  14. Went for a walk down there an hour ago, managed to get on the dock, only shore crew around very little going on. One security guy did his best to chase us off, whilst letting us look around at the same time. Brunel shore crew very friendly!!