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  1. Really? That one? Would the last race of 83 Trump that??
  2. Just watched that one again, pretty amazing
  3. If you could only watch one race of the whole regatta, which one would you watch? Im thinking one of the ART - ETNZ, but wondered about the thoughts of others?
  4. Fixed it for you
  5. Rarely has a defender been so lacklustre. I still hold that fast boats and circumstance have made Jimmy look good over the years, whereas NO and PB have had nowhere to hide in the one design world of 49ers
  6. Culture of copy and catch up, you are not going to see anything more clever than the direction the others were going anyway .
  7. Jummy (&Oracle) are kinda interesting. That DOG match was no contest, but does anyone remember Jummy stuck in irons at the start of the first race? Surely one of the more embarrassing moments in A/C history.
  8. With some crossover participants as well... eg: Ben Ainsley
  9. Hmmm you hear Oracle rush when ETNZ go if you listen to their onboard audio. So probably was important. Like so much of what happened during this cup against ETNZ it was the little things that all added up. Almost Jedi like sailing, meant the pressure was always on the other team and invariably the other team would fail. Do you really think NO (after all that practice) would have run off the side of his boat if there was no pressure, or Oracle would be over early or over a boundary if there was no pressure. It was like watching someone play tennis against the most consistent player in the world think Federer or Djokovic. The other players lose through "unforced" errors, which are actually "forced" through pressure.
  10. Wonder if JS realised he had stepped over the line at some point. He became a different person in the pressers almost humble. Certainly not his usual demeanour
  11. Is day one avail on that austrian replay site?
  12. This. If you look back at Jimmys success, you find he has never actually had to overcome a sailor of any quality when his boat was a match. His apparent success really is a bit of an aberation of circumstance. Sure he is probably better than most who post here, but this is the first time he has had to deal with a sailor who is naturally more talented, immensely more intellligent. With respect, it probably wouldn't have mattered who steered Oracle for the last few cycles. But such is the chaotic nature of circumstance.
  13. Thats one of the things they did in NZ I reckon, programmed a whole lot of possible preset scenarios ...... which I believe they are allowed to do under the rules.