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  1. Flags

    Marina Karen

    Unfortunately no guns how boring
  2. Flags

    Aussie Government blow it (Again)

    1. Same difference. they are all idiots, most would have no concept of evidence based science. 2. The guards should know, but so should everyone, the number of pax in those quarantine hotels who are actually positive is scary just keep away from them! Smoking... doing Coke, sharing a splif GREAT delivery systems for a Virus, just ask ALL those guests at the wollongong wedding in NSW, maybe its natural selection.
  3. Flags

    The Covid-19 conspiracy thread

    Here's the definitive video on the subject by Dr Ines Dawson of Oxford Uni, a specialist in microbiology and epidemiology. She covers all issues including things like what the real issues are and unnecessary scaremongering. Unless of course you are a conspiracy theorist, then there is probably no amount of evidence based science that will help you It's a bit long, so here are the times of relevant parts of the video. 02:08 Where did the coronavirus come from? 03:58 Does the origin of the virus matter? 04:27 Could it be a bioweapon? Why/why not? 06:28 Addressing the uncertainty of the wet market epicentre 07:34 How does it infect humans? Molecular level 09:06 How does it infect humans? Modes of transmission 09:46 Who is affected by the coronavirus? Death rate by age 10:32 Who is affected by the coronavirus? Death rate by sex 11:07 Who is affected by the coronavirus? Death rate by comorbidity 11:35 Who is affected by the coronavirus? Are Asian people more susceptible? 12:48 Is the death rate accurate? 13:50 How healthcare affects the death rate 16:03 How does the novel coronavirus cause disease? Respiratory symptoms 16:45 ARDS in COVID-19 17:15 Detailed explanation of ARDS treatment 19:20 COVID-19 disease outside of respiratory system 20:58 When will there be a cure? 21:36 Why do vaccines take so long? 23:51 What are the symptoms of COVID-19? 24:54 How can I protect myself and others?
  4. Flags

    Australian Sailing

    YNZ do GOOD job of providing/administering a national (PHRF like) handicapping system that allows boats from different clubs to be compared and raced against one another. AS have no such offering. To me this is a great failure. You cant even have two clubs that exist side by side on a waterway in AUS come together once or twice a year and have any meaningful comparison. But then that's just reflective of AS general disinterest in grass roots sailing.
  5. Flags

    Robotic Marks

    They used them for the WASZP racing at Sail GP sydney, was kinda funny watching them all "return to base" at the end of each race
  6. Flags

    Australian Sailing

    One would argue, somewhat more effectively (and efficiently $ ) than AS .
  7. Flags

    what is it?

  8. Flags

    Aspen flogs, name and shame?

    Maybe for some, but anyone with even a passing interest in this virus was looking at the lack of testing in the US and comparing that with the number of infected people arriving on multiple different aircraft from the US, and drawing their own conclusion. You had to know that there was an underlying problem emerging over there. https://aatishb.com/covidtrends/ for interest have look at this and select linear.
  9. Flags

    Emirates Team New Zealand.

    Evidenced by? Backed up by? As much as we can tell before it runs it course, It's no more or less dangerous or contagious than other similar outbreaks sars etc
  10. "the democratic process" eg: the Survey Monkey process
  11. IM wondering if there might be some middle ground here, ie: no audience / athletes only?? Still a big risk but at least it could keep TV revenue
  12. Flags

    Larry's AC50 Circus

    Hmmm same in Australia, but interestingly, at least 5 (maybe more) of the 16 kids in the WASZP Inspire program on the weekend at SailGP were Nacra 15 sailors. I think a couple of the WASZP sailors were also ex BIC sailors, so maybe that pathway is becoming "a pathway" rather than "the pathway". He is only a sample of one, but Glenn Ashbys pathway was paper tiger -> bigger cats from the sound of things, hopefully more kids will have a more modern journey into the future, and stay in the sport longer, cause they are more interested.
  13. Flags

    Emirates Team New Zealand.

    You quoted ONE person's THIRD party account as told on quora.com ------- hardly evidenced based scientific research---- Mr Brown says D- try harder