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  1. Eric

    No more happy endings in Montana

    It's the Robert Kraft inspired law.. no more trafficking but lots of unemployed asian women.
  2. I gather from this thread that the more hair on a body the more damaging to the psyche of a young girl if she happens to see it.
  3. 104 voters in this poll from 2008. The other two active poles now only have a dozen voters. Where'd everybody go?
  4. Wow this thread is for stoners.
  5. 20 years ago I was a VP at a company that had recently installed a Novell "computer network". The printers were on the network. One Friday afternoon I printed the engineering department's salary increase and salaries. Well, the document never printed and then everyone was going to Newmans for drinks so I kind of forgot about it. It turns out that the network cable had been unplugged for some reason and when the techs got to fixing it eventually the document printed -- on Saturday morning. Some asshole picked it up and needless to say it got around. Big problem for me.
  6. Eric

    Corporations Are People

    Most of the "people too ignorant to vote" listen to AM radio regularly.