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  1. 20,000

    The DOW must be liberal conspiracy.
  2. The Madonna Speech... Why The Fuss??

    Seaspan dropped coverage cause of her language.
  3. A better questions is why is JBSF so obsessed with Meli?
  4. Donald Trump’s Genius

    Tricky those capitalists.
  5. Four Hours In... Not 1Promise Kept

    There is a term for someone who takes the action of one, and extrapolates it across an entire group. Damn my memory. I don't recall what it is. Oh... A black guy stole a car today. Wanna run with that one too? The right likes to use stereotypes and to generalize like that.
  6. Glum and Glummer

    A viable candidate for President of the United States? That there is funny.
  7. Ryan "better like your pain because you're going to keep it".
  8. We get the government we deserve.

    So there are child sex slaves in the basement of a democRAT pizza shop in DC without a basement, or there aren't? The Washington Post is unimpeachable or it's not? If you think the story is wrong then say so.
  9. RedTuna drags a Red Herring across the trail.
  10. In your case Troller, you'll have the have the large penis you've always dreamed of.
  11. Making America Great Again

    It means leave leave other people the fuck alone and mind your own business. What that means is "quit giving free stuff and jobs to the dark skinned people". What it might also mean is that if he wants to beat his wife and kids and rape the neighbors daughter then it his business. Leave the police out of it.
  12. Moochelle Loses Her Hope

    "When a Ferrari hits a dump truck what happens"? That was quote was from SA a few years back when Jack Rabbit a CM1200 went bow into the side of a J120. The CM1200 nearly lost their mast and the J120 relatively unharmed finished the race.
  13. Round the County

    It was more likely chocolate that the dog eat than it was pot. Chocolate is a lot more toxic to dog and a lot more likely to be left on the ground. Nobody drops their weed on the ground. (could be a bit of magic brownie maybe). Oh and sailors partying before a race got drunk -- that's a surprise? This guy sounds like a Trump supporter.
  14. Who is your favorite absurdities vendor?

    All absurd on their face. Hillary really hasn't taken the crazy route but she does make promises she can't keep.
  15. Obama gave a speech last night and once again he refused to say the words radical Islamic terrorist.