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  1. southseasbill

    Team NZ

    What's with the helmets and padding?
  2. southseasbill

    “Salute to America”

    Keep America great Mr TRump. D Trump 2020, Ivanka 2024, 2028. It'll be a long wait for the Dems.
  3. southseasbill

    Team NZ

    Don't get too excited. The numpties at Auckland City Council declared a climate emergency the other day. Next they will ban all travel to and from Auckland to save the planet and the cup will be cancelled.
  4. southseasbill


    Given two challenges from Italy and now that Mr Trump has made America great again. I'm expecting a raft of more challenges from the USA.
  5. southseasbill

    Oracle Team USA

    I thought someone said SWS passed away.
  6. southseasbill

    Oracle Team USA

    It's not really a problem. Dalts can just send the cup to Garrard to have the 2013 inscription expunged.
  7. southseasbill

    AC36 Auckland NZ

    Correct. Also the labour politician who is supportive of the cup is Trevor Mallard who is likely to be speaker, so wont have any pet projects to push.
  8. southseasbill

    AC 36 Protocol

    Electric motors if they are allowed a big enough battery.
  9. southseasbill

    Team NZ

    Desk model of Aotearoa now available: The New York Yatch Club had a scale model of each winning boat. Do they still do that?
  10. southseasbill

    Team NZ

    I was up there over the weekend checking out houses on the peninsula. I saw all the Open BIC's out sailing at Manly. May have been there for that. Russell has been open with his praise for Burling all along so who knows what he is trying to cook up. Maybe he was aksing Burling for a job
  11. southseasbill

    What was your favorite race/moment?

    So why do you take what Dalton said seriously.
  12. southseasbill

    Team NZ

    My office is close to the viaduct harbour so I will be there.
  13. southseasbill

    AC36 - The Venue

    New Zealand workplace safety legislation will require the racing to be held on Lake Pupuke.
  14. southseasbill

    Team NZ

    Have to give a special shout out to the shore team getting the boat back up and running the way they did after the pitchpole.
  15. southseasbill

    Team NZ

    The winning foils question is answered.