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  1. AC36 Auckland NZ

    Correct. Also the labour politician who is supportive of the cup is Trevor Mallard who is likely to be speaker, so wont have any pet projects to push.
  2. who won?

    The ref won.
  3. AC 36 Protocol

    Electric motors if they are allowed a big enough battery.
  4. Goodbye Russell ... ?

    Wethog. You should know the rules by now. Only foreign yatch clubs can challenge and the defender is a single club. The defending club may choose one of multiple teams to defend on their behalf but other yatch clubs have nothing to do with it.
  5. Team NZ

    Desk model of Aotearoa now available: http://www.abordage.com/fine-ship-models/americas-cup-boats/emirates-team-new-zealand-catamaran-ac-50-2017-desk-model.html?utm_source=ETNZ&utm_medium=post&utm_campaign=ETNZAC50 The New York Yatch Club had a scale model of each winning boat. Do they still do that?
  6. Team NZ

    I was up there over the weekend checking out houses on the peninsula. I saw all the Open BIC's out sailing at Manly. May have been there for that. Russell has been open with his praise for Burling all along so who knows what he is trying to cook up. Maybe he was aksing Burling for a job
  7. Clean Interview of GA

    https://www.lw.com/people/MaureenEMahoney Also retired.
  8. Clean Interview of GA

    The general idea is hardly new. I recall the use of route planning software was widespread for the online Volvo sailing game. Some I gather had even set up scripts to control the game while they were asleep using input from an online route planning site. It isn't much of a stretch from that kind of thing to "set your foil like this"
  9. Anyone heard from Deano??

  10. Clean Interview of GA

    "You can't fly an aeroplane with a rope" http://hwcdn.libsyn.com/p/6/5/8/658c9c9b8ea7f3a5/23_-_The_Secrets_Of_The_Americas_Cup_with_ETNZ_Wing_Trimmer_Glenn_Ashby.mp3?c_id=15902643&destination_id=387841&expiration=1499294982&hwt=fe4199e79c3b540bb1f6ef431a29539f
  11. I would say that Dalts will want to run the defence. Win or lose he might move on to something else after that.
  12. The foil of the future

    Are you a cash buyer: http://www.lme.com/metals/non-ferrous/lead/
  13. What was your favorite race/moment?

    So why do you take what Dalton said seriously.
  14. Get real, the America's cup is long dead

    The own bottom clause isn't in the deed any more. If the propelled by sails only clause was removed then the cup really would be dead as far a sailing goes. Might be some supporters for a fizz boat race but not me.
  15. Team NZ

    My office is close to the viaduct harbour so I will be there.