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  1. But we've see drone footage during the actual races last weekend....so was this ban rescinded?
  2. Hmmm...seems a cyclist on a Nordic ski trail would not be as fast a the Nordic skier!
  3. What about a stair-stepper type of device? Pulling handles while also pumping legs...easy to get on/off when needed for tacking/gybing...kinda vertical and windagie, but good power output.
  4. Really? I'm one too...so that makes you "a bike building sailor", EH?!
  5. Sounds reasonable. But my point was could a team build a much higher capacity pressure storage system under current rules....such that 2x, 10x, 100x or more capacity was available, pre-loaded prior to racing by shore crew/non-human powered system, then just use a few humans to dribble in a bit during races? When I first heard of cyclors being used, I immediately thought that meant they could get away with one or two less crewmen...saving huge on weight (and salaries!). But we see them using the same numbers of bodies...so advantage is likely having more oil pressure capacity on tap, thus maneuvers not as limited by pressure consumption. Have we seen any obvious tendency for NZL to make more maneuvers than non-cyclor boats?
  6. Problem with that idea is that the people making these design concept decisions are not the grunts on the grinders....so no direct impact to them for making such a dramatic change. There's a reason why we see multiple week long cycling races vs any corresponding arm-powered marathons. Being able to sustain power output over the race lengths 2 to 4 times per day, several days in a row is paramount. Just look at the heart rates cyclors vs grinders.... How is the oil pressure stored in the boats? Do rules allow different capacity storage? Could someone cheat by pre-storing pressure before racing and then just topping up during race?
  7. Race Replays

    Thx Sir! That's the guy...Pete M. Wow...watching the monohull stuff again is just painful...slow-mo ballet ;-)
  8. Race Replays

    Yup...or even if they actually stated "Velocity Made Good" would be helpful to newbies.... I've never like Ken Read as a broadcast person...very dreary to listen to. I recall when NZ hosted the cup many moons ago, they had a fantastic broadcaster....very excitable indeed! Hope someone can point us to a clip of those days...
  9. Race Replays

    Not trying to discourage....just making a joke on modern realities....
  10. Race Replays

    Should we be kick-starting some sort of legal defense funding for Mr. Rudder?? ;-)
  11. Race Replays

    All races for the day were in the torrent, except race #1 which failed to record shortly after the race start. Review earlier messages in the this thread for tips on how to download a freeware Torrent application like MicroTorrent etc. Install it, then download the linked torrent file...open it with your freshly installed Torrent app, it will proceed to download all the race files for the day as *.ts format video files and places them in your default downloads folder. The torrent app will also automatically start providing uploads of your newly downloaded files to other global Torrent users looking for the files. You can turn that off if you don't want to share out b/c of internet bandwidth limits on your account or you just like to be called a leech ;-)
  12. Race Replays

    In displacement cat sailing, wave piercers seem better suited in lighter to moderate air where smaller waves may tend to cause minor fore/aft pitching in "V" bows....less pitching means more efficient forward motion. better air flow over the sail plan...that is where they are better off.
  13. Race Replays

    Yes the faster you go, the less you can do to prevent "lawn darting" the bows...regardless of fancy shaping. In "traditional" catamaran displacement sailing wave piercing can help to resist pitching moment up to a point, but then the angles/drag forces take over and you are done. The Tornado suffers the same fate...but may do better in certain sea states then pierces and vis versa. It's all a compromise.
  14. Race Replays

    The "inverted" bow shapes are a fairly recent innovation in modern catamarans. Known as "wave piercing" the concept is to better shed water off the forward bow sections when burying in waves and to reduce hobby-horsing the boat in even smaller waves. And on these super high speed foilers, you get added benefits of lower windage from the bows. The classic design of the Tornado hull (from 1968) has an almost flat forward deck....with a pretty big "V" wedge cross sectional shape to maximize forward volume....the concept being to keep the deck above the water line as much as possible. Basically the opposite compared to wave-piercing hulls. Obviously, inverted bows are no guarantee for preventing pitch poles.
  15. Are you worried about Ebola coming here?

    Great thanks, do we develop a national health policy based on your theory? You willing to back that up with increased exposure? Please rookie. Take that shit to the minor leagues. I've worked on molecular biology of Adeno, Paramyxo and Hanta viruses, so i do know a wee bit about the field. How about you? Name me one virus that has ever wiped out its normal host species? Never been observed. All virus species in their normal/natural hosts do not create serious diseases in that host. That's basic evolution at work. Why don't you learn some basic biology before making criticisms?