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  1. You're looking to hire a nice yacht, 2 skilled professionals not just full time, but 24/7 full time for a whole week, pay for fuel, food, booze, cruising permits, etc, Look what just a bareboat 45ft cat costs. 20k is at the very low end. There isn't really a cost difference between 2 guests and 6 guests. See above. If you're not going to stiff the crew on their tip, have a look here for booking options that aren't megayachts: http://www.latesailcrewed.com/
  2. Just google "crewed yacht charter" + whatever area you are looking to sail. There are many charter brokers out there who will match your preferences to a specifc boat and crew. At least in the Caribbean expect to spend 20-30k for the week for a nice cat.
  3. Some friends are on an ocean worthy 45ft catamaran currently in the mid-fl keys. They were planning to hightail it north, but Given the uncertainty of this track they are thinking to bug out tonight to Cozumel and let it slide by. That seems like the only direction not on a projected track. Any better ideas?
  4. Sparkle Pony would definitely be down for that in early August, as that is when I take her cruising up to Maine usually anyway. We can circle in Constitution YC and/or Savin Hill YC for Boston end logistics.
  5. there aren't that many options in Edgartown/on the vineyard except for higher end crewed charter Magic Carpet, the gorgeous 1959 S&S 56 does multi passenger sails a couple of times a day. http://www.sailmagiccarpet.com/ Edgartown YC had J70s and R19s for their member usage, depending on your club you could inquire on using one? If you have a smaller group or want a private crewed boat, Kurt is a really nice guy with a gorgeous catboat: http://www.catboatcharters.com/
  6. If it's not already illegal in MD I agree with making bowriding illegal. Idiots that run over their own kids when they hit a wake is a real thing. ...maybe just adding the word "power driven vessel" to the rule would clarify things a LOT?
  7. I'm gonna chime in a little unpopularly here, Betas do have a good track record, but if I was repowering, the global parts availability and mechanic knowledge of yanmars, as well as their proven effect on resale value would still put me in their camp. but fuck yanmar saildrives. oh, and their starters are undersized and suck. oh, and the older yanmars that had the impeller facing the starter motor and required a bit of skin sacrifice to change an impeller.
  8. I and most of my crew swear by Lifeproof cases. My phone is going on 4 years old, and still is brand new inside the case. Once the case gets worn, Lifeproof replaces it free under warranty, with a very easy online form, don't even need to send in the old phone. My primary nav system is 2 ipads in Lifeproof cases as well.
  9. But then they miss the charter yacht show and don't get any bookings! I get this pressure for irresponsible deliveries every year. Same deal for boats making the trip S from New England. VICL charter show is 11/4, and they have to have the boat all buffed and shiny by then.
  10. I would think the load to be concerned about is on the pawls, not the bearings. But, I think the chafe from the jammer would happen more quickly than any wear on the winch. Are there any leads between the jammer and the winch? As they could cause chafe if the winch is loaded. If the winch is straight in line from the jammer I would leave the load on the winch. The only time I've ever done real winch damage was from flogging spin sheets breaking pawls from the hard load/unload. or idiots releasing loaded wraps upwards.
  11. why not sail it? You're talking less than 48 hours from anywhere in NJ to Annap. What kind of boat? PM me for a delivery quote?
  12. Just to clarify, we of course did a head count, but guilty "gentleman" was on do not disturb orders having returned to the vessel at 3am for our 6:30 departure. He was sighted in a pile of blankets through the foredeck hatch as being on board.
  13. Thunked aboard. I may have confiscated her wedges at that point.
  14. Shadow: not a real blonde, that's my actual bow chick, who is unfortunately 6 months pregnant and didn't stick around the island after the race for obvious reasons.
  15. I'm not sure if "stowaway" applies to a young lady, who's been drinking since the open mimosa bar at 10am, lured aboard with the promise of a Figawi hat and a roll in the sheets on top of some soggy kites.