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  1. ack

    Epic Boat Loss

    Granted those are the specs but I have to wonder about these numbers. I have both on my boat. The Edson pump is ginormous, makes the Whale Gusher Titan look like a toy. I haven't yet tested them side by side but I'd be shocked if the Edson doesn't move a LOT more water in practice.
  2. ack

    Sailing to Halifax

    Hi Maui, we're in a very similar situation as you, doing a trip to Nova Scotia from Boston this summer to stretch our legs beyond single overnights (with two kids). We can't leave before July 21st though. We will be in P-town same time as you though, would be fun to talk. Green Sabre 38 named Cayuga.
  3. ack

    Tohatsu 3.5 hp outboard motor

    I have an older two stroke Tohatsu 3.5. It is very sensitive to fuel quality/age. Runs great with fresh fuel and a clean carb. I've found over the last few years that adding Stabil Marine Formula Ethanol Treatment to the gas helps tremendously.
  4. ack

    Totally lost...

    For what it's worth we sold our Laser 28 two years ago to a couple in LIS for around $15k and it was in really good shape with decent sails. We did lots of buoy racing, some overnight races, and some cruises with two kids for a week+. They are really great boats and lots of fun to sail. They are light and demand that you pay attention in anything over 10 knots. We sold it to buy a bigger boat for more ambitious cruising. I drive past that Frers 30 every day and would be happy to check it out for you, I've been curious about it anyway. I've never been on it but I've walked around it and it looks to be in pretty good shape. It showed up in someone's yard here last fall but I've never seen it in the water, not sure what the history is. I have sailed a bunch on a Frers 33 and I absolutely love they way those boats sail.
  5. ack

    Brand new and totally ignorant

    I googled Clipper Marine 21 because I wanted to see what they looked like prior to the pilothouse mod and came across a blog by a woman doing a restoration of one ( It looks like the chainplates originally followed the contours of the hull then bent inward to get up through the deck : There's another picture somewhere there of the chainplates from the inside and you can see the bend. Yours appear to have become straightened out, causing the edge of the deck to push out and crack, and making the hole much bigger than it should be. I think I'd pull the chainplates and get them into the correct shape, or make new ones, prior to repairing the deck.