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  1. Hobart Scene

    Im truly sorry if someone rooted your missus but your looking in the wrong place. It would have been one of the F-40 guys for sure. Of coarse no disrespect meant to you guys. I suggest that you have little or no friends or nothing better to do , than have a cheap shot like , the one above ,at 9pm on a friday night. I enjoy the pieces in the Anarchy sites because these days Im to busy doing other things,occasionally I get invited to race and I enjoy this very much. Some of us enjoy all aspects of sailing (except maybe the primadonna aspect). If anything Im learning a bit about computors. It is unfortunate ,but maybe part of it, that someone like yourself comes along, but there are two things you should remember. 1 Hobart aint that big. 2 Someone knows you ( Your to dumb to keep your mouth shut)
  2. Hobart Scene

    you are right . YOU ARE A BIT SIMPLE !
  3. Hobart Scene

    Looks arent everything, Has to be fun to sail on. Looks pretty much like fun to me though. Plenty of kids coming through sabots. Maybe some serious support from the keelboats of today might solve some crew problems for tommorrow. Looks like Victoria has much bigger problems than here. I wonder whether there prepared to solve the problem for later. THINK AHEAD, DONT ACT LIKE POLITICIANS!
  4. Melbourne Big Boat Fleet

    I apologise, I didnt read properly,thought you were talking on race you just finished. Now for the Hobart race.You werent back with the smaller boats(well not for long).Thanks I think my handles good too and finally,congrat. on line honours. and as far as any more insults. Proberbly,eventually.
  5. Melbourne Big Boat Fleet

    what fkn seabreeze,you werent there,dont guess,dont make excuses. Was that a Sydney 36 in front at banks. No one saw it because it was a tassie boat I guess.
  6. Hobart Scene

    Black magic in port arthur tonight,Tried Tasman today,Wind 35kn gusting 45. No delivery main now!
  7. Hobart Scene

    Just thought you should be on the front page again.
  8. Hobart Scene

    He didnt say yacht race ,did he. Ive had plenty of Syd/Hob experiences and Im sure he could dig up a few that have had over 50 Syd/Hob experiences.Jetstar fly in a few times a day
  9. Hobart Scene

    Nice to hear you mention the top Regattas they run in Syd/Melb/HOB/and Adelaide.Competition must be good.