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  1. The problem with Biscayne Bay is that every small keel-boat class on the planet wants to do a winter series there "just like the Jaguar Series" and for obvious reasons, it's the best winter sailing in the US. There is however a finite amount of dock space, dry storage space and dates on the calendar to run such things.
  2. I have to admit I still miss the wrist bands for getting drinks rather than shelling out $$ for tickets every night. Hope to see the event bounce back in the future. They were $3 a rum drink you cheap bastard Yeah but they're free back at the crew house /s +1, or most people ended up drinking at the huge bar downstairs at the brewery anyways The Brewery was an awesome place to base the regatta. Cheap drinks, a water view and bars everywhere.
  3. I have to admit I still miss the wrist bands for getting drinks rather than shelling out $$ for tickets every night. Hope to see the event bounce back in the future. They were $3 a rum drink you cheap bastard
  4. I do a lot of Race Committee/PRO work and still race a lot and I think there are a lot of thin skinned Race Committees out there. If the criticism is unwarranted, laugh it off, but you should really ask yourself if there is anything to be learned from a specific criticism. If there is, be grateful for the input and use it to improve your RC game. I have never gotten anything I would call abuse while being a PRO, but would probably have a decent level of tolerance. If I felt the criticism was valid, I would say so and try to do better in the future. If I didn't feel it was valid I would say so and why. I believe that a good Race Committee should encourage input and even criticism so that they can get better
  5. Great guy. Way too young.
  6. And which one would that be? Either Swag or Bombaloo, whichever one you don't sail on.
  7. Good, bring the other Barrington J24 with you.
  8. I dealt with a club once that after a large One Design Regatta, sent the class a bill for use of the club PA System at the awards, use of the club hoist to launch boats and about a dozen other nickle and dime charges not disclosed up front. They decided after the fact that they should make more money off of the largest One Design Keelboat Fleet they had seen in 15 years. A packed bar for a week and a few hundred dinners weren't enough. Irritating.
  9. Bristol Yacht Club and Ida Lewis have a race in June that starts at the top of Narragansett Bay goes south through the bay out around Block and back up. It's a very old race that has been lightly attended lately, but they are trying to breathe new life into. I think there's a trophy for best combined finish in this race and Ida distance race. It's called Sid Clark, or something like that.
  10. Yeah, even at 80 or close to it, Butch is a certified bad ass, but if you are holding all Cat 3 sailors to that standard 99% are going to disapoint. And all this noise about, "he's a Cat 3 sailor he should happily do whatever needs to be done"- I know a lot of Cat 3 sailors I would never let near the foredeck and again, 10 minutes before the start of an offshore and overnight race he's told he's doing bow when it's obviously not what he planned on. If ya'll don't see the problem with that I don't know what to tell you.
  11. Upon further reflection if the guy isn't a Bowman and 10 minutes before the race you are telling him that he is bow on an overnight offshore race, I don't blame the guy. I wouldn't want to be in a new position, offshore in the dark in a role where the slightest fuck-up leads to a huge fuck up. First and foremost it's a safety issue. What kind of boat tells a non-foredeck that he is doing foredeck 10 minutes before the start of an offshore overnight race? What if a sheet gets wrapped around the pole in 25knots in the middle of the night? Are you expecting this non-bowman to climb out to fix it? 100% completely and totally the boat's fault.
  12. Yeah, he should have asked position befoe accepting, but he should have also been told what position when it was offered. Asshole or not, there is blame to go around. And if he is a known asshole, you should expect him to be an asshole when he shows up. The more I think about it, I blame the owner on this one.
  13. Cool to see a thread on this race, I am thinking about doing it next year. One thing I haven't figured out, are there hotels to stay in at each stop or do the crews have to sleep on the boats?
  14. "Our new Government is founded upon exactly the opposite ideas; its foundations are laid, its cornerstone rests, upon the great truth that the negro is not equal to the white man; that slavery, subordination to the superior race, is his natural and normal condition." Alexander Stephens VP of the Confederate States of America Fly the battle flag all you want, but turning a blind eye to the history behind it is callous ignorance of the first order. So do you think that all of those burgee's are really confederate battle flags? Given the location of the CORA, I have no doubt the burgee was modeled after the Confederate Battle Flag. Given what that flag represents and the strong negative emotions it evokes (and which was the purpose of its use in modern times) I believe it is not unreasonable at all to ask them to choose a different design or not be surprised at the reaction if they don't. Anybody that willingly uses that symbol or something that purposely strongly resembles it, in this day and age, is doing it to poke a sharp stick at people for various reasons, none of them good ones. I think there are far more people that dislike the flag for good reasons than people that see nothing wrong with it. Get rid of it. It has nothing to do with being politically correct, it has everything to do with burying a reminder of a very unpleasant part of American history. In Germany it is against the law for a German citizen to have any item with the Nazi swastika on it. Aside from a very small number of ignorant Neo-Nazis, Germans have no problem with the law and comply readily. Good, move your ass to Germany and your problem is solved.
  15. lovely....... it was so nice to see this - oh wait we didn't until leaving the pond. oh ya and our watch dog did such a poor job making sure nothing like this would go down. Actually, we were docked on the opposite dock and I walked over to point it out. There was only one crew on deck (I know several of the Hustler crew but not this individual.) Was a case of kill the messenger. Now, why would you want to fuck up somebody's perfectly good joke by pointing that out?