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  1. Seized s/s bolts

    I don't have much to add other than often when the situation calls for the application of heat on a fastener,( not necessarily in this case but for future reference) you often need a heat sink to keep the heat where it is needed and to protect the surrounding, (sometimes flammable materials) As previously mentioned a heat gun will not get it hot enough so you need pinpoint heat from a source such as a acetelene, butane ,map gas etc torch capable of getting the fastener red hot if necessary. As for the heat sink the plumbing industry uses a formable heat sink putty that you pack around the fastener to be heated. The brand I have is "Hot Dam" but I'm sure there are others.
  2. Wavelength 24

    As others have said, very good light air boat. We had one in the club years ago that also found itself on its side with guys on the keel, so, not a reliable self righter.
  3. West epoxy - bond aluminum angle to sheet foam?

    Yep, that's what I was thinking of, just couldn't remember the name. Actually Diamond jims idea has merit, if you use the foil faced polyisocyanurate you can use the foil tape as well as glue it.
  4. Anyone know this cat?

    What's this about a Derek Kelsal post being deleted?
  5. West epoxy - bond aluminum angle to sheet foam?

    Epoxy bonds fine to aluminum, with proper prep of course but the bond to the EPS foam is not very good. Rather the epoxy bond is fine but the foam to itself is not very good.I believe west now recommends their G flex for bonding to aluminum but I think any epoxy would be wasted on such a project. You will probably have as much success using an adhesive made for use with the blue foam that they sell at the store.
  6. Anyone know this cat?

    I also think she is a Bob Harris design. Steve.
  7. Paint

    Not much problem with orange peel really. Certainly not without it but I have seen as much on new cars. I think that it is a good option for my situation and forsee using it a lot more in the future on my own boats. I will be finishing the rest of the cabin top in the spring or summer, the nonskid areas with awlgrip just because it is a large area so free paint makes sense but the smooths will be done with the quantum. I need to finish this part because the oxidation washes down over the new windows and paint.
  8. Paint

    I used it to paint the cabin sides on my old Gemini cat this past summer. I picked the quantum because I was redesigning the window shapes and replacing all the windows and hatches and wanted to paint before I installed them but was not going to get to all the rest of the painting so needed to be able to paint other areas at a later date and patch them in. I work at a marina and could have had awlgrip for free ( leftover from other projects ) but its not repairable. I could have used awlcraft also free, but its not able to be rolled. I am quite happy with the quantum, we tried to roll and tip but to be honest it works better to just roll it. Awlgrip is really nice to roll and tip but as I said its not repairable which is why they came out with awlcraft which is just an acrylic urethane car paint but it needs to be sprayed. Spraying is not always an option, in my case I was doing it in our storage building with other boats around. I havn't repainted the non skid areas yet which is a large area of the cabin top but I will be using some of the free awlgrip for that. I used oyster white in the quantum as we have plenty of awlgrip in that color. Steve.
  9. Sydney to Hobart 2017

    I don't care which one of these behemoths gets the official record, WO did an exceptional job imho and it was great to see two boats of the same length but completely design thinking display similar performance. Thing is they were both about 10% slower than the 60' tri Team Australia's record over almost the same course ( I think they started at the heads) There are now two ORMA 60's and a MOD 70 down under, now that would have been fun to watch were they allowed to enter.
  10. If you can think of more than one hull the Wharram Tiki 21 is plenty seaworthy. Probably possible to rig a pedal drive. Not a production boat but a lot have been built so are often available for sale for short money. Steve.
  11. I don't understand why multihulls are not allowed given that 2 of the entries in the original race were trimarans.
  12. Ubi Maior Jiber

    Whats old is new again, looks like the same principle as the old Mariner roller furl from 30 - 40 years ago. Seems like it is making a comeback.
  13. Huh, it makes no sense to introduce a flat washer into the mix if you are trying to stop something working loose, all it does is allow the lock washer to lock the fastener head to the flat washer which is still free to turn against the mast. All you are doing is adding the weight of a flat and lock washer, the flat washer defeating the purpose of the lock washer. You would be better off with neither and just use the thread locker. I will often use a black plastic washer and a ss flat washer just to protect the paint system or anodizing from being compromised leading to corrosion around the fastener head which is very common
  14. Astus Upwind

    With more beam you increase lateral stability at the expense of diagonal stability and as with all the specs its always going to be a balancing act. VPLP have a fair bit of experience with trimaran design and no doubt have zeroed in on what proportions work best. The Orma 60s which were square were known to be dangerous hence the development of the Mod 70s which have a beam of about 78% of LOA. With 12ft beam on an LOA of 16.5 ft the Astus is about the same at 75%. On the small tri with a high percentage of the sailing weight being movable ballast there would be no point imho of going wider.
  15. Five months "adrift"?!?

    With a rig that looks intact my guess is they skied the main halyard. So go up and get it when the weather is better. They still seem to have a headsail on a furler. I don't get it.