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  1. Steve

    Catamaran seen in Italy

    The thing is hideous, there's not an attractive line on it.
  2. Steve

    repainting oxidized molded non skid

    Fleetwood, that's encouraging to hear. I did a test today on the anchor well hatch rolling on quantum 99 as thin as I could, i'll see how it feels tomorrow. All moulded non skid is shiny gelcoat when its new and probably grips better as it ages If ruins the non skid properties I will use awlcraft with broadcast griptex.
  3. Steve

    repainting oxidized molded non skid

    Yes, that's what I was hoping to avoid. Normally you would add the griptex to the paint, put a ball bearing or large nut in the pot and spray from a height shaking it to keep it mixed but I don't have that option plus I want to avoid all the masking involved with spraying. Im not ready to take the shrink wrap off yet. It just seems to me if I just did one thin coat it should not fill the texture much. Im really not changing color so it should cover without much paint.Probably I should do an experiment on one of the deck hatches. I really don't need it any grippier, just seal in the oxidation. Obviously a deep scrub first with dawn and a stiff brush and plenty of water to get rid of all the loose powdery stuff and contaminents then seal it. Yep, I think I just talked myself into an experiment.
  4. I have perfectly good molded non skid that is oxidized and needs to be sealed to stop it washing down over the windows. I have looked into kiwigrip but at 80ft2 coverage for about 600ft2 its a bit pricy, interdeck would be ok but very limited colors available and I don't want to highlight the non skid. I painted the smooths with oyster white quantum 99 last year and really just want to seal the non skid with oyster white also so. In my experience anything darker than some shade of white just gets too hot. So, it seems that everyone re doing non skid uses some type of other non skid but what im wondering is if I already have a good, reasonably aggressive molded non skid could I just roll on a coat of awlgrip to lock in the oxidation without adding any paticles, without making it slippery. It seems to me that it should not be any more so than when it was new as it was just the same texture that provided the non skid properties. I'm doing it under shrink wrap so rolling is the only practical method. Anyone sealed it without particles with success?
  5. Steve

    R2AK 2018

    Your talking the M32 cat, not the Melges 32, right?
  6. Steve

    R2AK 2018

    Didn't someone import the trimaran Dragon from NZ for this race? Im not seeing it listed. Anyone know the scoop? This thing would surely be a contender on raw speed.
  7. Steve

    R2AK on a Beachcat

    You beat me to it, very seaworthy, much drier than any cat with tramps, no tendency to bury the bows, caries a load well and for a race like this where paddling will be called for you can stand on the cockpit sole and use a stand up paddleboard paddle much more effectively than on any other cat because you are standing at about the same level you would be on a paddleboard so one guy on each side and you could cover some miles. The rig is large but short so they handle big wind well but a taller rig would be better in light air. Of course they are all 45 to 60 years old but with modern sails and equipment they could surprise many. The original Tornado is almost as old .
  8. Steve

    Tabbing in bulkhead, advice on cloth

    We use peel ply all the time with VE resin when infusing or vacuum bagging, its not just an epoxy thing. It is also not a substitute for proper prep for secondary bonding. While there are those who think they can just peel it off and proceed with secondary bonding but that would be a mistake. It does serve a useful purpose of keeping the laminate free of environmental contaminates if left in place until you are ready for secondary bonding but that's about it, you still need to prep the area by grinding/sanding but it will be easier. A couple of years ago we had to completely tab in a structural grid in a 36ft racing sailboat because it had been installed with plexus to a carbon hull that had only been peel plied. The grid was glass/ epoxy, the hull carbon/epoxy, the bond of the plexus to the grid was fine, the failure was to the carbon. We employed the design office who designed the boat to spec the laminate schedule for the repair and we used a toughened epoxy for the tabbing and all the tabbing was vacuum bagged. Double bias glass without mat was used for all tabbing except the ring frame ahead of the mast which was tabbed with double bias carbon. The fabric weights and number of plies which varied by location, as well as tapers were all specified by the designer. The spec was for a 65% fiber fraction and this was achieved by weighing the fiber stacks and using only the amount of resin required , wetting out on a table with squeegees rather than rollers and rolling up and then unrolling into place. The vacuum bag just compacts the laminate without removing resin. I think if one were to consider vacuum bagging for tabbing or other purposes it may make sense to infuse instead, it is really a much lower stress proposition and much cleaner.
  9. Steve

    Awlgrip touch-up

    If you have any part that is removable that you can take in to an auto body supply store and they can match it with auto paint. They use a special camera to take a picture that they can plug into a computer and it tells them what it takes to match it. We use the local Auto Value store and they bring the camera to us and we are often just getting a quart but we do buy a lot of supplies from them. They only need a sample about the size of a quarter. They can actually match the paint and put it into a rattle can. No idea how they do that considering most car paints are 2 part acrylic urethanes just like awlcraft. We don't use the rattle cans but I have seen the sign advertising this service when I'm at the store so it might be worthwhile for the boatowner. Typically Awlgrip is not repairable(but roll and tips very well) but Awlcraft is repairable but is not brushable so I assume the car paints are also not brushable. I'm sure anything can be applied by roll and tip or brush , just not very successfully.
  10. Steve

    how fast is it?

    My guess is nowhere near as fast a cat or tri the same size without all that stupid shit going on in the back corner.
  11. Steve

    new stiletto? any news on this cat?

    The fact is any reasonably designed multihull is going to be fast no matter what material its built out of as long as its kept light. The Gougeons Adagio is approaching 50 years old and is still very fast. its built out of plywood and if you were to build a 35ft tri today out of carbon/epoxy at 2400lb it would be very easy to miss your goal. The Stilletto as a production boat was probably higher tech than almost any production boat built today other than beach cats of course. The Reynolds 33 was low tech and sold quite well until the recession and was plenty fast. I remember when the Reynolds was being developed and actually went to look at Hull # 1 shortly after it was launched, there was lots of talk on the forums and of course the Lightspeed 32 was launched around the same time. There were so many vocal critics of the Reynolds who salivated over the Lightspeed with all its high tech but funny thing nobody bought the thing because it was too expensive but enough people bought the low tech but still fast Reynolds because it was priced right. I don't see that dynamic ever changing.
  12. Infidel/Ragtime was built in about 1966 across the street from my house for Tom Clarke , the plywood was kauri (not mauri) a native New Zealand species and a great boatbuilding timber. She was built as a harbor racer and had no bow rail, lifelines etc and was tiller steered. She was banned from competeing in the Sydney Hobart because she was too light(read fast) which is why she was sold and Tom Clarke had Buccaneer built. Its a little amusing to see that video of her in the Hobart in 08. I think the CYC were right to be afraid of her. Not many 20 knot boats back then. There was a third big plywood Spencer boat built after Buccaneer bein the 69ft 13 ton schooner New World built for George Kisskadon of San Francisco. Incidently even though we had been building boats with epoxy since ww2 down under John Spencer used mostly urea formalderhyde or resorcinol glues although of course sheathing with glass or dynel and epoxy.
  13. Random, your whipping a dead horse man, you acknowledged when you started this thread that it would probably turn out like this. On another forum populated by a higher level of intelligence this could have been a productive thread but unfortunately there are just too many know all fuck all's on here for that to happen. I gave my thoughts on the subject but I learned long ago to never argue with morons, they will drag you down to their level and then beat you with experience and that's exactly what's happened here, herd mentality. You are wasting your time.
  14. Didn't you drop your mast in Hawaii?