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  1. Steve

    Hanstaiger X1

    Looks like a 21st century Horstman.
  2. If you are vacuum bagging a panel on a table you can often reuse the peel ply and breather on other flat panel projects. If you don't over wet out the laminate the breather/bleeder does not get saturated..
  3. If that's below the waterline you should have a seacock installed so you will need to pull the boat anyway. Just do it right.
  4. Steve

    Black Water Tank Crack

    Doesn't look like any room for fittings on the top.
  5. As has been pointed out previously this is not a repair, its just filling a small hole in a thick hull with presumably no compromised laminate so it makes no sense to grind away a relatively large amount of sound laminate for this. I have done many of these types of projects by all kinds of procedures over the years depending on access from the inside and have settled on a very simple method that creates minimal fairing and general disruption. Remember, its just a small hole. First, sand away bottom paint around the area then take a hole saw with an oops arbor and open out the hole a little to clean out any caulk to clean glass, then use a router with a rabbet cutter or fly cutter and rabbet around the hole a bit over 1/8" deep and then epoxy bond in a 1/8" G10 disc. I will then bond in a G10 disc the size of the hole to make up the remaining thickness to the inside and either laminate a couple of plies of double bias on the inside if its readily accessible or bond another 1/8" disc. no need for any heavy grinding, degreasing and hand sanding prep is fine. On the outside you can just dish it out a little and lay a ply or two of double bias but not really necessary, just filler is fine to fair it in. G10 is a much better quality laminate than any of the surrounding laminate or anything any of us is capable of. It would be great if someone would make a through hull out of glass filled epoxy with a beveled flange and no hole in the center that you could just bond in with epoxy and be done with. Steve.
  6. Steve

    Transpac 2019

    A full day difference between the first tris and Comanche, that's huge in a 5 day race, those tris sure are impressive.
  7. Steve

    Anybody lose a dog overboard in Thailand?

    Cute dog regardless.
  8. Steve

    New sailing cargo vessel

    Not all cargo scows had the bluff bow like Alma, the New Zealand scows ( which were a development of the Great lakes cargo scows) managed a rather attractive and no doubt more seaworthy clipper bow and some of the larger ones crossed the Tasman sea with cargo.
  9. Im looking to control the dust in the shop as much as possible and have purchased 4 1/2" angle grinders with dust shrouds that we use with zek disks for heavy duty glass grinding and the things pick up almost all the dust when kept fairly flat but i am drawing a blank in my search for a decent shroud for the makita sander polishers. Just about every shop has a few of these but the problem is they come with a 7" pad which we toss and install an 8" 3M soft pad but when looking for a shroud i find plenty available for the 7" and 9" but nothing for 8". I can make my own out of fiberglass but would rather just buy one so if anyone here knows of one iv'e missed i would much appreciate the lead.
  10. Steve

    Everglades Challenge 2019

    I can't get anything on the either tracker, seems you need to be a watertribe member to use that owl thing and the main one doesn't load for me.Tough to be a spectator if you can't spectate.
  11. Steve

    Everglades Challenge 2019

    Where do you track this race?
  12. Steve

    bonding to a powder coated surface

    Thanks, will look them up. I started prepping the paint by scrubbing the area to be bonded with a scotchbrite pad with water and a little dawn dish soap and was surprised to find when i rinsed it off that i had actually almost gone through in spots, i was under the impression that this stuff was harder than regular paint but not so, so i may call it good enough and just wipe it down before bonding. I still haven't decided what to use though. Im not a fan of the Dow 795 preferring GE Silpruf based on experience with both bonding acrylic. Steve,
  13. Steve

    bonding to a powder coated surface

    Thanks, so what did you do to prep the powder coat? What were you bonding.
  14. So i had a large Bomar cast aluminum hatch frame powder coated and am replacing the acrylic lens with a honeycomb cored fiberglass panel and now i need to bond it in and it occured to me that this may not be so easy due to the low surface energy of the powder coating. Typically, with the acrylic you would use silicone but i wont have the same expansion/contraction issues so can probably use something else to bond it in but i was wondering if anyone here has experience bonding to a powder coated surface. Is the usual prep sufficient? I would expect to have to solvent clean the bonding area, sand with, maybe 180 grit and solvent wipe again before bonding but is this enough. The panel itself will bond well as its sanded fiberglass/ve resin but im not sure of what to bond it with, G flex, 3M 5200, silicone, VHB tape are all possibilites for bonding it down but i will still need to caulk the perimeter with something with UV resistance so probably silicone.Any thoughts, especially from someone with actual experience would be welcome. Steve.
  15. Steve

    Hull Dollies

    Nice tool, mind sharing where you got it? Steve.