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  1. We hit a container off the Coast of Mexico in 1979, 2nd Leg Guadalupe Island Race, going 8 knots to weather at nigh, int heavy seas in a 55 footer. What saved the boat, is that the construction was that the boat was strip planked balsa 3" x 3", edge glued and aluminum nails (so no problem when fairing, before glassing). The outer glass (3/8 inch thick 24 oz roving and mat) was impacted with a corner of the container about 8" x 6", with deep indent into core. There was torn glass about 20" x 30"--with some delamination of about 5' long and 3' high. The inside glass was delaminated for an area of about 3' high x 6' long. There was no water intrusion into the boat--we did not realize that we had hit anything until the next day. The noise and slamming into the seas apparently obscured the time of impact. The area was repaired and the boat made 3 circumnavigations later. I have a couple of hundred thousand miles open ocean racing and cruising--and never saw another container--Have tangled into floating nets, various plastic pieces at night. I did hit a tuna net float (Styrofoam, with cables around it) in a different boat. The cable slid down the side of the keel, and snagged the prop, the 35 ton vessel was spun 180 degrees. We believe it damaged an engine mount, and there was an impression of the cable on the boss of the prop, when I dove on it the next morning. No damage to the blades of the 24" diameter fixed blade prop. If you didn't realize you hit something until the next day then obviously you didn't actually see anything so it seems you are just guessing it was a container, may have been just about anything really. Any type of direct hit of a partially submerged container would probably do a lot more damage at 8 knots wouldn't you think? but a glancing blow maybe. Are there many container ships plying the southern ocean? Not many if any I would think but plenty of whales for sure.
  2. What design is Marshall Law?
  3. oops, that was supposed to be in reference to the large clam cleat sheet release gizmo.
  4. I have a pair of the large ones that I picked up at a marine consignment store in Florida years ago. Have not used them yet but who knows.
  5. REW, any plans to do the Trans Superior next year? would love to se a machine like that do the race. Steve.
  6. A gemini is narrow enough to pull out with any travelift and narrow enough to, with a suitable trailer, haul over the road if needed with a 3/4 ton pickup or larger. Yes you will need over width permits but this is no big deal. It would be no fun hauling long distance but doable unlike nearly any other bridgedeck cat but if all you wanted to do is haul it a short distance to store in your driveway, again not a big deal. They are not well built but good enough for a lot of folks and they do have a very comfortable layout for what you seem to need. I would go for a 3200 rather than the 3400 to be guaranteed an outboard rather than the disasterous inboard setup which most 3400s and I think all 105s have and also the transom hung rudders. Those are the only major differences between the 3200 and 3400 that I'm aware of and I think the 3200 would also be cheaper to buy. Bridgedeck clearance on the various geminis was highest on the 3000 and got progresivly worse with each subsequent model. It is only about 4" real clearance ( measured from the scum line) on a Hunter built 2012 model at the marina where I work which is very poor imho. Steve.
  7. You take a solvent soaked rag and let it sit on the painted surface for a while, if its 1 part it will soften it, if its 2 part it won't. That said, some 1 parts are very hard after many years in the sun and wont soften.
  8. I'm thinking that the conditions in 1983 must have been pretty near as good because only 8 boats this year out of 140 were able to match the pace of the 1st and 2nd boats to finish that year, both multies of course. The 60 ft cat Double Bullet with an elapsed time of 10.5172 hrs closely followed by the little Macgregor 36 cat Kristine just 8 minutes behind at 10.6522 hrs . Up until a week ago only one monohull had managed to beat that time by less than 2 minutes. Plenty of multies had beaten those times of course but not monos. Hell, even the little Viva 27, Tyger Tyger finished in 11.2214 hrs, only a few minutes slower than Wahoo this year.
  9. I used to own a T10 briefly, sold it to a friend and then raced on it for a couple of seasona. As has already been mentioned they all had wet bottoms, they got wet from the inside, very porous glass layup and no gelcoat in the bilge on ours. The good news for someone with skills is that polyester / e glass and balsa are very cheap so a job that would cost many thousands for a pro repair will only cost hundreds for materials if you can do your own work.
  10. Realistically, very few cruising boats have watertight compartments, most designers don't assume that the keel will fall off and with a steel boat with a ballasted keel it is not very practical. Very sad story, condolences to family and friends.
  11. There are a couple of older Fountain Pajot cats in that size range which would be worth a look.
  12. I also use a multimaster for a lot of the removal and of course a hammer and chisel.
  13. I agree with others that the boat looks a lot better than the drawings. I was on a MC30 at the Annappolis boat show years ago surrounded by all the behemoths. There was nobody looking at the little 30 so I had lots of time to look it over with the builder. Very nice boat and having the hardtop makes a huge difference to an open wing deck cat for the better. Not sure I would call it a poor mans anything though, whats the price tag?. A single outboard that steers with the helm can work quite well and is not a bad compromise imho. Congrats on the purchase. Steve.
  14. Pacific cat 19 went into production in about 1959 and had a symmetrical spinnaker and pole.
  15. Its not so bad, no worse than thousands of other old 3ksb. Hes not going to have Phils foils in Canada make a new rudder for a 3ksb in Greece FFS, get real. If you are just going to modify the existing rudder choose your option A, you may want to reduce the area by angling the bottom of the trailing edge forward some. You will probably be removing the skins and rebuilding it if you have a wet core so this would be possible. You are not really after more area but rather a higher aspect. I actually did exactly what you propose with option A on a customers Ranger 37 about 30 years ago because he used to spin out when reaching with the spinnaker in a breeze and it apparently solved his problem.