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  1. New Zealand has done such a competent job handling the covid 19 pandemic that they have shown an 11% reduction in deaths from all sources between march and september when compared to previous years, presumably due to lower deaths from automobile accidents during their real lockdown and the usual deaths from seasonal flu and pneumonia etc due to social distancing and handwashing etc, as well of course to the very small number of covid deaths.
  2. Steve

    Run off election Georgia

    Ah, finally the stench of Donald Trump working in our favor.
  3. Steve

    composite floor boards?

    1/2" poly honeycomb with DB 170 each side weighs about 0.95 lbs/ft2 with a duratec primer surface. Use a sheet of 3/4" melamine as a mold and vacuum bag it. You can gelcoat the mold instead of the duratec but it will be a bit heavier.
  4. Steve

    Low tech ocean cruisers

    Yes, a few big ones.
  5. Steve

    Low tech ocean cruisers

    Someone needs to introduce her to the rattle siphon, takes all the drama out of getting fuel from a can to the fuel tank without spilling. I have watched a few of her videos and find it more interesting watching than the folks on the half million dollar boats, respect.
  6. Steve

    Low tech ocean cruisers

    Those old ships were certainly beautiful when compared to the hideous cruise ships of today. I did 3 trips back in the late 60s by ocean liner including the infamous Achille Lauro and a 5 week trip from Sydney to Southampton on the RHMS Ellenis. They were not a cruise, they were transport. I could never afford it today.
  7. Steve

    Low tech ocean cruisers

    Look at that, an outboard hanging off the back.
  8. Steve

    Low tech ocean cruisers

    For anyone interested in this type of boat a friend of mine has one of these that I would guess he would sell as he has bought another boat. PM me if interested and I will put you in touch.
  9. Steve

    Low tech ocean cruisers

    Bulb keels go back a lot further than the 60's but you are right, its not inherently better or worse than a grp boat but suitable grp boats are more readily available.
  10. Steve

    American Dumbass

    I hope they find them and "quarantine" them for a few years. What is it with all these inconsiderate dumbasses.
  11. Steve

    Low tech ocean cruisers

    Didn't he lose the rudder in that race? Dave Martin circumnavigated in a modified Cal 25, good old boats.
  12. Steve

    Low tech ocean cruisers

    The thread is about low tech ocean cruisers, so why do these type of threads always turn into an endless stream of totally inappropriate boats? None of those CLC boats fit the description, nice as they are or that stupid little red thing. On the other hand, as has already been pointed out, there are thousands of older small boats from the 1960s to 1980s that can be had for peanuts languishing in marinas and boat yards the world over that with upgrade would fit the OPs description well. Most small boats were never meant as ocean cruisers so even when new would have needed some structural upgrades to suit the purpose but this is the case with larger boats too. The funny thing is that while there used to be lots of suitable production boats built, say, 24' to 30' I cant think of many built today that would be, everything is either too sporty or horrible sailboats. A lot of those older cruiser/racers or racer/cruisers were actually very good sailing boats that will sail circles around most newer boats that would fit that description.
  13. Steve

    Gallup: Trump's only friend is a Dog

    Please don't insult dogs, no dog would be friends with that worthless piece of human excrement.
  14. Meanwhile, 1 in every 3.4 million Taiwanese have died of Covid 19. What a difference competent leadership and a cooperative population who give a shit about their fellow citizens can make.
  15. Steve

    Cold weather boots.

    Boots like Sorels make no sense at all for keeping your feet warm if you are active. I have never owned Dubarrys but leather makes a lot more sense than rubber. Rubber does not breath so when your feet sweat it cant get out so the big thick wool liners get wet and then the rubber does a great job of conducting the cold into your boot, it does not work. Uninsulated leather boots with thick wool socks and air space make for a much warmer boot which is why Dubarrys seem ideal, bit spendy though. The Sorel and others of the same style only work if you are stationary and not producing sweat.