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  1. how fast is it?

    My guess is nowhere near as fast a cat or tri the same size without all that stupid shit going on in the back corner.
  2. new stiletto? any news on this cat?

    The fact is any reasonably designed multihull is going to be fast no matter what material its built out of as long as its kept light. The Gougeons Adagio is approaching 50 years old and is still very fast. its built out of plywood and if you were to build a 35ft tri today out of carbon/epoxy at 2400lb it would be very easy to miss your goal. The Stilletto as a production boat was probably higher tech than almost any production boat built today other than beach cats of course. The Reynolds 33 was low tech and sold quite well until the recession and was plenty fast. I remember when the Reynolds was being developed and actually went to look at Hull # 1 shortly after it was launched, there was lots of talk on the forums and of course the Lightspeed 32 was launched around the same time. There were so many vocal critics of the Reynolds who salivated over the Lightspeed with all its high tech but funny thing nobody bought the thing because it was too expensive but enough people bought the low tech but still fast Reynolds because it was priced right. I don't see that dynamic ever changing.
  3. Infidel/Ragtime was built in about 1966 across the street from my house for Tom Clarke , the plywood was kauri (not mauri) a native New Zealand species and a great boatbuilding timber. She was built as a harbor racer and had no bow rail, lifelines etc and was tiller steered. She was banned from competeing in the Sydney Hobart because she was too light(read fast) which is why she was sold and Tom Clarke had Buccaneer built. Its a little amusing to see that video of her in the Hobart in 08. I think the CYC were right to be afraid of her. Not many 20 knot boats back then. There was a third big plywood Spencer boat built after Buccaneer bein the 69ft 13 ton schooner New World built for George Kisskadon of San Francisco. Incidently even though we had been building boats with epoxy since ww2 down under John Spencer used mostly urea formalderhyde or resorcinol glues although of course sheathing with glass or dynel and epoxy.
  4. Random, your whipping a dead horse man, you acknowledged when you started this thread that it would probably turn out like this. On another forum populated by a higher level of intelligence this could have been a productive thread but unfortunately there are just too many know all fuck all's on here for that to happen. I gave my thoughts on the subject but I learned long ago to never argue with morons, they will drag you down to their level and then beat you with experience and that's exactly what's happened here, herd mentality. You are wasting your time.
  5. Didn't you drop your mast in Hawaii?
  6. I totally agree random, but the stupidity goes back way before the current crop but with the past boats there was some excuse because designers could not leave anything on the table speed wise no matter how small but with the one design format that excuse does not exist. I don't watch any of these videos anymore because quite frankly its not impressive. I have no doubt that it would be faster if the boats did not spend half their time underwater, lots of drag there, and a crew that is working behind and/or under some sort of sensible shelter has got to be more physically and mentally efficient and working at a higher degree of their potential so I would expect the boats to be faster. The only reason we have these submarines is to draw eyeballs to the Volvo brand, nothing more. I'm sure they believe that pictures of boats loafing along at 30 knots in the southern ocean, bow up and not plowing into every wave and a dry comfortable crew just won't attract all the eyeballs and maybe they are right, but with the one design platform there is a lost opportunity to actually advance the design of these type of boats. Sad.
  7. new stiletto? any news on this cat?

    OOh, I like that one, have they been successful in selling some.? There's also the Virus boats V8 with the LAR keels which is a little strange on a net and tube cat but looks like a nice cat. Nothing much in the US though .
  8. new stiletto? any news on this cat?

    You can always buy a used Reynolds 33. Or if you want to day charter a Macgregor 36 is probably the easiest production cat to get coast guard certified as so many of them have been used for the purpose already. Going all high tech construction is a recipe for failure imho because it is very difficult to keep costs to where an average person could own one. At the time that the Reynolds was being developed there was another cat, the Lightspeed 32 being developed that could have been a competitor but I think they built one while Renolds built many which were fairly conventional construction but plenty fast and priced a lot more affordably as proven by the sales. I suspect it was the recession that did them in along with many others. Cats don't need high tech construction, just sensible appropriate tech.
  9. new stiletto? any news on this cat?

    You mean they had a share of a market? How many boats did they build, one that I know of, did they actually produce and sell some of the new ones? I don't know.
  10. Could you show us the listings for an F24 for $5-10000 please and ill buy one myself. BUT, I think if you take your time looking you may be able to find an Eagle Tramp, Farriers first production design for around the $10k budget and at 19ft with a small cuddy and place for a porta pottie I can't think of a better choice.
  11. spider cracks?

    Yeah, I wish there were a alternative in mold coating to gelcoat with more elongation.
  12. Vacuum Bagging wet core area to pull moisture out?

    There are really three stages of wet core with balsa, the first is where it is basically reduced to compost which is obvious but as you keep removing skin you encounter the next stage which has good color and looks healthy but you can dig it out and it is softish and you can squeeze water out of it so you keep going until you encounter nice healthy balsa that is as hard as fresh stuff and it feels dry to the touch, the skin is tenatiously bonded so you stop there. The problem is the moisture meter is still telling you its wet beyond where you stopped . If you were to leave the core alone at this stage but continue to remove the skin it would dry out quickly with exposure to air and particularly airflow but if you don't it will remain showing wet forever so that even if you put in all this work someone with a moisture meter will try to chew you down when you go to sell off on the future. I always seal the edges of the old core when installing the new but have never tried bagging the area back where the scarf will be and beyond so will be interested to see how you get on and if it achieves the desired result. I agree with DDW that you will need holes beyond the bag to allow the vacuum to transport the moisture away via the pump but that means your pump will be operating under rough vacuum so you need a pump capable of this for however long it takes, so a proper industrial pump, not a little ac evacuation pump.
  13. Brisbane to Gladstone 2018 only

    Certainly not the case in the Coastal classics in NZ and they have plenty of fast monos.
  14. new stiletto? any news on this cat?

    Yes, and the GBE.
  15. Great Circle Sails?

    Uh, maybe because he wanted to know if anyone had any first/secondhand experience with their sails. I don't know, just a guess.