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  1. Ok so I shot this yesterday about 5:45pm with me Fone (Android so you can see everything Horizontally) I was at work drivin a Limo Bus but on a break before meating a Falcon 900 Jet at the Corporate end of SAN YES This is worth it's Own Thread YES It's Worth watching Till the END Remember timing is EVERYTHING !!!!!
  2. Extreme Sailing Series in San Diego

    Well still Dead calm here BUT looking Good on DAGO BAY Scot must be having a Blast Clean Too me I'm doin the VIP Jimmy Buffett thing today Go SDSU Kick sum FRESNO Ass for Scot !!!!
  3. All I want is ti filter out the hardness of Shitty of San Diego Water to feed my Fridge w Ice & Water through the door & a Tap for room temp water for cooking All in my House No Intent to filter whole house just fridge and 1 tap as above the RO part looks like a waste both of water and space (I have plenty of space) So what I'm gathering from your reply I can remove the RO bits and just hook up the 3 filter cartridges as are inline now and be On my Way I already bough the complete unit = $60 and sum time/gas I will post when it's hooked up and if you see nothing from me in about a month, sent Scot to check my welfare 1 Mo Question,, I don't know that thes have been flushed out for the first time So should I disconnect each to flush so I don't blow crap from one to the other and another ??? how much water should be enough to flush en out as good as they will get ???
  4. Extreme Sailing Series in San Diego

    For the weather to be reliablely Honkin in DAGO It would need a Horn Its predictably the same here year around Except those daz when its Not No telling exactly But if you go with: Night and morning low clouds building to 7-10k of wind and temps between 70-80 You eill be fine 99% of the time
  5. Extreme Sailing Series in San Diego

    Well i guess there IS sum wind over there I would call it EXTREMELY CALM Now 63° Mostly Cloudy Feels Like 63° 77° / 60° Humidity: 67% Wind: ESE 3 mph Dew Pt.: 52° Pressure: 30.05 in UV Index: 1 of 10 Visibility: 10.0 mi Air Quality: Good
  6. Extreme Sailing Series in San Diego

    Well the Eye of any wind is directly over DAGO Dead Calm But again thats Bay Park / Mission Bay, 5 miles away from SD Bay
  7. with friggin prices this HIGH and packages SOLD OUT one might think kicking down for some Web-Ink would be in the budget PLEASE SELECT YOUR PACKAGE Select your VIP package * Platinum [+ 900$] (Sold out) Gold [+ 650$] (Sold out) Silver [+ 325$] (only 20 remaining) What the HELL could be That much better than just watching for FREE what does the port get, what do the people Arsed out of their parking spots & Views of the Bay get ??
  8. Of note no one is missing anything today unless someone gets thrown over
  9. Care for something else while you enjoy yer Whine pour yerself a cup of the Live Cams of San Diego Bay --> http://www.sundiegolive.com/ you on Time Whanker or Spectrum ? If so You Kan't See Shit Cuz Someone Didn't Get Paid !!!
  10. FUCK DAT ..... Dude prolly building a house there too
  11. Extreme Sailing Series in San Diego

    OK here are sum Kams you can watch "EXCEPT in San Diego on Time Wanker" They Do however work on Verizon Fone so Put that Unlimited Data to Work !!! http://www.sundiegolive.com/ javascript:ChangeVideo('harborisland-s-nopeer'); javascript:ChangeVideo('harborisland-e-nopeer'); javascript:ChangeVideo('shelterisland-nopeer');
  12. Extreme Sailing Series in San Diego

    The Breez seams to have turned to Extreme Humidity = Drizzle/Rain and No Wind at all But this from Bay Park/Mission Bay and Not Harbor Island so ..................................
  13. OK so I picked up one of these off CL yesterday for $60, that's slightly under retail for a new one but it's not new Lady says it was attempted to be hooked up and had water in it under pressure for 2 days before they drained the water and packed it back in the 2 boxes it came in There it sat till I bought it yesterday ................................. 2 Years later So Mike if I may ask: did the water sitting in the filters KILL the filters for all practical purposes OR can I Flush and use they only had less than 10 gal passing through Muck less as just what made a mess trying to hook up Do I have 4 petri dishes of Beautiful Organisms between the 4 filters begging to be put in a microscope ?? I just need wanted a Water Filter, not needing Cold or Hot as I'm intending to hook-up to fridge for ice & Water through the door & as such would only use the Huge counter-top thingie as a room temp faucet for cooking etc my unit is 4 stage, I only want Good Drinking, Ice making and Kooking Water the RO sounds like Much to about More Work, Waste to end up with H2O free of things perhaps Good for you ??? would I be served as well to bypass the RO bits and just use the canisters as regular water filters (reading up I see it's shipped that was too? This will NOT be nearly as good a deal if I must buy new filters ( yet might do ok selling counter-top part) So what you say ? Ref Reading that I can't be arsed to read all of: https://www.ro-system.org/ The 3 Stage vs 5 Stage Reverse Osmosis Water System – Purifier ... https://purifieradvisors.com › Blog › Tips and Guides Water is passed through this membrane with the application of pressure of around 35 psi. ... The use ofthe 3 stage reverse osmosis water is more general. ... Some 3 stage systems (TFC Membrane Systems) have the Carbon pre- filter while ... Reverse Osmosis vs Filtration | Distillata https://www.distillata.com/difference-filtered-ro-water/ Nov 4, 2014 - When it comes to reverse osmosis vs filtration water for your home or business, there are a few ... When you make the grand decision of starting a water filtration program, you are presentedwith two options: 3 stage water filtration, or 5 stage reverse osmosis. What are ... Try a water filtration system today. THE DIFFERENCE BETWEEN 2, 3 & 4 STAGE FILTRATION https://www.aquaticlife.com/blog/the-difference-between-2-3-and-4-stage-filtration/ Aug 3, 2016 - FIVE-stage water filter, SEVEN-stage reverse osmosis systems ... without contact with used filter material, and the supply water to the unit does ... Choosing a Water Filter - What you need to know - Reverse Osmosis ... www.reverse-osmosis-water-filter-guide.com/how-to-choose-the-best-water-filter-syst... The best type of water filter are reverse osmosis filters because they remove the widest ... Very much like cars, there is quite a difference in the quality of RO systems although ... Systems with fewer stages, like 3-4 stages, are less stable, more ... Reverse Osmosis vs. Selective Filtration - Aquasana https://www.aquasana.com/education/water-101-reverse-osmosis-vs-selective-filtration Nov 6, 2015 - With so many options to choose from, it is important to understand the benefits and ...Reverse osmosis (RO) is a process of separation that uses water pressure to force the source ... the first reverse osmosis system to pair the powerful filtration of reverse osmosis while ... 3-Stage Under Counter Water Filter. Best Reverse Osmosis Water Filters 2017 - Water Filter Answers https://waterfilteranswers.com/what-is-the-best-reverse-osmosis-system/ Find the perfect RO water filter for your home with our amazing buyer's guide. ... Today, we compare the 10 best reverse osmosis systems available right now. .... Stage 2/3 – Carbon filters to improve the taste and odor. ... It features a massive 7-stages of water filtration, which makes some of the most refined and best tasting ... Different Water Filtration Methods - Reverse Osmosis and Ultraviolet ... www.freedrinkingwater.com/water.../quality-water-filtration-method-page3.htm Carbon absorption is a widely used method of home water filter treatment because of its ... Previous · 1 | 2 | 3. Reverse Osmosis. Reverse osmosis (RO) is the most economical method of removing 90% to 99% of all contaminants. ... Systems can also be enhanced with ultrafiltration, ultraviolet oxidation orother features for ... ESSENTIAL 3-Stage Reverse Osmosis System | EWS Water https://www.ewswater.com/product/essential-reverse-osmosis-three-stage/ Our 3-stage Reverse Osmosis System offers three stages of advanced carbon filtration ... Reverse Osmosis System with Tank · Reverse Osmosis System Installed ... the convenience and health of filtered water at the kitchen sink (or any sink). What is the healthiest water? Reverse Osmosis ? Distilled ? Filtered ? www.discountjuicers.com/healthywater.html The performance of a particular water purification system can be easily verified ... leading brands; such is the case with reverse osmosis and distillation systems. ... and it's relative comparison to the patented Aquasana multi-stage filtration process. ... Reverse osmosis typically wastes 2 to 3 gallons of water for every gallon it ... Model # G5CTRO Internet #206256616 shareShare save to listSave to List printPrint Global Water G5 Counter Top Hot and Cold Bottleless Water Cooler with 4-Stage Reverse Osmosis Filtration (1) Write a Review Questions & Answers (2) $49660 /each blob:http://www.homedepot.com/0054c3fc-d804-4780-b5ff-c3ec1829c277
  14. Extreme Sailing Series in San Diego

    The wind in Bay Park / Mission Bay thismorning has been like being in the exasut/breath of a sleeping Giant Puff ...nothing Puff ....nothing That's Not going to get boats Excited Best Viewing likely from Bali Hai @ The Bar (if you get my drink) Clean I wanna catch up if yer in town . Been a long time !! Will you be up in the Pink SA Blimp ??