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  1. Cable modem/router question

    hard to pull the knot tieing them together through the dirt in the winter
  2. Heating the new workshop, options?

    fair enough !! I built a Warehouse on my rental property "As I wanted it" wanted more when I was done but None the less I did it MY way Good On You !!!
  3. Community Reputation Points

    Cougars don't give ya a rash jus sayin
  4. Heating the new workshop, options?

    Question: are all the cells of your wall filled ? if not any reason you didn't run yer Electric & CAT wires down a hallow cell to a Box cut in one of the blocks ?? There is ALWAYS Something Else you Could have done and that project looks Bitchin but would look better w wires in the wall ( No Conduit needed through an empty cell) might need to be fastened where you can't reach But none the less
  5. Community Reputation Points

    nope - still don't see it nor the dirty tissue/post of the one ButHurt about it So here it is Again think I'll go get a donut to go wit me coffee And no wonder - Wrong thread getting Honorable Mention here threw me off
  6. AC36 - The Venue

    I expressed before leaving Auckland that I thought the AC should have been built into the Viaduct"s development Huge Bays for team bases could have been built into whatever structures were desired The space inside could have been filled in a modular manor so as to be restored when Like Now its needed So what about incorporating that idea into the next go around of building over the AC Village This Not suggesting tgey do thay to hold the AC, rather they require an AC complient Village with Base Space for at least 10 teams It would be an attraction for the area forever even IF heaven forbid the AC didnt return It would be an Extra insperation to Winb it back, should it ever leave again
  7. Community Reputation Points

    Of note, on my fone I don't see the VD Pic Post :-O I'll bee @ me PC in a few, sea if it's there then ??
  8. Community Reputation Points

    That bumper sticker was on a van parked a couple houses away yesterday I was walking by and it caught my eye so I took a pic The post above seemed the perfect place to post it Great markrting indeed That FlimsySnailHer got ButtHurt by it, is sprinkles on the donut iceing :-)
  9. Baldness anarchy.

    the pocket fisherman was Kool But the pocket Bait ya had to always have got old quickly
  10. For Some X-Mas May Come Early

    there is Deadly, Crazy Shit on Money I've been fortunate to not have been exposed to much of it
  11. I got divorced today.

    BAND War .......... Good !!!!!!! Not a Bad Intro too