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  1. Sailplane racing Chile FAI Grand Prix

  2. BITCOIN,,, anyone playing that game?

    if you want to pick some up invest in a shopvac !!
  3. BITCOIN,,, anyone playing that game?

    Ha - Ha - Ha says it Could hit $2K how about $0K UPDATED Bitcoin is crashing and could bottom as low as $2,000
  4. SAN to Escondido, transit options.

    about only 74 outside 80 feels better
  5. any capetowners on here?

    Oh so you ment 33Gal rather than
  6. any capetowners on here?

    ^^^^ 501 what per day ??
  7. Phone throttling

    Idiot Phones those drinkin the koolade will Pay more while putting up with Anything All to have a Eye LOTHE my MACK bumper sticker on their Pirus going 40 in the Fastlane .... or 75 in the slowlane jus sayin
  8. any capetowners on here?

    In DAGO a FUCK is not givin to not having water other than Building More Housing thinkibg is that water comes out of the pipes so what's the problem
  9. any capetowners on here?

  10. SAN to Escondido, transit options.

    WTF ?? bmiller did you bring this Shit Weather with you ?? dont know why anyone would wanna come here in the middle of winter Burrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrtrr
  11. Thoughts ?? would you rent a hardened HD (read Police Body Cam) Video recorder w an 8-12 hr recording time How many Cams for yer ride to cover everyone thats actually contributing ? So what might you pay to rent a Cam and get a copy (unedited) of whatever happened in front of it ???? I have aquired 43 Police Body Cams and trying to deside how to repurpose them. Motorcycle Cam would be Great most of the time But what about allowing 20 or 30 to Go Live as well as placing Cams to recorde Sail Trim etc
  12. Holy shit, crazy Redondo beach rescue

    Not Breaking News good boat to stay in till they tow it home (as it turned out) might feel like the clapper in a bell holding on inside tho
  13. Random PicThread

    Yes Google Desert Lobster Long story about someones Dream making it from the water to well no where the water & if I remember correctly that was when it was new !! http://www.citizenreviewonline.org/sept_2003/the_great.htm Lobsters can't cow ex-cattleman in Nevada | Business | billingsgazette ... 'Desert lobster' grower loses appeal - Las Vegas Sun Newspaper No homegrown seafood for this Nevada town - latimes Mina, NV – Lobster Execution | Erik's Nevada Blog Images for Desert Lobster nevada “Desert Lobster is closed!” Review of Desert Lobster - CLOSED 2 photos Desert Lobster 808 Front, Mina, NV 89422 4 Reviews Kalamariverrat Rainier, Oregon 822298 Reviewed November 12, 2013 Desert Lobster is closed! My last trip south and north on US 95, I was amazed to see that Desert Lobster was closed and all the signage at the former lobster-factory to the south were gone. I guess the owner finally succumbed to Nevada bureaucracy. Thank Kalamariverrat This review is the subjective opinion of a TripAdvisor member and not of TripAdvisor LLC. Reviews (4) Traveler rating Very good 2 Poor 2 RandyHees Henderson, Nevada 4025 Reviewed August 13, 2013 Hard to miss... I was passing through Mina last May... on my way from Tonopah to San Francisco... I needed coffee early in the morning, and the Desert Lobster had coffee... It is impossible to miss... a boat in the desert with a good back story... It is the desert, and like the boat, lobsters seem absurd... but once there was a lobster farm here (really a shrimp farm, but they were really big shrimp... really) The locals were friendly, the coffee good, and prices reasonable... The locals were in residence, but in a welcoming way... stop by if you are in the area... I will again... Randy Thank RandyHees This review is the subjective opinion of a TripAdvisor member and not of TripAdvisor LLC. retusafguy Syosset, NY 170100 Reviewed January 3, 2013 Only place in town I was on the road between here and there and found myself in Mina at around breakfast time. Isolation makes this a tempting place to stop, that and the name and the boat. I suckered in. Now, in fairness, the cook was off sick that day and her husband was filling in. Ordered some scrambled eggs...OK, in fairness, they were out of the egg shell and had been mixed up a bit, just somewhat lacking in the application of heat. The toast was OK and the coffee average. I felt kind of bad for the owner because you know once he dies (and he was famous for raising lobster in the desert 30 years ago) this place will be boarded up and into history. Thank retusafguy This review is the subjective opinion of a TripAdvisor member and not of TripAdvisor LLC. Manny P 8727 Reviewed October 23, 2012 A gem of a place, but not fancy. A group of us camped at the Sunrise Valley RV Park in Mina and decided to go to breakfast at the Desert Lobster. It was recommended to me by a group of fellow pilots who fly in to Mina for breakfast or lunch. While not fancy, the breakfast (and later, lunch) was reasonable and good for $12.00 for two, with coffee. The name came from the Australian lobster farming business the owners engaged in a number of years ago before the government created new regulations to severely handicap their entrepreneurial lobster business (read the newspaper article posted on the wall). The couple who own the Desert Lobster are longtime Mina residents who will give you an oral history of the area to compliment their posted collection of historic photos. Located right on Highway 95 with truck and RV parking across the street, you'll enjoy good food from independent, down-to-earth, friendly folks...and maybe enjoy a bit of local color and history with your meal. I consider it a must stop in the Nevada desert. Thank Manny P This review is the subjective opinion of a TripAdvisor member and not of TripAdvisor LLC. https://www.tripadvisor.com/ShowUserReviews-g45974-d5084746-r184526513-Desert_Lobster-Mina_Nevada.html#
  14. Tom Petty DTS

    That's what they said about Dry Ice
  15. Fucking Burrrrrrrrrr Winter 2017-2018

    Ya DAGO SUCKS, Today