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    Massive short squeeze

    I have found SNL - DOA for past 5 years or so unless you get off to the TRUMP chain yanking same joke with different word arrangements FAIL
  2. Any word on the location of the LBYC boats ??

    Range Wars: Time for a new stove

    Glass top electric stove top with the touch controls on same surface seam like a potential HAZARD to anyone with an indoor Cat I'd hate to have a couple burners on HIGH All Day till ya get home cuz the Cat walked across the controls

    America's cup YouTube Channels

    any word on LBYC !!

    Is eradication or elimination of Covid-19 an impossible goal?

    it's soon to be a thing of the past having been a Test Fire to track/Trace the flow the next may be another test then when those with a BONER To be the last on Earth release "THE ONE" It shall be Over least ye have No contact with the outside world (like those KIWIS who live underground w Sheep)
  6. When it's Done and Dusted Tho there is No 2nd place Both Teams shall have been Crowned WINNERS !!! TNZ WINNER of The Americas CUP And Luna Rosa Winner of the Prada CUP Jus sayin

    Prada Cup

    OPRA on Win-10 with VPN set to Europe is The Kat's ASS, The BEEz Kneez thanks for the link !!

    Winter camping

    Everything is Better in TEXAS Free ICE
  9. Any word on the Donkey that stood on the lawn in front of the trophy presentation stage ?
  10. DA-WOODY

    EPL. 2021

  11. DA-WOODY

    Vitamin D treatment makes a massive difference

    ???? Interested to know what that's about Went to Dr today for general check up The Dr after a discussion looked over my blood work of a litthe over a month ago and said All Excellent I know I weigh and drink too much But it seams the cards yer delt play a Much bigger role in yer health Effects of a Life in the Sun is a different story
  12. Why Yes it is Thank You !!!
  13. DA-WOODY

    Vitamin D treatment makes a massive difference

    I'm nearing 70 and tested positive on Dec 22/2020 had I not tested and got the results I would never have known I had it or anything else Temp Normal, Oxygen Level 99 Ya I take Vitamins and Alcohol and don't smoke my 76 yo friend (drinkin buddy) tested positive 4 days before me gut his ASS KICKED was in hospital 7 of 14 days (no ventilator) and is still a touch off but almost completely back
  14. DA-WOODY

    AC TV Coverage

    Ain't sunk as long as it's stickin out still floats I dunno how fast But they would need to pass me 2x per lap the Actual Race is Fun Too But I LOVE The CIRCUS all around