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  1. 2017 SDYC Hot Rum Race # 2 Photos Posted

    Of note, this Kite started with the last of the BIG DOGS "2017 52' Dragsters" OK so after SMOKIN on the way out, Next thing I know Dude is Flyin by on the way back Thought of WOW did he actually run the Full Track that quickly ?? Will Cry, makin short work of a Looooong Hot Lap !!!! well I Had to find out who this guy was and what he actually did The actual Track is 11miles start to mark to mark to mark to mark & finish as the crow flyies No One does it in 11 miles but most everyone is heading for the next mark as best they can This Guy beat the 52's in by just about 20min - the 52' were shaving as many extra feet off their track as possible The Kite on the other hand went walkabout checking out the beach at the Hotel Del along the way here is his explanation on his Lap of Hot Rum Race # 2 That was wild, I was on way too big of a kite and was tough getting home. I went to my largest kite right before the start because the wind was 9-10 knots across the course I was on an 195 sqft kite and shoot have been on 140 There’s my track. 37 minutes for 18.8 miles. Didn’t know about the last mark so I had to go lower after Hotel Del Upwind about 22 knots at 30 TWA, and downwind 30 knots at 150TWA I started right before the pac52s because i was worried the wind was going to pick up more
  2. charles manson-dts

    I might start a GoFundMe to create a Thread to say Nasty things about him $400,000 sound like a fair target ?:?:
  3. DTV dish cover/coating

    for $400 you could fly out and cook eggs on a dish in DAGO Santa Ana winds returns Tuesday into Wednesday with temperatures skyrocketing up 5 to maybe 15 degrees! This has the potential to be a moderate to strong event with strong easterly winds and very low humidity levels. It's looking likely that no rain will fall to end the month which would make it the first time since 1980 that San Diego has seen no measurable rainfall in November. Thanksgiving Day's Highs: Coast: 81°-87° Inland: 90°-95° Mountains: 70°-87° Deserts: 89°-94° Follow 10News Pinpoint Weather Meteorologist Megan Parry on Twitter @10NewsParry
  4. HDTV Antenna Anarachy

    Hated Radio Shack from day 1 go in to buy cheep thingie Cash in hand And What is You 1st Name Son I need your 1st and last name (snort snort) Paid Cash !! (smirk smirk) Grrrrrrrr .......... Address --- I'm living in the parking lot Phone number .......... I don't have a phone in the parking lot (whey before cell p-hones) So wasted 5-10 min on the fucking p-art where they sudda jus wrung me up Avoided the p-ace like the Plague that it was !!!
  5. Community Reputation Points

    -666 is the Anti Devil count yer blessings
  6. Missing Argentinian Sub

    FUCK THAT/THIS SHIT - tied to the dock I was hoping it was sittin on the bottom (that I could swim up- from a depth of) And that hell-Hold is likely generations ahead of the lost Sub of today FYI that was the upper level, NFW would I climb deeper Down into the Bay to Sea the Rest 100% of the time I was trying to remember the escape path Back the way I came in case the lights went out FUCK ANY OF THAT w 100'- 200'- 300' of Fucking Cold Stormy Water above the hatch and no one having an idea where you are
  7. Community Reputation Points

    You "are" one of my socks fully in contention for #'er 1 Most Ignoring someone crown I maybe overdewing the use of you
  8. 2017 SDYC Hot Rum Race # 2 Photos Posted

    On the way to re-float a Sub ?:??
  9. Survey Recommendation boat at San Diego Yacht Club

    DoRag if you want the bottom .............................................
  10. AM Antena Anarchry

    try the veal tip yer waiter check out Radio.Garden & refrain from commenting on it till you do with over 130 Satellites of radio stations from all over the world to scroll and pick from I prefer to listen to --> http://radio.garden/live/alexandra/brian-fm-alexandra-cromwell-105-5-fm/
  11. AM Antena Anarchry

    Did you start this thread ? Are all replies directed to you ? We're not worthy
  12. 2017 Sailing Anarchy Ignoring Dance-Off Finals
  13. SoCal Race M&A

    Remember before or aftrr the race to drop off your YB tracker at a church while you are hanging out at the Gentleman's Club ....... (they only know the trail you leave behind) :-O
  14. AC36 Auckland NZ

    In DAGO every inch of fucking space is being filled w fucking New housing Golf courses, River beds, Industrial Marinas, Power Plants, Stadiums AND Open Space All being Raped Those desiring to Rape the Land and Reap the profits will out claw and scratch everyone to get into power They have an Agenda and No use for a Vision The Viaduct Basin should be All Set to host any event like the Volvo/AC had anyone gave some shits for a Vision of the Future building on lessons learned from 2000/2003 But no its gunna be arguing over how to design a wheel all over again