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    RAM Van


    U like Not kod beer ? U like Fucking Sucking chargers

    Mexico pipeline explosion

    Flames or no ignition close/in the liquid EXPLOSION at the Exact correct distance/Mixture

    Mexico pipeline explosion

    It is NOT Possible to get 100 people to gather without "someone" smoking something !!

    150,000 Gallons of Mount Gay Rum Burns Yesterday

    bout the same as = amount of Annie Green Springs

    N2E changes

    I have been invited to the private BCYC parties - and went, before heading to the party of the unwashed @ a couple locations I am FAR from being a Hater who is being kept out and why ?? you are Far More inside the event than my inside the Klub friends has the general population been kept out of the loop ? No One Owes Anybody Anything that said, if the parties that were split and segregated into class, statue & whatever have been combined once again, Yet filtered to only include a ?% of those who would go is Still a Fail (yet an improvement) I would be More than happy to help in anyway I can - short of just NOT expressing how I feel Thank You for Being Both There & Here and remaining accessible to the unwashed !!

    Mexico pipeline explosion

    I'm not betting against it tho. likely to require an additional Tax
  8. ummm I got the magic mouse included Video I posted above explains how to PC-Like an iMac

    Stuck at SFO all day

    you only have the right to make one fone call ed only responds to text could be inn the holding tank of the Republican Bastion of StFYC no way he could just Not say something
  10. DA-WOODY

    Stuck at SFO all day

    Could be one of the TSA posts/posted regularly to PA And Dreamed that One Day ......
  11. DA-WOODY

    150,000 Gallons of Mount Gay Rum Burns Yesterday

    SHIT Not Again That's twice today
  12. DA-WOODY


  13. DA-WOODY

    It's the End of the World ........

    Kalifornia don't get 1st world posts THIS JUST IN authorities now suspect alcohol was involved
  14. https://www.thedrinksbusiness.com/2019/01/fire-at-mount-gay-rum-distillery-burns-150000-gallons-of-alcohol/?fbclid=IwAR2RvhyTTJkhpCWNDPgO3hcimNMkzXCC99bqkNp8m3rF0Mz7KcAA065IGnc FIRE AT MOUNT GAY RUM DISTILLERY BURNS 150,000 GALLONS OF ALCOHOL 17th January, 2019 by Phoebe French A fire broke out at the Mount Gay Distilleries in Barbados yesterday, with the blaze burning 150,000 gallons of alcohol in a storage tank before being brought under control by the local fire services. The Rémy Cointreau-controlled rum brand confirmed that there had been a blaze at its St Lucy site yesterday (16 January). The Barbados fire service received a call at 2:18pm local time after reports of an explosion. Deputy chief fire officer Henderson Patrick told local media: “Arriving on the scene we discovered that it was an alcohol tank that was involved in the fire. The tank normally holds around 300,000 gallons of alcohol and we were informed that it was about half-full”. In extinguishing the fire, the firefighters ruptured the roof of the tank to allow the flames to escape before applying alcohol resistant foam. Patrick added that two people were sent for medical attention as a precaution. While an investigation is currently ongoing as to how the fire broke out, he suspects that individuals working near the area may have contributed to the blaze. In a statement released later that day, Mount Gay confirmed that the fire was out. “Earlier today a fire occurred at our distillery home in St. Lucy, Barbados. We’re happy to announce that there were no injuries and the fire was extinguished,” it said. In recent years, the rum producer, which began operations in 1703, has been expanding its range of premium expressions using its reserves of aged spirits. In 2018 it released the first bottling of its Master Blender Collection – a limited-edition, peat-smoked rum called XO, a blend of column and pot still rums that have been matured for eight to 15 years in American oak barrels. In 2015, it acquired a 134-hectare plantation in Barbados in order to produce a single-estate, “terroir” rum.