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  1. What a waste, saw this yesterday abandoned on street w no plates on trailer So Ripe for the towing to ne crushed, If No One Loves it as it appears I wouldn't mind squeezing a little more life out of it. But no way to find owner so off to the scrap heep / landfill it shall go. Anyone ever had one of these in its Day ? CF Tags from '95 Anyone ever seen a Foiling Buccaneer (yet) ?? I have a pretty good size electric trolling motor that could make it a Duffy Racer/Chaser

    What a waste, saw this yesterday abandoned

    and then it was gone .... :-(

    FP First Blood

    in DAGO one Must SandBag for awhile least PHRF takes a Whack @ yer rating The Ed and North got closer and reached a working relationship while attending a Fund Raiser for The Wall as TRUMP's VIP Guests the Ed is Not happy so far having trouble Throttling Back the New Rags so as Not to tip off the others :-O as much as they wanted the bottle of RUM they couldn't slow it down enough even running through a couple kelp patties ;-)

    Is football dying?

    On the matter of the kneeling ruling football needs something on the field for people to talk about, it has been neutered and will continue to be till it is a Safe Work Environment and no one gets an owie. 2018 season might see the 1st Female/Transgender Free Agent on the starting line-up .... followed by ADA Complince allowing for wheelchair running backs / kickers & armless receivers (could still best the chargers) .... And the call for Afforded Seating to allow homeless to fill the growing field of Empty Seats that looks Bad on TV (where the money is made) ... RIP-NFL
  5. Remaining (2-3) FUCKS Bolder than Ever killed All fish in pond Banging and Jumping on Roof Cane twords me when I went out to WTF the noise was they MUST DIE let me know if ya want a Hat or a Roast I dont think they have seen a speargun launched st them yet
  6. Like - https://www.facebook.com/sailingaddicts/videos/1124674840895423/


    so I get home at midnight and a Fucking Raccoon is walking the sidewalk in ft of my rental. I grabbed a 8' long 1"x4" and walked down street and see the Fucker climbing a chainlink fence I threw it like a spear from 10' away and missed by a foot so I pick it up as the Fucker climbs to top of 5' wood fence and stares me down Big mistake as I took a RightHanf BaseBall HomeRun Level Swing and the Fucker never flinched It Did however goin the stick in its counter clockwise rotation when it Smacked the Fucker edgewise breaking off 2' and making quite a racket didnt see how it landed But it did not hrad my direction no idea how it felt but the impact felt Good on my end :-) would have been nice to have had a Big weat whacking sickle Im sure I will recognise the Fucker if I ever see it again as I'm sure it will keep glancing over to it's left :-O

    Is football dying?

    they did quite well last season post season different story but what else would you expect from a DAGO team

    Things to do in IOWA

    1/the last thing
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    Is football dying?

    Football will be saved when Strippers outnumber dudes 10 - 1 And Bikinis Malfunction as regular play and Celebrations of the Clock moving include DIRTY-DANCING The GoalPost shall be 2.5" outta Brass and EndZone Celebrations shall only be interrupted by 12 comerishal breaks FB as we knew it is/was DTS years ago
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    Is football dying?

    DTS look for OSHA to make what once was football a Safe Work Environment NOT that it manes a FUCK in DAGO Yesterdays changes for kickoffs put an end to much of the games draw FootBall in the begining was a Draw for the Flesh Eating Combatants its now way behind wrestling and just ahead of baseball for Hard Hitting Action Sailing is gaining on football I don't make an effort to see a football game an the Slab (formerly Tube) but the times I have been somewhere with Slabs showing games I have noticed droves of Empty Seats at each Not missing the FUCKING SUCKING chargers 1 bit
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    What a waste, saw this yesterday abandoned

    Ummm Idunno HotRod Rigging and HomeRepair bits: weight saved is Speed Gained !!! tension adjusting screw to compensate for bungeecord stretch = Nice !! flaired connection to better conectivity between stainless & aluminum bits kinda like a Solar Panel / generating electricity electrolysis grade 8 bolt to the right shown attention to detail this is the Hawaiian connection Erupting with holding power need I go on ????
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    Motorcycle Threads

    in the mid 70'z there were XXXXL solid fork tubes with 1/2 leaf springs welded to the end as Far from having a fork brace as you can get DANGEROUS !!! oh ya No ft brake too
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    Motorcycle Threads

    JUAN Lucky MoFo proving when it Ain't yer time it Ain't yer time
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    Motorcycle Threads