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  1. Who/Where to Demand Ending Gun Violence Starting Right NOW!! OBAMA, TRUMP, Your Governor, Congress, Senate ……… NO …. Guess again! While it feels good to yell at whomever in charge at the moment blaming “Them” for not stopping the Madness that is only getting worse, You will only annoy them. It has taken years of hard work and lots of money to get us where we are at this point and will take the same or more to bring us back to where we should be. The Place to start à California and No Not Sacramento ……. “HOLLOWOOD” a couple generations have been raised from birth where on TV a Female Nipple causes Multiple Million Doller Fines and yet from morning to night most shows contain Shootings, Stabbings or whatever other forms of Murder and That’s OK for Children to watch Then the News Networks Glorifying Mass Murder, turning a Zero into an Anti-Hero that the World will know the same evening by name +/or face. As horrible as it is - It Is Attention and That is likely what they wanted in the 1st place We have No Chance to Stop the (GUN or otherwise) Violence unless we Quit Glorifying Gangs, Criminals, Mass Murderers and on and on. We are being force fed that Destroying other people’s lives is a way of Life and a way to gain recognition within if not above society, Most people are smart enough to not let become their reality, Yet City’s pit Citizens against each other all the time, to both keep people from realizing what is happening to them (Selling off every inch of land and rezoning the rest and running people out to build High Density Housing in San Diego for 1 example) Want to Begin Stopping it NOW Call your News stations/publications and tell them to get Crap like that Mass Shooting A-Holes Face off of the Opening story, Start Reporting Positive things Good people are doing. Quit going to or watching Movies with Violence (Quit supporting it) As you can tell I’m No Writer, But it seems no one is understanding what I believe to be Clear so I had to say something. I’m Not an Activist for or against Guns, I’m Not Dem or Rep. I can’t watch a news program as they are always filling time with stuff to get on peoples nerves = Shootings, Robbery’s etc . There is allot more going on than Bad stuff LAWS don’t change people’s thoughts. We need to Quit Pre-Programing children to become what everyone is saying we are against. If All the Movies, Network Shows and News are Pushing EVIL, Sick Murderers as common place and we just watch …. We (You as I don’t) are Guilty of allowing it to happen. And Until You Yourself Do something to Not Allow it you Can’t Blame Anyone Else! (Off SoapBox)
  2. KFC : No Chicken

    Foster Farms suspends 5 workers after chicken slaughter video released https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5HPnULHzJVc
  3. KFC : No Chicken

    It's Working
  4. China vows to crack down on funeral strippers
  5. Ssssssnnnnakkkkkeee

    I have crossed paths with what looked to me to be a Rattler while swimming in a pond off the Colorado river we were Both at a disavantage thoughts of Many things that would have been handy to have at the moment it didn't seem to be arsed that I was around I'm thinking they could skim faster than I could swim No idea if they can get around underwater But if a Eel can then why not ???
  6. Fucking Burrrrrrrrrr Winter 2017-2018

    After eating plenty, I had a Bus route long ago in a past life going past open fields in Rancho Peñasquitos where Wild ones would grow They had flowers that were beautiful One day I stopped to quickly Grab a Huge One Fuck That Stupid Idea !!!! Cactus is like Wool in comparison Puttin it another way - It's like Loving Bacon & running after a Wild Bore Under Things you Only do Once !!! Wild Artichokes: Very Few People Have Their Best Interests at Heart ... articles.latimes.com/1987-10-04/local/me-33133_1_botanists Oct 4, 1987 - Orange County historian and author Jim Sleeper once asked a botanist friend if wild artichokes, also known as artichoke thistles, were an ... plant is not native to California but apparently got a start before the turn of the century, when edible artichoke plants were imported from Mediterranean countries for ... Artichoke thistle - IPCW Plant Report – California Invasive Plant Council www.cal-ipc.org/resources/library/publications/ipcw/report38/ Scientific name, Cynara cardunculus. Common name. artichoke thistle, cardoon, desert artichoke, wild artichoke. Synonymous scientific names. none known. Closely related California natives. 0. Closely related California non-natives: Cynara scolymus. Listed. CalEPPC List A-1,CDFA B. By: Michael Kelly. Distribution ... Calflora: Cynara cardunculus https://www.calflora.org/cgi-bin/species_query.cgi?where-calrecnum=2568 Cynara cardunculus, a dicot, is a perennial herb that is not native to California; it was introduced from elsewhere and naturalized in the wild. Cal-IPC rating: moderate. Interactive Distribution Map · Observation Hotline (observation details + photos). point, line, or polygon. one or more occurrences within a 7.5-minute ... Cynara Cardunculus (Wild Artichokes) | Cook Plant Meditate https://cookplantmeditate.com/2012/05/13/cynara-cardunculus-wild-artichokes/ May 13, 2012 - All along the rolling hills of northern California live the most amazing things-freeartichokes! Okay, maybe not the kind you are used to seeing in the store but, despite their smaller size, the flavor is the same (better in my opinion, actually). And free, if you don't mind the prickly, aggressive spines. My husband ... The Wild Artichoke https://www.thewildartichoke.com/ At The Wild Artichoke we pride ourselves in offering the very best that can be expected of a truly great restaurant ... impeccable, friendly service and entrees which capture all the goodness, the best seasonal ingredients, and know-how of the finest French, Italian and California cuisines. Our aim is to provide a dining ... The Wild Artichoke - 140 Photos & 208 Reviews - American (New ... https://www.yelp.com › Restaurants › American (New) Rating: 4 - ‎208 reviews - ‎Price range: $11-30 208 reviews of The Wild Artichoke "I came to this restaurant for the first time a few weeks ago for my aunt's 60th birthday. The owner closed down the restaurant for our party and was ... of The Wild Artichoke - Yorba Linda, CA, United States. Complimentary bread Photo of The Wild Artichoke - Yorba Linda, CA, United States. FeralKevin Presents: Wild Artichoke Thistle, Cynara cardunculus ... ▶ 7:00 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DI58NzPAFl0 Jun 15, 2009 - Uploaded by feralkevin FeralKevin cooks up a gourmet, slow food, and wild foraged edible. Others call it a weed. It's the wild artichoke ... Artichoke Thistle, Cynara cardunculus, San Diego, California - YouTube ▶ 0:59 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_0QCqNyVHdg Jun 30, 2012 - Uploaded by Melvin Wei A monoculture clump of artichoke thistle plants grows in the middle of a field of dead grasses. At first I thought ... FeralKevin » Blog Archive » Wild Artichokes are here! feralkevin.com/?p=434 May 23, 2010 - Wild Artichokes are here! Cynara cardunculus, or artichoke thistle, is the wild version of the commerical artichoke. But get this, they taste the same, and have delicious hearts, but they are armored with thistle spikes.
  7. Fucking Kold nights here in DAGO Lastr night Im tryin to sleep with a sleeping bag as a comforter My hands out of the blankets aree freezing I look at me weather station and its 41 fuckon degees outside and 49 in me room Fuck Dat, Im closing the skylights today, thats it Guess i need to build a fire in the woodburning stove tonight I Sooooo HATE Winter !!
  8. 2018 Winter Olympics!

    USA USA USA GUIRLS HOCKEY GOLD I am Not a Hockey fan But what a Game 1 OT 2 Shootouts of note I tuned in during 2nd time out couple min into play as I was trying to keep track of tbe puck a fucking fly or whatever the same size as the puck comes from out of the dark and starts buzzing around the Ice, landing and taking off between the play it died before OT but Im sure it felt like it Won Silver having been so annoying till the (its) end
  9. PA is not about the subject of the topic it's a way of sub-life responses to any topic regardless of subject one or 2 post can take this to PA, but the subject need not to be discussed properly Some people never venture to "that" place And they are better people for not doing so
  10. Like - https://www.facebook.com/sailingaddicts/videos/1124674840895423/
  11. Fucking Burrrrrrrrrr Winter 2017-2018

    Minutes ago it Fucking Rained right on top of me House To the point of making mud splatters on the Skylights, well actually clean spots w mud rings about 1/4" in diameter like freckles eventually the hope is that the clean spots will grow together BUT Not because it rains that much, Just that the drops will hit the dirt spots instead of the clean spots again If not I'm happy to need to go up with a hose and wash em off I will NOT go wash them or my Vehicles off as "That" will make it actually rain and that's the last thing I want to have happen !!!
  12. Racer sponsorship

    Better to just give someone "$XX" who can actually get you exposure that can be shown as being something you wouldn't get otherwise AND Who Claims such and pay's Tax accordingly to Profit/loss ........... You might just be helping to cover expences Writing Off What you Pay Yourself is a Mess Happening @ that moment a Sponsorship 100% of the time won't leave a penny in yer pocket long before the commitment is over (if they are savvy) If they are not Savvy they won't see the value in sponsoring you Sponsoring yourself is GOOD - Unless you pay yourself a profit "As that means Something is FISHY" Self promotion is necessary, sometimes I even do it here But I'm Slave labor
  13. Racer sponsorship

    True test of Value When a large Corporation grabs the exposure you got for another Sponsor at a local (Auckland NZL) event to Bang-Up their Buisness at the next local event
  14. I don't blame you for not watching the news either
  15. Racer sponsorship

    WTF 100' In the World of YACHTING Length Does Not Matter If you want a Big-Time Sponsor like Fiddler's Green or Mercury you need to Produce To do that you Must provide something everyone is not just providing anyway Good Luck just do better than this and you'll have 1/2 a chance (ForGetAbout Making it Happen - it will or it won't)
  16. Laser Performance?

    less than 1/2 lb
  17. Fucking Burrrrrrrrrr Winter 2017-2018

    well it Kold here 42 at the moment Fuck tnis Shit !!!! Skools Klosed Today in mountain areas WTF with closing Skools ?? Never once when I went to Skool https://m.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=10155120200011175&id=607596174&set=a.10150211551046175.316282.607596174&source=57&refid=52&ref=content_filter&__tn__=EH-R
  18. LONQR