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  1. Missing Argentinian Sub

    FUCK THAT/THIS SHIT - tied to the dock I was hoping it was sittin on the bottom (that I could swim up- from a depth of) And that hell-Hold is likely generations ahead of the lost Sub of today FYI that was the upper level, NFW would I climb deeper Down into the Bay to Sea the Rest 100% of the time I was trying to remember the escape path Back the way I came in case the lights went out FUCK ANY OF THAT w 100'- 200'- 300' of Fucking Cold Stormy Water above the hatch and no one having an idea where you are
  2. Community Reputation Points

    You "are" one of my socks fully in contention for #'er 1 Most Ignoring someone crown I maybe overdewing the use of you
  3. 2017 SDYC Hot Rum Race # 2 Photos Posted

    On the way to re-float a Sub ?:??
  4. Well "IF" you raced in this race You were Nice and Warm and had a GOOD chance of breaking Stuff Regardless A FUN Time was had by Most ALL !!! 2017 SDYC Hot Rum Race # 2 ..... OK so I didn't get too far out the channel as me ride needed to stay in cell coverage so i only got 1,759 PIX :-O Hope you find yourself within ;-) http://da-woody.com/17HotRumB/2017HotRumB.html
  5. Lot of Bragging about Ignoring others in this Cat's LitterBox rumors of who is the Most Ignored infact one of perhaps the Most talked about topics Much Chicken Winging about how much one is/has been Ignoring someone = Lot's of Effort going unrewarded/unrecognised So How about a way to rate just How MUCH someone is Ignoring someone else Who will be the 1st to (if they don't already) have 10,000 post saying they are Ignoring someone & by how much ??? should there not be a box to check after looking at a post to show you are Ignoring it ?? so you don't need to make a post saying you are Ignoring it I think there should and right next to the likes box If you don't post that you are Ignoring this it shall mean that you agree
  6. Survey Recommendation boat at San Diego Yacht Club

    DoRag if you want the bottom .............................................
  7. AM Antena Anarchry

    try the veal tip yer waiter check out Radio.Garden & refrain from commenting on it till you do with over 130 Satellites of radio stations from all over the world to scroll and pick from I prefer to listen to --> http://radio.garden/live/alexandra/brian-fm-alexandra-cromwell-105-5-fm/
  8. AM Antena Anarchry

    Did you start this thread ? Are all replies directed to you ? We're not worthy
  9. 2017 Sailing Anarchy Ignoring Dance-Off Finals
  10. SoCal Race M&A

    Remember before or aftrr the race to drop off your YB tracker at a church while you are hanging out at the Gentleman's Club ....... (they only know the trail you leave behind) :-O
  11. AC36 Auckland NZ

    In DAGO every inch of fucking space is being filled w fucking New housing Golf courses, River beds, Industrial Marinas, Power Plants, Stadiums AND Open Space All being Raped Those desiring to Rape the Land and Reap the profits will out claw and scratch everyone to get into power They have an Agenda and No use for a Vision The Viaduct Basin should be All Set to host any event like the Volvo/AC had anyone gave some shits for a Vision of the Future building on lessons learned from 2000/2003 But no its gunna be arguing over how to design a wheel all over again
  12. BITCOIN,,, anyone playing that game?

    What would you rather have 500lbs of S&H Green Stamps or BlueChip stamps ??
  13. HDTV Antenna Anarachy

    If its pickung up the Fucking Suckung chargers, Best return iit
  14. Visiting glamour

    jus sayin
  15. AM Antena Anarchry

    so go find all the web sites did you look at Radio.Garden ??? ............ I didn't think so
  16. BITCOIN,,, anyone playing that game?

    My current rental tenants brought CASH from their bank Mostly U$ Hundoe's = ALL NEW and in Numerical Sequence Came outta da Federal Printer limited only by Paper and Ink
  17. SoCal Race M&A

    What ?? has NOSA been following my posts ?? BYC is NOT BCYC ...... But it Is BUY & by the Race Boats & is involved with the Race sounds like I might need to dig out the Towel I threw in after the last one I went to BG, Thaqnk You for all your hard work & sharing what's going on with us !!!
  18. Survey Recommendation boat at San Diego Yacht Club

    what's the name of the boat ?? & + 1 on Bill Trenkle, might as well start at the top !!
  19. Visiting glamour

    https://youtu.be/xmAkXwWkzAQ The link could not be embedded because youtu.be does not allow embedding of that video.
  20. Visiting glamour

    The FOOLS who want to party on the Hill by the warmth of their Burning Apparent Wealth and their Hoez
  21. 2017 SDYC Hot Rum Race # 2 Photos Posted

    me Chopper pilots house is right there, but the air's not too clear
  22. AM Antena Anarchry

    Before spending a dime to listen to radio Check this out 1st http://radio.garden Better than even chance your desired station can be found in the clear For FRRE
  23. Visiting glamour

    $10 mill will get R/P to draw you a boat in the Upper League It Won't buy the Rigging for one But $10 mill will let you Party in North Hollywood in a rented Mansion w Hawt Hookers and Blow for most of a year
  24. Might TNZ and thr CoR be so vengeful as to throw out a bone Sending those who fucked them over the last time ( by changing the field after they were so far along with the development of one size, boat then having to start over) down a false trail Foiley intending to change the concept in about a year to what TNZ and the CoR are actualy working in now Just like oracle did the last go around :-O
  25. charles manson-dts

    wonder if they will leave him bent over in the rectumroom for the others to pound their respects