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  1. basketcase

    Things To Do In London

    I think beers,with that fuckwit would educational and kinda fun. Might have to walk up the hill later with a six pack.
  2. basketcase

    Just Another High School Shooting

    I sent my son, he is 23, through school back in canada without a second thought. My step daughter is 10, and in Santa fe (new mexico) and im terrified. My daughter has more right to life than any cunt has a right to a gun.
  3. basketcase

    Broken CF Mast - Who can fix it?

    This is the answer
  4. basketcase

    Remembering May 9th

    Shitty time. Then and now.
  5. basketcase

    carbon mast - mounting forestay-tang

    Then you will have to have that feeling of lightness in your billfold. Get it engineered and built right. I do agree 3k is a bit much
  6. basketcase

    carbon mast - mounting forestay-tang

    Nope.... theres no d in pretengineering.... cept for the guy foing it. He is a bit of a d.
  7. basketcase

    Larry's AC50 Circus

    id sooner have artemis' wing than bar's. what one did you build?
  8. basketcase

    carbon mast - mounting forestay-tang

    Theres another way.... buy a new mast after this one fails because you pretengineered it.
  9. basketcase

    Larry's AC50 Circus

    there were a lot of reasons for what happened to happen. i dont think it comes down to monos or multies. look up who designed that boat, and have a look at his history. as for the carnage continuing..... well ok, but the etnz ac 50 capsize was sorted and they were back on much faster than the otusa boat 1 ac72 flip. and hell.... how many masts did an iacc campiegn go through? those things were just falling out of the sky.
  10. basketcase

    Larry's AC50 Circus

    i believe it was an iacc boat, but if you want to go that way (and i dont) clifford the big red dog was a training boat as well.
  11. basketcase

    Larry's AC50 Circus

    Martin Wizner and im not limiting it to one cycle, the boats them selves are..... remember back to the iacc days? the v3 boats.... the v 4 boats?
  12. basketcase

    Larry's AC50 Circus

    well.... off the top of my head its been two pretty spectacular failures on the cat side, the two vids i pulled up, plus young america breaking in half, and a few others that i just cant google for the fuck of it. and for time sailed..... one cycle each.
  13. basketcase

    Larry's AC50 Circus

  14. I think it will go for less.
  15. I know of a c&c 43 my neighbor is trying to sell..... its a bit out of your range, but hardly used after its total recreation a few years back. Draw back is it has a bow thruster, plus is it has a brand new head.