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  1. Florida wants to BAN my .22

    major dave. our buddy the fucking dinosaur.
  2. Florida wants to BAN my .22

    wow, looks like the major has stopped ignoring you.
  3. Fast "safe" boat....

    maybe you should try investment counselling. i hear its pretty easy.
  4. What happened to Zenyatta - Gunboat 62

    what you are getting wrong is the thought that this is normal after 15 years.... across the entire build set. mate, if it is a wet lay boat, in female tooling, the kerfs will fill with the light weight bonding putty, if they were built with corecell, its prolly 'core bond' from atc. pretty light, pretty normal to fill, same kind of density as 'a550'. and full of water? you are just pumping that around and through the laminate as the boat slams.
  5. Sold everything to sail the world...boat sunk on day 2

    i wouldn't trust that stunned cunt to get me a cup of water.
  6. FP: Another “tumultuous relationship”?

    ontario laws are not that hard on the guy, dave, but is that why you have had the boat on the market for so long?
  7. February Fourteenth

    mate, in my house we call it wednesday, or thursday, or.... well you get the idea. but it is march 14... traditionally. http://www.steakandbjday.com/
  8. Sold everything to sail the world...boat sunk on day 2

    last thing you want to do is take financial advice from this guy. just sayin.
  9. ive not had the time, or desire, to look it up but is there anything in the rules about two boat testing? the major's 43s may be disqualified.
  10. but they do need a bow thruster.
  11. i still think our man dave has what it takes to put together a team.
  12. john mahoney dts

    shame, funny guy https://www.theguardian.com/tv-and-radio/2018/feb/06/john-mahoney-who-played-frasiers-martin-crane-dies-aged-77
  13. A case against colored lines?

    Sure is, when you are introducing the sport to non sailors.
  14. A case against colored lines?

    i prefer coloured lines on my boat. most of my stuff is moderately loaded and i often sail with non sailors, or people new to the boat. even with experienced crew, pull the red string is faster and clearer than pull the down fucker..... its much easier to find the red tail.
  15. "Elitism"

    like a bad smell, or a dinosaur that hasn't found the tar pit.