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  1. basketcase

    Loïck Peyron

    That, sir, is an understatement.
  2. basketcase

    What cat is this?

    aqua cat?
  3. basketcase

    Civil kindness.

    Like vegans, they will let you know.
  4. basketcase

    Steel yacht repair yards - East Coast USA?

    um........ you are out of date on the goings on at neb
  5. basketcase

    Steel yacht repair yards - East Coast USA?

    How about new England boatworks?
  6. basketcase

    shit show (front page)

    and no skill involved. smdh. mate, you have no idea what its like to sail at those speeds. hell have you even done 8 knots? no skill.... but to each his own. just dont try to tell me some one like nathan , or jimmy, or dean have no skill
  7. basketcase

    shit show (front page)

  8. basketcase

    The Trump movie

    our cartoon president. if you have not watched it yet, you are missing out on some serious laughs.
  9. basketcase

    Whiskeytown - Gone

    Wow... dood... having taken that long to sort a comeback, i would have hoped for more. Fuckwit.
  10. basketcase

    what is it?

    Not a chance.
  11. basketcase

    North American Mini Fleet

    It looks kinda...... tired
  12. basketcase

    Thoughts on old molds and new boats

    How often do you want to eat?
  13. basketcase

  14. basketcase

    what is it?

    no. im sure its built to rigorous maritime engineering standards. cardboards out. and no cardboard derivatives. no paper, no string, no cello tape