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  1. basketcase

    Coach boat cut up ceremony

    just pray to the god of tyvek.
  2. basketcase

    PETA Equating Anti-Animal Phrases to Racism/Homophobia

    a good friend of mine was known to say, 'theres room for all of god's animals..... next to the mashed potatoes." these are the same people offended by 'baby its cold outside' but like rap music that refers to women as 'bitches and hoes'. fuckwits
  3. basketcase

    Man sues himself and wins

    geeze, dave. looks like you retired too soon.
  4. basketcase

    WD Schock out of business?

    mate..... in your 'interests' its 'hobie cat' not 'hobycat'. kinda pisses away the rest if the gibberish in your one post. btw..... fuck off newb. show us your wife/girlfriend's tits.
  5. basketcase

    Express 34 hits submerged object, now what?

    i think that is just thick fairing putty. if it was klegecell (what was brown when i was putting it in boats 25 years ago) the keel would have come off as the rest of the schedule in that area is only an 1808...... even though you would expect more. hell, i would expect it to be about 18mm to 25mm solid laminate
  6. basketcase

    Bottom job costs

    how long is a piece of string? $50 per square foot. $75 a square foot? $20 a square foot?
  7. basketcase

    what was it?

    It was banque pop.... now its landfill.
  8. basketcase

    what are you listening to right now .... part quatre

    The rural Alberta advantage
  9. basketcase

    Black Lifeline Stanchions

    Veiny stanchions.
  10. basketcase

    Black Lifeline Stanchions

    i once did an imoca build with a guy that was using scraps to build carbon dildos. made a shit load of money per unit. dont know if i would have done it.... something odd about sitting in your apartment, wet sanding a big carbon cock.
  11. basketcase

    Black Lifeline Stanchions

    I would never have carbon stachions on a boat. If you fall hard against a metal one it bends.....
  12. basketcase

    Need a new vehicle

    im just gonna put this here......
  13. basketcase

    Stolen Boat. Culatra, Portugal

    or becoming lawyers.