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  1. Anti-Ballistic Missile Anarchy

    It was “interesting” this morning. Fairly calm here while I was trying to find out what the hell was happening. Nothing on the tv, radio, etc. My fire dept. radio didn’t go off. But when they started to do their regular weekly radio test, I assumed it was a false alarm. Then 10 min later it came over the radio stating it was a false alarm. Weird thing was my wife’s phone had the alarm, mine didn’t. Wonder if she was trying to tell me something......
  2. Geary 18’s

    Wow, 80 years. My dad had one in the mid ‘30’s, and we still had lots on Lake WA in the 70’s. Not sure how many are still around the Seattle area now. Where are the Internationals being held in WA?
  3. HDTV Antenna Anarachy

    Or do what I did last month while staying at the cabin for a couple of weeks and wanted to get OTA TV. Take a short piece of regular coax cable. It just has to be long enough to go from the TV to the closest outlet. Take a small piece of duct tape and put over one end, with just the center wire sticking out. Hook the other end to the TV, put the center wire into the slot of the cover plate screw, and waaa. Laaaa! You have TV. I got as many channels as we did years ago with a large roof top antenna and didn’t spend a penny.
  4. NFL 2017

    Fun is great there. We still have to decide on a flavor for the keg for WAT. What will you be sailing on??
  5. NFL 2017

    Yes sir! 82 and sunny today. I missed a great day of sailing Lasers the other day due to a bad cough. Blowing 30-35 with 20ft waves outside the breakwater. I was pissed! I hope to make it for Whidbey next year. See you there?
  6. Humane options to Kill Raccoons "in a City"

    We had some breeding under our house. It is illegal in WA to do anything to them unless you are an exterminator with a permit. They use coyote urine to scare them away also. YOu might try that around your avocado trees and fish pond. You can get the urine at most sports/hunting stores. It might work at least while you are waiting to trap them. Besides, if you trap them, it just makes your yard vacant for the next family to move in.
  7. Fucking Burrrrrrrrrr Winter 2017-2018

    Woody, you are just like the locals here on the Big Island. It gets down to 70 and the women are wearing Mukluk boots, everyone is wearing jackets and hoodies. I’m still in shorts, t shirt and slippers. Just like a PNW summer! It got down to the mid to lower 60’s here at night lately, and they are all freezing. At least it is still right about 80 during the day. We have no heat or damn fireplaces here. We had whimpy weather in Seattle in my mind. Never too cold, never too hot. But that 34 deg. And rain when I was visiting the beginning of Nov. is something I don’t miss!
  8. Pay Raise or Paid Vacation/Sick Leave $$$$

    I retired at 56. Loved the job, reasonable pay, great schedule. We worked 46 hour work weeks but got to do it in 2 24 hour shifts spread out per week. I was an issue sometimes that those work days ended up on Xmas, race week, etc., but you could usually manage a trade or day off most of the time if you really needed it. Pension was good, but I did work as much OT as I could the last 5 years, but it wasn’t a lot. I miss the work, as I really loved it, miss the guys. But I don’t miss waking up at anytime or all the time at night for a run as I got older. Especially if it was right before a regatta or long distance race. ( I have my priorities after all). Pension is fine, but having to get your own health care till I”m 65 has really proven to be an issue this year as it tripled from last year! My dad showed me how retiring while you were still in good shape to be able to LIVE LIFE was very important. And I’m my work, you didn’t have a guarantee that you would make it home after your shift. So after two rotator cuff surgeries I was gone. Now retired in Hawaii......sailing, diving, etc. year round is worth it. Just things to think about while you are young and as you get closer to THE day.
  9. NFL 2017

    Thank god the real Seahawks showed up Sunday night. It is always fun to watch Russel scramble. But Wentz di a few magic moves too.
  10. Can It Be Over Now? (2017 Hurricane Season)

    Poor guys on the east coast. We faired much better than normal here in Hawaii this year. Which makes me worry more about next year. DA, thanks so much for your updates and wisdom the last few years I have been following these threads since moving to the Islands.
  11. blooper time!

    ORR on bloopers. 4.01 Bloopers. The intent of this section is to allow bloopers on boat’s where they were once popular and in the way they were flown. If bloopers generate a pronounced speed benefit, that benefit will be properly assessed and rated in future versions of ORR. All of the following shall apply to boats rating with bloopers: a) Bloopers are only permitted on boats with an age or series date earlier than Jan 1, 1985. Bloopers are only allowed on boats rated with a spinnaker pole, and not with a bowsprit. c) Bloopers must measure in as a headsail, since two spinnakers cannot be flown at the same time other than when changing. The LP of the blooper shall not exceed 150% of rated J. The half width must be no greater than 50% of the foot. The luff of the blooper shall not exceed the luff of the largest headsail for which the boat is rated. The tack pennant for a blooper shall not exceed .076 meters (2.5 feet) and must be tacked aft of the forward end of J. d) The blooper shall be counted as headsail for purposes of the limit on number of headsails carried while racing.
  12. blooper time!

    For PHRF-NW you get a -3 penalty for using a streaker or blooper. Sec. I 6
  13. Prop size for an Erickson 35

    If you are still looking, here is something else to get. In calm water, what is your top RPM and speed. If you can get the engine to do over 3600 rpm then the prop is too small. If you can’t get to 3600 then the prop is too big. Pretty simple. It sounds like, and I am sure knowing the size, that the prop is too small. Armed with the WL length, beam, disp., engine and gear info, and your top RPM and boat speed, a good prop shop would be able to give you the exact prop size for your boat. Or go to the Erickson 35 forum and find out what others are using with the same drive train if possible. If you are getting a two blade folding prop of any kind, the more “square” it is, ie diameter is the same as pitch, the better it will be in reverse. Years ago I did some testing on a real boat with old Martec props with the same diam. But different pitches. You could feel the boat bite better in reverse and while underwater I could see the prop blades open more the closer to square it got.
  14. Trinidad SR for a racing bottom in Puget Sound?

    I may be biased, but I love Baltoplate for a racing boat. Have used it on the Pet. 37 for almost 20 years now, and the new owner is doing it again this winter. It will last us 3 years between painting if we really keep on it the 3rd year. As a prof. Boat diver that was easy though. We used it years ago on the dragon too, painting the whole hull with it. Then burnished it and took polishing compound (without any silicon’s, etc) with a power buffer and it looked like a shinny, steel boat. I could see my reflection in it even underwater. But way too much effort for an old 1 toner! Personally I would redo with Baltoplate till they come up with something better by 2020. Glad I don’t have to worry about that on Lasers here in Hawaii now! Good luck with your decision.
  15. blooper time!

    Defiantly use it. Find out what your rating hit will be if any. Besides, you will probably confuse most boats around you enough to sneak by them. Learn how to fly it correctly and when to use it. It will do you good.