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  1. Still have one on the Peterson 37. Years ago PHRF penalized it 5 sec./mile. But we still used it on the mull 3/4 T in the early 80's when racing PHRF. Not sure what the NW PHRF rules say now, but I think they are forbidden. the old saying was, put it up and gain a half knot, take it down and gain a half knot.
  2. This is what happens to those mylar/Kevlar sails when they get older. It was probably about 8 years old when it ripped right up the seams, as you can see. Got it patched and sewn back together for use for at least another year of racing before it got replaced and made in to a sun tarp. Hey, I was just a poor firefighter. We couldn't afford to replace sails every year like some of the others in our fleet.
  3. Zen, I remember those garbage bags well. There was a time that we thought the "tempered" ( I forget what it was called) Dacron was a big thing, especially the ones you got us for the Dragon. But then I also had some cross cut genoas......
  4. I don't remember that part. I didn't start measuring IOR boats till '79 though. I do remember the short battens though. We had to measure each batten, all a factor of the E dimension. We did weigh the mainsails though. For the first few years it wasn't part of the rating, just for info. So much of the rig and sail dimensions are still used to this day for ORR, IRC. The worst part about measuring the hull was finding the girth stations and having the yard make sure that the boat was level when blocking it up. The wand took care of all the girth station measurements. Even on an old Tandy laptop, it was cool to see the shape of the hull on the little screen when measuring with the wand.
  5. It is not Dacron, it is Mylar. It is "softer" and lighter material where you don't need the extra strength. And the expense back then. The new main was all carbon. Mylar back then was pretty hi tech, the Kevlar was really hi tech and expensive!
  6. I remember most of these boats now. IOR was a great time. I was sailing Dragons with my dad a lot then, but did buy a Mull 3/4T in '79. Then the Peterson 37 in 1999. The racing was great, close and fun. The PNW was where all the Dragons and IOR boats came to die. We did manage to hold the '87 3/4T NA's there though. It was mostly local boats, and won by an X 3/4T, Bullet. Being in the PNW, I could only read about the SORC and other big races and dream. Then race on the boat locally years later when it came to Seattle to live out it's last days. Bob, keep us posted on WSD.
  7. Bought and put together a T-37 a few years ago. Been a lot of fun sailing her. In seattle they even had a RC pond. Seattle Yc hosts the Nationals every year. Competition is great, I could stand between two gold medal winners I grew up sailing with and talk as we raced against each other. Now that I;m in Hawaii, ready to try the local river sailing with the other RC boats, a mixed fleet. But did have a blast playing in the breakers just off of the beach in Hilo Bay. These T-37s are great little boats and are pretty cheap. For under $400 you get the whole boat and racing kit. Simple, but fun.
  8. As with some others here, have had both of them done. 10 years apart. The first one was so much easier, being 10 years younger. I worked as a firefighter then, so didn't have the luxury of only moving my arm a certain way. First one was due to trying to water ski behind a jet ski, the second was at a fire. Both took 3 months to heal enough to get back to work, but a good year till it was really normal again. Everyone is different, and tears are all different, timing can be much different for recovery. But you can always be part of the brain trust on bigger boats, get beer, etc. to keep sailing after the first month or so. Just make sure you wear a sling so you aren't tempted to use it. Couple of suggestions. Take plenty of pain meds in the first week or so. Don't try to just HTFU, as it is much easier to maintain enough pain meds in your body than to wait till it hurts like hell then wait a few hours till the new one takes effect. I know. Rehab, rehab, rehab. Then start slow and work your way up. Don't over do it in the beginning and you will be fine. One suggestion, don't be like my dad. Get it done now. He had one done in his 40's, but then needed the other one done in his late 50's or 60. He didn't want to go thru that again, so just lived with it. Later he wished he had done it earlier, as it was to late in his 80's. Good luck and join the club!
  9. If the mast is truly and telephone pole, then you are probably fine with out it. I did lose a mast on a 3/4t due to someone letting the pole go way forward on a broach and not having the baby stay on as we were getting ready to gybe. But then it was a 1/2t sized section and chemically etched down. On the Peterson 1 ton, we never used it except on rough water. But we had plenty of pre bend and check stays so had complete control over mast bend, which was pretty critical to mainsail shape.
  10. I remember Epic fondly too Bob. Great owner. We were sailing my dad's Dragon a lot at the time my wife and I were sanding the bottom prepping for painting. After an hour of sanding, she made the comment...." I don't want a big boat after all!" Great sailing boats. Nice looking. And even though they don't plane, are fun and challenging to sail.
  11. They only good thing about those Hawks new uniforms is it looked like there were 14 guys on the field they were so bright.
  12. Jammer, oh yes, I have many, many years of plying the Puget sound waters, try 60 now. And including Edmonds-Kingston, there are six ferries on lower Puget sound. What I meant by the short window, was while you were crossing the ferry route. That Vashon route is pretty short and the ferry follows the same route every time. So if you were going below to take a pee, that is not the time. I agree, you should always have a watch. There is a lot more than just ferries on the sound.
  13. Saw some snow on Moana kea today on our way over to kona. They even closed the road down to Moana Loa. So we do have all four seasons here, and you can visit them all in one day! From 80 to 29 deg. F in an hour. We need more sailors, so all of you are welcome.
  14. WL, Aren't you used to this yet?
  15. So the Capt. Of a ferry is supposed to know well ahead of time that a boater isn't going to respond?. Looks to me like he did a great job and was almost stopped before the collision. Not the first time something like this has happened on the sound though. There is a ferry that leaves almost every half hour from Seattle on known routes. Same as this short route to vashon. How could you not know to keep an eye out for that short window of time.