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  1. soling2003

    Mo Bettah Too

    Looking good. Lots of work. I had two old ior oats in the past, a 3/4 and 1 toner, so I know the work involved, but they are great sailing boats when done. Enjoy!
  2. soling2003

    A new island below sea level

    Hawaiidart, it may be here sooner than you think if things keep happening like they have been in recent years.
  3. soling2003

    What brands from the 70s/80s would you resurrect?

    I still have a Watt’s sea bag. No one knows about them any more when they see it.
  4. soling2003

    ORC Missed Opportunity?

    12meter, so what is wrong with doing all that to an Olson 30 if the rating fairly rates the boat ? That is how all the other rules do it. If you want a plush cruiser, no problem, but you better not be found with all that stuff on the dock when you go racing. THe other rules, ORR, ORC, IRC all have you remove everything that isn’t bolted down, basically. But if you want that gold plated stove and lead filled floorboards, go ahead. YUou will pay for it though. Straight line speed may not suffer too much, and your rating wouldn’t change much, but acceleration after a tack, etc. will suffer. In the late 70’s Thru the 80’s even in Seattle we could easily have 20-25 3/4tonners at most of the races. We even had 20-30 Dragons for one design races then. The number have declined all around, making it harder to get large classes with similar boats.
  5. soling2003

    AMAZON Prime. Good Luck With That

    I guess I have just been lucky with Amazon. There is no such thing as 2 day delivery here on the Big Island in Hawaii. So we know it will be at least three days, usually a week. MOst of the time they say it will be delivered about 5-7 days out. No problem as long as we know. The only problem we have is that we get the package in about 5 days, then the next day we get an email saying it is out for delivery.....and we got it the day before! My wife doesn’t read things very thoroughly, so ends up getting the wrong size or something more than just a few times. They always take them back no problems. And send out the correct ones. Everyonce in a while, even not asking for the original one back. The biggest problem we have is getting something shipped to Hawaii. It could be a screwdriver or some such thing that isn’t big, awkward to ship, hazardous, or anything, yet they say they wont’ ship to Alaska or Hawaii. Not even for more money. Or once, they said that they wouldn’t ship it, even though we have prime. So my wife called and the girl on the other end said that Hawaii wasn’t really part of the US. It was just an island in the middle of the ocean! Duh.... There was nothing that said Continental US, mainland us, lower 48, nothing like that. Talked to a supervisor who made it right. Amazon is a life saver here. The fed ex guy knows me well enough to say hi in the grocery store! I hope we never get your guys problems!!
  6. soling2003

    A life of sex, drugs and Rock n Roll

    Saw a slightly younger group Sat. Night at aloha stadium....Guns and Roses. They actually put on a pretty good show for a good three hours straight! Apparently Axle was not feeling well and took some breaks during the guitar solos, but still did well.
  7. soling2003

    What is it, PNW?

    You don’t need tons of wind to cruise in the SJ’s. Everything is so close, if you go to fast, you won’t have time to sail. Which is why you have a sailboat, right? Cruising in the BVI’s for the most part, with great trade winds everyday, is ok, but you have to almost sail around a few extra hours so you don’t get to the next bay too fast! I have cruised there in everything from a Tanzer 22 to a Cal 46 and most things in between.All is good. We sold our Peterson 37 when we move to Hawaii. Sure, we have trade winds most the time, great sailing. Warm water, warm weather. Sun. But no where to go! But can have great Laser sailing in the ocean with breeze! Now, back to this new big boat. What is up with it now????
  8. soling2003

    ORC Missed Opportunity?

    PHRF ratings are also rated to the average wind conditions in the area. Our Peterson 37, and old 1 tonner rated different in CA, WA and New England. It was a fairly stripped out boat. If I had had a full interior and then stripped things out for racing, then I would have had to declare it and would have been dinghed for that. No problem, I understand. But I took a stripped out boat and added a huge galley, battery, large head, removed pipe berths and put in regular berths, etc. All the electrical goodies of home, etc, so that we could cruise it comfortably also. So I added all the weight and declared that. The PHRF measurer said too bad. You can add all you want, but you won’t get any benefit for it, yet if you remove anything you get a hit. Fair???? I have been an IOR, IMS, ORC, IRC, ORR measurer since ‘79. So I am a bit familiar with all the different ratings and how they measure things. At 93 PHRF we rate about the same as a J-33, 2500lb 26 footer and a CC 40 or such. With the little guy, it all depended on the wind strength as who would win. There is no way for a single number rating system to take into consideration a light, planning boat and an old IOR displacement boat. Not going to happen. With all that said, there is not a perfect system. Won’t be in my life time. But the vpp systems are the closest you can get. Some need a bit of a tweak to get the largest boats in line with the smallest boats, but then that gets into the same problem as planning boats and displacement boats. The best way to fix the whole thing without going OD, which I completely understand why not everyone wants to do that in big boats, is to get more boats so you can split them into like boats with large fleets! That is what needs to be worked on more that squabbling about which system is best.
  9. soling2003

    Gary W Mull

    The hydraulic drive wasn’t that unusual then. My Mull 3/4 built in 74 also had one. THe boat was aluminum with crew cockpits. Worked great till one day we had hydraulic fluid under high pressure coming up thru the floor boards! The blue Bayliner/Peterson 33 was Jim Smith’s boat. Tyrone was kind of a brown/maroon with a matching mast. I think there was a white one too. I believe that JIm was back at the factory when they made his boat and had a few stiffeners put in around the bow topsides to help keep it from oilcanning. I remember sailing a windy Swiftsure with them years ago, and you could see the whole hull flexing a bit going upwind into those big swells. At the slip you could take the bulkhead by the chart table and move it back and forth a bit, watching the hull flex from the outside. Pretty scary!
  10. soling2003

    Mast pump fixes?

    While sailing if the mast is pumping while off the wind, you need more back stay tension. If that is the case, on the wind you probably have over 10-12” of head stay sag. While going upwind in 8-10 knots of wind, closehauled, see how much headstay sag you have.Should Be no more than 8”. Adjust with back stay. What is happening undersail is that off the wind the wind is pushing the mast foreword, loosening the forestay. You then are losing mast stabilization. A bit of tension, but only bend the mast a couple of inches with the baby stay and then snug up the check stays which sounds like you will have to add. You should be able to get away with out the checkstays if you have some pre-bend in the mast and a bit of baby stay on and the luff of the genoa is not oscilating and luffing. Also, while going upwind, check that the mast is in column athwartship. At dock, furl the genoa up with a couple of wraps of the sheet going around it, then snug up both sheets to keep the forestay from moving. You might not really notice how much it moves compared to what it does to the mast. If that doesn’t do it, try removing the genoa, put line around the headfoil if it has one, which I assume it does, about 12 ft up from the deck and snug it down to keep the foil from moving. With a tight backstay this should work. From another Big Island
  11. soling2003

    The Yacht Club - Do you get value from your dues?

    Went from a club with a great restaurant, slips at the club, great junior program, outstations, etc, was paying about $150/mo. It was worth it to me. Moved to Hawaii and now sail off the beach. We have a section of the County park we have kind of fenced off, own a bunch of Lasers, Sunfish, Cats, couple of Folkboats. No club house, but there is a good local bar we go to for after racing beer close by. Ranges from $75/year to $180/year for everyday use of all the boats. So way cheaper, but it is an all volunteer club. No stuffy blue blazers. Only shorts and “slippers”. Well worth it also. And sailing in shorts this time of year in a Laser.....Priceless!
  12. Here is a Peterson 34 for sail in the PNW. Good price, looks to be well taken care of, probably needs some racing sails, but with the low price, you have some room for some.
  13. soling2003

    Mo Bettah Too

    Depends on the pre bend. On our Dragon with just runners, we had an 8:1 system and then a 4:1 that went perpendicular to that to really get some good tension. How much are the spreaders raked back if at all? Kind of hard to tell from the pics for me. That will dictate it. Be careful about putting too much pre bend in with deck blocks, etc., puts a lot of stress on the rig. Then you may have the use the check stays to straighten the mast in light airs to keep from inverting the main.
  14. soling2003

    Gary W Mull

    Gary was. He sailed with me one Wed. Night during that 6 meter regatta on my Mull 3/4T. I was young and it was so cool to have the designer sailing with us. If I remember, that was also the regatta that Ian and I got the contract to scrub the bottom of all the boats so we spent a bunch of time there. The previous owner had added 12” to the top of the mast and removed 500 lbs off the keel and put a wood shoe in it’s place. All to try and make an old boat competitive for the 78 kWorlds. Luckily Cadranels still had the lead and the following year when I bought it we put it back on. Talk about tender and tumble home!
  15. soling2003

    fresh water racing bottom paint

    Ballot-late, if you can still get it works well. Fast. Anything you put on should be at least wiped down berfore each race.