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  1. Congrats TIM. Plane Ride looks great. Kevin.
  2. Hard to answer specifically without knowing what you are starting with. And how you want to change it. Typical carbon spar these days is made with epoxy pre-preg carbon. It's assembled and then heat is used to fire off the epoxy. Then a clear coat or something else is added to add some UV protection. Basic repair/tweaking process would be to sand through the clear coat, add your desired additional material wet out with epoxy resin of your choice. I would use a strip of nylon and some knit absorber fabric next. Then wrap with poly stretch film as evenly as possible. Once you get the results you are looking for, add fresh clear coat, automotive clear coat works well for this. Good luck.
  3. I'm special too. I got the same super special email. Anyone pursue the special price only good until the end of this sailing season for a boat you won't see until after that and can't get wet in the mid-west until May 15, 2016 at the earliest cause that's when the water will be survivable? Strictly sail price was 7.5K as I recall. I'm also curious what it weights in at. Aero is interesting too. both are basically the same price. Cost of upkeep would be an interesting comparison. How much for a North main for the melges versus a dacron main for the aero?
  4. Let's see... He worked hard to make the hull work in low riding mode. Volume down low in the bow to minimize the digging in and chines aft so you could go to the back and put the rudder down. The test sails today for the waszp show that the design ideas are working in reality. The bow doesn't dig like a mach2, instead the bow cuts through and pops back up. Result, better low riding and better recover when coming off the foils. AMac also wants a wind limit for the foils. So in light wind you would just be in low riding mode without the foils and everyone would be out with the same setup. The prototype at the event hasn't been on the water yet. It was the first boat out of the production molds I think he said. He said it's not fully sorted yet so it wouldn't be out during the foiling week event. The foil tips are a work in process. He falls back to the simple end cap idea but doesn't want to give up on the "feather" tips yet. The wishbone boom was working well in testing. It allows the bottom of the sail to get closer to the deck because it's easier to duck a soft sail than a low boom, a un-intended consequence. The current boat is the 4th redesign in 5 years. Advances in the mach2 effect the waszp, like the low speed foils for the mach2 are the same profile being used here in aluminum form. Seems like there was something else, but it's been a few days since I watched it. Simpler, safer and less twitchy moth seems to be what this boat is all about. I go back in forth between, wow would that be cool, and I must be crazy to think I'll ever get it on it's foils. As of 7/24 they have 10 weeks of pre-orders. Cheers, Kevin.
  5. What on earth is the problem. If its better than a Whisper Cat or a 505 what's the big deal. You might as well complain that a racing motorcyle costs more than a Harley Davidson... Agreed. People spend more for jib then one of these boats all up. And the Waszp is $11,600 U.S. delivered. ½ the cost of a Mach 2 is the planned price. That's the real number. Production is supposed to start by the end of the year and they have 8 weeks booked as of 7/15.
  6. I'd beg to differ on the "ease of maintenance" of carbon/epoxy boat parts compared to hard anodized aluminum. I've built my own i550 and lots of carbon parts for it, including a carbon rudder and cassette. Carbon parts wear differently then aluminum parts, but they certainly have to be watched and checked just like every other part of your boat. Ignore it at your own risk, and over build it or plan to fix it. The moth guys are pushing the limits constantly to go faster so they keep taking away from a part until it breaks. If I had a mach 2, I sure I would have a punch list of things to change every time I came off the water. I know I do every I come in on the i550. I'm seriously considering the waszp as my next boat. The beach launching ability and getting past the sand bars before dropping the foils is perfect for my local sailing beach. Simple sail control systems and no stays to run into during a crash are a bonus. The possibility of learning to foil seal the deal. If (When) I send in my $300 AUS build spot reservation, I'll be banking on the waszp to deliver a robust package that I can handle and enjoy. Either I'll be loving it out of the gate and will never want to sail a sunfish again, or I'll be looking up atefooterz to sell him my boat. A refundable build spot in the low 100's (they are already at 8 weeks production reserved) seems like a good place to jump in. Cheers. Kevin.
  7. I've found that balance goes out the window as the boat heels excessively. The leeward chine digs in and starts to take over driving the boat to weather. Solutions are to hike it flat or deal with weather helm. This is the #1 cause of rudder failures. Big gust, not enough hike or slow on the ease, heel too much, load up the rudder to fight the chine, crack or snap (depending on hardware). In general, balance has been much better since I got a better handle on my rig tune. Enjoy the build.
  8. The CobWeb regatta was held in Brookville IN June 29,30. It was a stormy weekend with only light winds and plenty of thundershowers where we only got off one "race" that was too light and shifty to be called a race. One boat had technical issues so only 2 were out sailing with the Brookville Lake Sailing Association. We are planning another event later this summer to give it another go. Cheers to all.
  9. That's what I'm hoping for. :-) My massive 160 sqft main looks tiny next to Chad's. So far, he's made the right call for the mid-west as both events turned out to be in shifty light conditions (both Madison and Brookville). We have 2 boats at Montrose Harbor in Chicago this summer so we should be able to figure some more of that stuff out soon. And give a holler if you want to check out an i550 in person if you are in the area.
  10. Very nice to see #412 being flipped down in Tazmania. That pit area is even wider than mine which I thought to be plenty wide. Should let the forward crew really hike out if they so desire. I recall a chat with those guys and there are some boats in that fleet going with fixed and others with articulation bow prods. The boat should be a lot of fun down in that neck of the woods. Can't wait to see some sailing pics. Cheers, Kevin.
  11. I thought the Aussie boats were building the short cockpit version (cabin back to 124) to have enough internal volume for the trailer sailor rule that they are sailing/racing under. That's the reason I recall anyway. As for the keel begin in the cockpit or the cabin it doesn't matter at all. Whey you are sailing it's down and a non issue. When it's on the trailer it blocks the entrance to the guts of the boat. I think being in the cabin would be even more challenging, then behind the companionway but it's as tight a squeeze either way. For practical purposes getting weight forward is good for the i550, especially in the light stuff, so having the forward crew at 110 legs in instead of 124 legs in is a good thing. And putting the fat builer/captain (me) forward and letting someone else drive helps too. I wouldn't hike legs out with out something to keep you in and my boat is sans life lines. Cheers, Kevin.
  12. If your are looking for intricate rigging then Chad takes the cake. He has had way too much time to think of really cool ideas and then make them happen. I've been bitten by the adjust-ability bug a little bit this winter myself. I'm adding an adjustable forestay and jib cunningham as well as a much more efficient gnav in place of my traditional vang. The goal is more control when conditions pipe up. Looking forward to getting back on the water.
  13. Hi Timbo, Long time not chat. I don't think we've had the pleasure of a direct meeting yet. My guess is that they will be pretty close. i550 has a narrower waterline and a larger spin. The open has a bigger main and rotating mast. Looking forward to seeing it when it happens. Ben in carbon offset is in the bay area. He will probably be the first with an opportunity to face off. Might not be a completely fair comparison because his boat has added ballast and a stern scoop to satisfy local pHRF committee rules. No open's in the great lakes that I know of. I don't think they like the chop much, and we get plenty of that here. Cheers, Kevin.
  14. Having gone over into sub 50 degree water, I assure you that's not something you want to have happen without a PFD on. And the water doesn't care about how hard the wind is blowing. I'd rather play it on the safe side personally. Jeff, Too bad the wind forecast for this weekend isn't nearly as nice as the temperature forecast here in Chicago. Looks like light and variable. k.
  15. Using my highly accurate weight watchers scale I got the following weights for my fully rigged spars. Boom 5.7lb Mast, spreaders, hinged maststep 29.5lb Wire and turnbuckles 4.5lb. Ron in MN weighted his bare mast and spreaders and came up with 21.5lb. My Hinged step is way overkill and weights close to a pound on it's own. I have 1/4" halyards for spin, jib and 2:1 for main. That includes all shackles, blocks and sheaves ready to go sailing this weekend. Cheers, Kevin. Kevin.