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  1. nuttin honey

    Epoxy for new Carbon Fiber rudder

    Want to epoxy seal a carbon fiber rudder to prevent water intrusion. What product Interlux 2000 or other? Whatever recommendation, can an airless sprayer be used? And finally, planning on coating end product with VC Offshore.
  2. nuttin honey

    Phone mount for tiller extension

    thanks for the thought.
  3. nuttin honey

    Help with stuck spinnaker pole

    Tony - PM me. this is third season for my boat. Replaced bushing last year, after having problems in the first year. Then took the original one and had it milled down, so when the replacement froze this year --- last week. I put the old, milled down one back on and works perfectly. The replacement Fareast bushing from last year, shown in the attached photo, seems show a calcium like buildup/ridge. It appears to be corrosion or calcium. Wonder if it is galvanic reaction to the stainless rivets and the aluminum pole, but I"m in fresh water. Replaced my stainless rivets with 3/16" aluminum rivets, so we will see whether that works. If I could figure out what will dissolve the deposit, I will put that on the pole. Notice that the deposit on the inside of the bushing also shows near where the fasteners go thru the bushing. Anyway you look at it, is a pain in the ass to take apart and reassemble, so I hope this time is the charm. By the way, I'm not sure using a petroleum based lubricant would be helpful. I understand, that the delrin can swell -- so no KY gel:)
  4. nuttin honey

    Phone mount for tiller extension

    Thanks for the thoughts guys. Lex -- funny as hell. I think the thigh case probably makes the most sense in the end.
  5. nuttin honey

    Phone mount for tiller extension

    As the skipper of a sport boat, I'd like to be able to glance down at INav X during a race. So, Im looking for a mount for my iPhone XS to put on my Spinlock tiller extension. Durable and low profile are the basic attributes, as well as extremely secure. What are you guys using out there? Or is this just a bad idea?
  6. nuttin honey

    Favourite Boat pic?

    While returning from the BYC Mac in 2016, we came across six tall ships sailing up Lake Huron.
  7. nuttin honey

    SOS Dan Buoy - Auto inflates while hanging on pushpit

    Guess it’s just part of regular maintenance.
  8. Just checking the community. Dan Buoy hanging on the pushpit and auto inflated without being submerged. It has been on the stern the whole season. Yes, it has rained this summer, but this just shouldn't happen. If I hadn't noticed it bulging in the bracket, I could have had an emergency situation and found it useless. Has anyone else had theirs auto inflate" (Never had a problem with my MOM 8)
  9. nuttin honey

    2018 Fareast 28R Worlds

    Here is the final day of racing.
  10. nuttin honey

    2018 Fareast 28R Worlds

    Thanks for posting. Wish I could read Chinese and make better use of the live TV.
  11. nuttin honey

    Jib up with assym on sportboat?

    Thanks for all of the input
  12. nuttin honey

    Jib up with assym on sportboat?

    FarEast 28r
  13. nuttin honey

    Jib up with assym on sportboat?

    Ok, be gentle - or not. We never keep our jib up with the kite, but see plenty of videos of boats that do. (seemed to be pretty effective for J-125 overtaking Timesaver on front page) So where is it most effective? Run? Reach? or Tight Reach
  14. nuttin honey

    Annapolis - Powerboat on Sailboat Crime

    I said starboard, u dipwad!! I do hope no one was injured.
  15. nuttin honey

    Beneteau 10R

    The 10R does not reward a lazy lead bottom crew. Shifting crew weight should be a religion and as Madohe said, stack everything you can at the mast, crew bags first and sails next. Use the inhauler as a fine tune element for your 130 or 140 and not with a 150 or 155 because it will badly distort the sail.