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  1. I really appreciate the help all of you provided. That's plenty to digest.
  2. The unit I'm trying to power draws 1,5 to 2.0 amps with max power usage of 24watts @10VDC. Wish I knew what that meant in terms of what kind of battery capability I need -- I'm sure there are hundreds of you guys who can splain. Any help would be appreciated.
  3. Would love to find a power block where I could potentially plug in batteries from standard power tools for running a GPS with 7" screen. Would normally need to run only 4 or 5 hours, but could be as much as 16 hours. The GPS would be the only thing requiring power because instruments are solar, my nav lights are LED using AA's. Since weight is a big deal, I don't want to carry a full size marine battery. I plan to remove the battery after every race to recharge.
  4. Weems and Plath, electric flare?

    Defender has the same one on sale for $67.99
  5. Caption Contest

    Won’t need a bilge pump
  6. Infuckers on the Fareast 28r

    Normally I would agree with Gbike on the amount of purchase associated with running only one line of the inhauler thru the ring, but it seems to me that you do get the benefit of more purchase by running both lines thru the ring. Not having an engineering degree, I’m certainly open to input from more knowledgeable folk.
  7. Infuckers on the Fareast 28r

    On my 28r, we run both lines thru the ring which I think improves the purchase. Nevertheless, that’s the way the class set up was rigged. It will undoubtedly be more effective when we recut the sail so the clew is higher. We have had no problem running the three lines thru the ring
  8. Bad Company

    Hard to make a wake when ur hardly movin!
  9. Bobstay for sportboat

    I have access to the inside of my bow section, but have no idea of thickness before I begin to drill.
  10. Bobstay for sportboat

    Sounds like a nice approach. Yes, would like to know the size. Thanks
  11. Bobstay for sportboat

    I want to put a code zero on my sportboat and need recommendations for the best way to install the thru hull portion of a bobstay. Any thoughts?
  12. Alex W. you are wrong about 10r headroom. I'm a former owner and 5'11" with no problem on headroom. I have also owned a Quest 30 which also meets the headroom requirement. Dopo- you can PM me if you would like to discuss those boats.
  13. FE28R Tuning Guide anyone?

    Inhauler installed. First sail last night seemed effective for shaping jib. Seemed to point higher, but no competitive boats nearby. All Harken parts.
  14. FE28R Tuning Guide anyone?

    I'm expecting to install inhaulers on Typhoon Harry this week. Will post when completed
  15. Just a thought. Had a Quest 30 in late 90's which was designed with twin aft hung rudders. Because the tip of the windward rudder was always partially in the water, it was impossible to adjust so there was a consistent feedback on the helm. Depending on conditions, I could go from weather helm to neutral to lee helm. Changed to a single rudder and all of my troubles went away. May not be the same for the A35, but there may be a corollary.