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  1. Chapter 11 for Gunboat

    Hey Spike, how did you receive it? Nothing yet at our side of the pond AFAIK... Was it a check? It was a check; from Stubbs&Perdue. I would make sure they have your proper mailing address on file
  2. Chapter 11 for Gunboat

    Our long national nightmare is over: 11.8 cents on the dollar received. I guess that's better than what the Hall creditors got.
  3. 2017 Heineken Results - Offshore Multihulls

    Indeed. You might say they Dominated....
  4. end of another usa spar builder????

    You went to Hall for a bowsprit?
  5. Chapter 11 for Gunboat

    You may be right, but where in that press release does it say that....?
  6. Chapter 11 for Gunboat

    That's humor, right? I would argue that those owners are the unhappiest GB owners because they DID get their boats. Who cares if the factory is still standing?
  7. Chapter 11 for Gunboat

    It appears most of those claims were bought out by Outremer
  8. Chapter 11 for Gunboat

    It looks like Eduardo is getting his G4....rightfully so.
  9. Chapter 11 for Gunboat

    I think the name is worth a lot personally. Any new product will be met with a lot of excitement. Gb always had lines around the docks at boat shows. Everywhere I go people ask "is that a Gunboat?" We had a whole village in BC come down to check out the boat, to the point the dock master had to close public access to the docks. Flip through a copy of Multihull Magazine. Everyone and their mother has a concept design for a cat. My wild ass guess was the brand was worth $2m. I think they got a deal. But the true cost is over $2MM depending on how they deal with the debt they acquired, no? Like the half finished boats they now own (I think)... I gather you assume they can be sold for a profit eventually? No argument from me; I was assuming otherwise. Anyway; its all academic. Will never know what the true cost is or how they valued goodwill. The numbers just surprised me is all. Wish them the best regardless. true cost depends on how many cents they actually paid per nominal dollar of debt the bought, I guess ... That's right. I doubt they paid the full claim value. Outremer get a discount. Past customers get to walk away with...something

    If this was any kind of kerfed core, then I will bet that the water would have spread throughout the boat. Its infused. Those kerfs, for better or worse, are full of resin.

    To me, it looks like something hanging off the remnants of the traveler. It appears to overlay the graphics of the name.

    Pretty nice hull for a fit out - beats building from scratch. Agreed. This thing will sail again, well at least it will move again. Its not an old hull filled of rotten balsa. Its a prepreg autoclaved hull. Im sure something can be made of it. Neither pre-preg nor autoclaved.....but you were close.

    Those were gone at the first sighting, many months ago. Was there a Rib attached to them at some point?
  14. Chapter 11 for Gunboat

    I had brought up this 90 day prior payment schedule in a previous post, and wondered about the aging on those payables; some seemed odd (Vectorworks). My guess is that clawbacks are uncommon.