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  1. Heh forener. Fuckoff outta our Hobart thread.
  2. Yendys? The most backward city I can think of. Where is Bribon now? WTF? In some foreign country where its always been fuckwit. Like you care or we care about you.
  3. Im bak! Wots been happning Tassie wise? See theres a bunch a SB3s in town. Where did they cum from?
  4. So the royal yacht club of tossers is up too its normal trix again. Dose not suprise me. I see DSS got huge fleet for Lonny race. Way too go. Whos the new ryct sailing manger. Cant he do anything or is he wun of the tossers sorry gentelmen.
  5. Hope 2 get home 4 summer too catch up on goss coz theres not much hear. Wot happend to all the dirt. U guys gon soft?
  6. Wot do u call sumone who does mast on a shitta 38? A fuckwit. Girlz can do bow.
  7. u lost him or he lost u?
  8. Any hobart goss is aloud. any tipe of boats to.
  9. ur obvously not wanting one then. theres 3 on BP now $125K to $135K. which ones are joke prices?
  10. That cos there too scard to show there faces here???
  11. Good win to Hughie. go BYC. How is his head? Did he ware a helmet?
  12. Barns Bay next. Best piss up!! I might be back in town. If not post embarasing stories her boys!!!
  13. U dont know who i am sparlash but you shore dont know who sum of the guys here are. Youd be suprised. Have sum respect. Sorry bout my spelling but i was told it didnt matter. Not tryin to be helpful oeidipus but think you and ur guys are ok compaired to these nob shiners. Im jsut out there to have a good time to and hear to keep in touch when im away. BTW not a good weekend out their woz it? Any one know if Hughy ok? CYA
  14. Back in town for crown series at bellrive. Woulda been good if the BW was ready but maybe next yaer eh? Looks pretty hot on land. How are entries lookin for CS? Farr 40's all out pretending to be one design again? None of them doing nationals Farr 40 Australian Championship Entry List: Yacht Owner/Skipper Yacht Club Estate Master Lisa and Martin Hill MHYC Hooligan Marcus Blackmore RPAYC Kokomo Lang Walker CYCA Night Nurse Russell McCart RQYS Orion Michael Blumentals CYCA Revolution Edake Jeff Carter MHYC Sputnik Ivan Wheen RSYS Transfusion Guido Belgiorno Nettis MHYC White Cloud Brett Neill RNZYS Wot Now Graeme Wood CYCA Whats with taht? ANd wheres the Mumm 30 gone? Any more goss out there? Seeya at BYC.
  15. Cos its about the wank factor with those guys as much as the sailing. Isnt that obvoius???