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  1. July 2017 J/111 Great Lakes Racing

    Hey, congrats on the new boat. It's the former British Soldier, correct? I'm excited that there are now 4 boats in the PHMac. Hope we can get a few more. Not sure of your schedule, but PHYC hosts an overnight race on July 4th weekend that's a great tune-up race for the Mac.
  2. OpenCPN Usage Ideas, Tips and Bug Fixes

    Can you provide instructions on what you did to fix? I have the same issue.
  3. Microsoft Surface Nav programs. (windows 10)

    Got it. Thx. Installed and working. What I meant was for the Tactic plugin. I have now got that (Tactic) running as well. It's just not yet released as a stable version and included in the standard set of plugins.
  4. Microsoft Surface Nav programs. (windows 10)

    Often the problem w open source. The tech docs are poor. It is after all volunteer time. Add up your hourly rate and determine if Expedition is less expensive. It was by far for me. I hear you. I've been avoiding Exp due to the tariff and looking at open source off and on for a few years. Always seems to disappoint so this is last shot.
  5. Microsoft Surface Nav programs. (windows 10)

    Got it. Thx. Installed and working.
  6. Microsoft Surface Nav programs. (windows 10)

    Windows 10 machine Yeah, compiling isn't easy. What OS are you building for, and I'll have a go On a Surface Pro with Windows 10.
  7. Microsoft Surface Nav programs. (windows 10)

    Looks like there is a tad bit of programming knowledge to compile and build a new executable. Can you describe the specific steps to take? The notes in github are not very helpful.
  8. J 111 halyard clutches

    I also switched to the 0608 cams. Worked fine since.
  9. Nexus Wind sensor and FDX protocol

    Why don't you just use the NMEA output from the server?
  10. BYC - Mackinac

    Conversion of PHRF Time On Distance rating to Time On Time which will be used in Mac Race. Multiply finish time by .9879 in your case to calc corrected time.
  11. NEXUS autopilot on AWA

    I had same problem - too erratic. Nexus will never respond to an email - why they even list it is beyond me. Best to try to call them, or better, find a dealer/installer in your area that can help. There used to be a couple guys in SA that knew a lot about Nexus, but haven't seen anything from them lately.
  12. sailing in the rain

    Plus, any rain exiting the rear scuppers provides additional drive. Surprised no one mentioned that yet!
  13. garmin quatix watch?

    Santa just got me one. like it so far, but not used on boat yet.
  14. Bells Beer Bayview Mackinac

    These micro-aggressions just have to stop! BYC must find some way to stop these offenses. Except for Class B - what's up with 22 boats with a spread of 78 PHRF seconds. I'm really offended by that. I want at least 5 flags awarded for this size class!