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  1. Rumor & Gossip

    any tricks for renewing foulies water proof

    I recently redid both a Slam dinghy top and Gill Salopettes with Nikwax. The gill stuff had outer layer rips, so I waterproofed and tenacious taped the rips. That turned out great. The Slam top came out of the no heat dryer without any seam tape attached.
  2. Rumor & Gossip

    Need help figuring out target speeds

    You seem to have found where the boat wants to go independent of polars. I find my boat will not speed up as I foot, so we go as high as we can while still maintaining polar speed. However, supporting your findings, my B&G gives me a polar cone. Especially downwind, it will give me a range of angles to sail with similar VMGs, with the most effective being a single red or green line within the cone, depending on tack or gybe.
  3. Rumor & Gossip

    J/27 vs. Tartan Pride 270 vs. Impulse 26

    There are a couple Soverel 27s available, too. But I'm not sure I want to give up my secret weapon for LIS. Don't judge their speed on my ECSA results. Our previous sails were likely 15-20 years old, and it is a completely different animal this year. We are having to relearn things and up our game rounding ahead of/with the Frers.
  4. Rumor & Gossip

    Titanium Snap Shackle Pin??

    Sometimes the simplest solution is the easiest. While I was in West Marine buying replacement shackles, they had a Ronstan shackle fix it kit. I guesstimated on size, figuring I could return it, but just installed it last night within 2 minutes. In fact, with my experience with titanium galling, I'm suprised I even wanted a Ti pin now. Thanks for the help and suggestions.
  5. Rumor & Gossip

    Titanium Snap Shackle Pin??

    Good ideas. Think I'm going to Equiplite swivels for now, and machine some new pins using my other shackle. Now to see if Mcmaster has Ti springs and ringdings...
  6. Rumor & Gossip

    Titanium Snap Shackle Pin??

    My titanium snap shackle pin fell out last night, the pull ring must have gotten caught on something. Does anyone know of a place to get Ti pieces? This was an ebay special, but still pretty expensive to just throw away..
  7. Rumor & Gossip

    Speed Record

    They had a hurricane, so maybe he just got internet down there after 6 years. I'm guessing he's asking about this: But it was so much more interesting to follow as it happened. Once they did it, it took a lot of anticipation away. Probably why Paul never went back...
  8. Rumor & Gossip

    Adj backstay and twist

    Another option is a 3:1 cascade into the 6:1. I have been happy with my setup, but this spring I will be changing to dyneema rigging with rings. I may put another cascade in to reduce the 6:1, since we do have friction when releasing in light air.
  9. Rumor & Gossip

    Sheet bag design

    I've had the Blue Performance bags for 3 years now. Love them! Hold Bose radio, cell phone, beers, solo cups, VHF, and even lines or winch handles at times.|2259970|2259981&id=3386157
  10. Rumor & Gossip

    Turbo Etchells

    Toby was going to use it for one of his boats.
  11. Rumor & Gossip

    Turbo Etchells

    Nope, Etchells main for delivery sails.
  12. Rumor & Gossip

    Spinnaker cloth Airx v Superkote

    Exactly. Just ordered a new SL50 spinnaker on my sailmakers suggestion for that reason. On a runner, you want as stable as possible, I would think.
  13. Rumor & Gossip

    Black Widow

    If you are ever going to race against me... It sucks! Otherwise, carry on and go fast. Best paint I've ever used. Not even burnished this year due to time.
  14. Rumor & Gossip

    What happens if you lose control of tiller during a tack

    The Soverel 27 has what we call the "ejector seat". If you sit down too far aft, the non-skid ends and you are on a slide almost right off the transom. (We call the aft lifeline the "seat-belt" for this reason). One windy non-spin race on the river I was leading a group of 3 boats downwind, and after completing a gybe onto port, I sat too far aft and crumpled into a heap on top of the tiller. We continued around almost T-boning one of the boats, which we somehow missed, and went in between the two as we tacked and I finally got clear. That was almost a 3-way T-bone, which would be on my list of worst case scenarios. As it was, my beer spilled, so that was still pretty bad.
  15. Rumor & Gossip

    Off Soundings Series and low pressure systems.

    Who doesn't like a good buttonhook, and spinnaker tack?