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  1. Adj backstay and twist

    Another option is a 3:1 cascade into the 6:1. I have been happy with my setup, but this spring I will be changing to dyneema rigging with rings. I may put another cascade in to reduce the 6:1, since we do have friction when releasing in light air.
  2. Sheet bag design

    I've had the Blue Performance bags for 3 years now. Love them! Hold Bose radio, cell phone, beers, solo cups, VHF, and even lines or winch handles at times. http://www.defender.com/product.jsp?name=blue-performance-bulkhead-sheet-combi-bag&path=-1|2259970|2259981&id=3386157
  3. Turbo Etchells

    Toby was going to use it for one of his boats.
  4. Turbo Etchells

    Nope, Etchells main for delivery sails.
  5. Spinnaker cloth Airx v Superkote

    Exactly. Just ordered a new SL50 spinnaker on my sailmakers suggestion for that reason. On a runner, you want as stable as possible, I would think.
  6. Black Widow

    If you are ever going to race against me... It sucks! Otherwise, carry on and go fast. Best paint I've ever used. Not even burnished this year due to time.
  7. What happens if you lose control of tiller during a tack

    The Soverel 27 has what we call the "ejector seat". If you sit down too far aft, the non-skid ends and you are on a slide almost right off the transom. (We call the aft lifeline the "seat-belt" for this reason). One windy non-spin race on the river I was leading a group of 3 boats downwind, and after completing a gybe onto port, I sat too far aft and crumpled into a heap on top of the tiller. We continued around almost T-boning one of the boats, which we somehow missed, and went in between the two as we tacked and I finally got clear. That was almost a 3-way T-bone, which would be on my list of worst case scenarios. As it was, my beer spilled, so that was still pretty bad.
  8. Off Soundings Series and low pressure systems.

    Who doesn't like a good buttonhook, and spinnaker tack?
  9. New Dive Mask- User reviews

    I bought one at WM. Used it once for a long, dirty scrub, but I am unlikely to go back. Absolutely zero leakage even with a beard. I found the central snorkel let me breathe while looking under the boat when I didn't think I would be able to. Safety is an issue, but not a problem once I learned to control my breathing. And better than getting a mouthful of saltwater.
  10. Boat Transport Drama

    I did a similar move last year. No working motor, and 9-14 through hulls of unknown quality. Not only was there a problem with a travel lift not having a wheel, the trailer brake line got squashed when adjusting the length of the trailer. If that had been worse, would you want to be towing that boat with no trailer brakes and traffic lights every mile? Luckily mine had a happy ending.
  11. I sense all sorts of bullshit around this rule. Spinnaker boats, and ratings, are not intended to compete with non-spinnaker boats. Even if they were, 10% is nowhere near an equitable ratio. Spin to nonspin adjustments are usually in the 15-25 sec/mi. But based on areas, not base rating. Ratings are based on all-round conditions, not pick and choose depending on what you want to sail. For a given series, you are not competing against the same boat for the series. That being said, I would love it. We have lots of nights where it would be much easier not to race spin. But we do what we have signed up to do, and just take our hits for not flying the spinnaker if we can't.
  12. Off Soundings Series and low pressure systems.

    Sorry. Posted incorrectly before finishing the thought, and couldn't edit.
  13. Off Soundings Series and low pressure systems.

    Now that I said that, I think I slightly hazily recall one year we did not go around the island. Maybe 1BI and back due to thunderstorm??
  14. Off Soundings Series and low pressure systems.

    Not the first time we realized that insisted on all the way around. There used to be one more over a rock on the east side. Edit: Ryley said it.
  15. Scratch on Spinnaker Pole?

    Old thread, but found it while searching. Do I paint over this? Or does it need a slight buffing first?