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  1. Dutch marine at the island, thats the helicopter vid from before. https://twitter.com/C_ZMCARIB A Hercules 130 will fly from Curaceau to St Martin in a loop, two KDC-10 will fly a loop Curaceau to Netherlands. Before hurricane extra military was send to island, now more will arrive. First steps; clean airport, setup water and food and safety, get everything big out again before Jose. The British, French and Dutch are working together. I think 40K population in the Dutch part, 32 K in French part.
  2. And Jose now a cat hur too... First Dutch militairy are checking St Martin and Saba, no deaths on Saba.
  3. 2 deaths on the French territory, source French minster of that area. So unclear St martin or St Barths. At the moment two Dutch navy ships are heading over there from Curaceau or Bonaire. Including helicopter. Eta in an hour. Airport and harbour damaged. On marinetraffic you can see the area of the hurricane by the missing shipping.
  4. Yeah, in the vid one survivor told the diver while on the dredger immediately, all persons on deck when the boat rolled, no one inside, he should not dive the boat for survivors. So the heli left for a SAR, leaving the diver and nurse on the dredge. It gave a good inside in the works of the SAR guys.
  5. The little boats, voluntary rescue services, public money. So guys and girls with normal jobs doing extraordinairy work for the community.
  6. sorry Fastyacht, not stuck in cabin. translation: pht 1; and the 3 survivors have been taken onboard (I think they mean on board of the dredger) pht 2 That must have been scary. The people must have climbed on the hull. Or trying too. (guy mentions that he was washed off a few times during the salvage of the hull getting the towrope on)
  7. thanks Southern Cross, interesting to hear the cost report. And skinny fixed foiler option... lots to think about. Oh, and all, use the ignore option for the fluff posters, they live on comments on their posts. DO NOT ENGAGE. Its so fucking boring.
  8. Or even less common, ground strip for lightning strikes.
  9. this part: Could be 50 dollar to make if ordered in huge quantity. Recoup RD, marketing, storage, service etc makes selling price something totally different. Photo of your job ? As I am into bikes too, and have hubs galore lying around I am intrigued.
  10. Stern, very nice design and good sailor. http://www.bosgraafyachtdesign.com/sailingyachts/stern33.html The designer is very approachable. It mentions Parnu as builder, I know it was then (10 yrs ago) a Dutch guy having a yard in Latvia or Estonia.. http://www.parnuyachts.com/ I worked at one builder of Sterns as one off projects, but that one has stopped due to age etc He did build a 37 for himself too and sailed years on it. If really interested you can try his home address, he knows a lot. Adrie Pijnen Jachtbouw Wassenaarstraat 24 4611BV Bergen op Zoom Nederland One is for sale second hand: https://www.yachtfocus.com/gebruikte-boten-te-koop/details/gt-yachtbrokers/120068/stern-33.html And a review of a very critical journalist, you know Dutch bluntness shines through in that article. https://www.zeilen.nl/boottesten/stern-33/
  11. Thanks By the Lee, father and son team.. And 23rd overall IRC.
  12. Were talking IRC 4 Pascal Loison did win in 2013 I believe 2 handed with his son even Overall IRC (in the same boat) IIRC. And leading again. Foggy Dew has been doing this for a long time too. Third placed guy I do not know. Its a combination of a good design, modern sail handling systems, good yard support and development in sails etc. And a lot of racing time... Its about sharing knowledge between sailors too, French are quit good in that compared to some other nations. Check out the Dehler 33 position, name Sun Hill 3, for me remarkable.
  13. Looking through that site I learned about: http://www.semainedugolfe.com/ Check some videos on the youtube. And that Dutch boat rows well, maybe they had this in mind: long distance rowing. Is this typically Dutch ?
  14. And in IRC world, will there be doublehanders winning their class against fully crewed ? Maybe Bleu Note JPK 10.80 in IRC 3, they lead but very close fight. Or Night and Day JPK 10.10 in IRC 4, leading , could make it.
  15. Pity it was at night. Its always frustrating for a crewed boat to be passed by a double or worse a singlehanded boat.