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  1. And vice versa in relation to the Container ship radar signature on the Naval ship radar (if anyone was looking)
  2. a gas turbine powered naval ship can go from full ahead to dead stop in the water in about 5 boat lengths, albeit at the cost of wrecking the engines - but in an all stop to avoud a collision - can be done. what is the radar signature of the naval vessel? was it running dark? AIS off and no lights? did the Container ship even know it was there? I can't see how the NAval shop managed to get struck. It had power, manoeuvrability and crew able to avoid.
  3. Nah... The Falklands....
  4. Dig in Catherine....
  5. Thats Great news Catherine...keep at it! we are off to the oncologist on Friday to learn thoughts on Helen's next phase of treatment... scaring the shit out of us at the moment... prospects of her being an inpatient for 6 weeks at a time for maybe 6/8 months make things look really grim. maybe we are being peimmistic.. We are trying to put it out of our minds and not read about it before we know more about what is actually planned. The internet can be a scary place in times like this. It is full of stories that one doesn't want to hear. Sometimes ignorance is bliss. Gerry
  6. back into the machine... we thought my 36yr old fiancée (who is an orthopaedic surgeon) was successfully through her treatment for an ovarian teratoma but something showed up on a follow up scan so she has just had more pelvic surgery which found immature teratoma tissue within the pelvis & on her bowel. we have just learnt this is going to mean more severe chemo in the new year, possibly including stem cell harvesting & replacement. poor girl. Devastated again... thinking of you too MSG. dig in! Gerry
  7. Catherine... keep at it.. it gets better. Helen, my fiancee was diagnosed with ovarian cancer in May this year. She had emergency surgery and chemo which is now finished (thankfully) and is back on the mend. We found out today everything looks ok and she can start to think about getting a life back & getting back to work in February When you are feeling down, keep believing there are things to look forward to, and keep the positive mental attitude! All my love & best wishes... Gerry
  8. Dig in there MSG... my thoughts are with you... we are going through something similar at the moment... positive mental attitude...it will be tough, but keep focused on the end... Gerry
  9. My 36yr old fiancee just started 3 regimens of BEP Chemo last week for a malignant ovarian Teratoma. We are Absolutely shattered by the news, but optimistic it can be cured. Just waiting for the side effects to kick in & hoping they won't be too bad... Gerry
  10. I'm surprised no one has mentioned putting both the guy and lazy sheet into the pole end for the first hoist of the race....this stops the cowboying issue everytime for dip pole gybes. when the pole is tripped coming into the 1st gybe, both sheet & guy will pop clear. Done it on 40's for the last 10 yrs... kept me safe to date.... here is not tempting fate now!