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  1. familysailor

    R2AK 2018

  2. familysailor

    putting in a keel lifting point

    Have you looked at launching and storing at Brickyard Cove? I don't know what the height specs are for their hoist but I'm pretty sure 3500 pounds is OK. Very close to the central bay as you know.
  3. familysailor

    R2AK 2018

    I just noticed the vessel name for Team Lagopus is Ptarmigan... and Team Ptarmigan's vessel is named Ptarmigan. Weird.
  4. familysailor

    What is the boat on the left?

  5. familysailor

    Test Sailing the RS 21

    That thing is for when you wanna tow water skiers...
  6. familysailor

    A big project!

    Hey --- Lowly Crew, If you have an opinion, spit it out instead of skulking in the shadows down-voting with no discernible pattern. Join the conversation or go away.
  7. familysailor

    Instrument covers

    Reasonable option... I'll try it.
  8. familysailor

    Instrument covers

    Yeah, It seems the covers are in included with the instrument packaging as part of the optional mounting options. Mine were installed at the builders factory so anything extra was not sent with the boat. Mine are installed in a raised module above the companionway hatch. not a bad location as the are readable from the helm position... unless you happen to be sailing downwind. Then the view is blocked by a troop of silver back gorillas standing in the cockpit also blocking any possible view of where you might be going or possibly running into. Can't complain too loudly, especially if you've run low on provisions, They might turn on you...
  9. familysailor

    Instrument covers

    Nothing out there for the ST60 flush-mount cover currently. It's annoying...
  10. familysailor

    65- by 32-foot catamaran 3200sqft of living space

    Rutter damn it, Rutter. It's copyrighted!
  11. familysailor

    A big project!

    Wow! A simple obsevstion neither for or against Leo's current plan has earned a down vote. Fuck you, Lowly Crew
  12. familysailor

    A big project!

    It seems like he has almost enough material to build an new hull following the original plans.
  13. familysailor

    Sterling Hayden

    Yeah... Smitty's. Lots of wannabe Burly-men in there back in the 70's. New plaid shirts and work boots. The No-name wasn't very fancy then as I remember, just dark and unfriendly to unknown folks who wandered in. No need for a smoking area then as smoking was legal everywhere.
  14. familysailor

    Sterling Hayden

    Does anyone remember the "no name bar" in Sausalito?" SH had been known to spend time in the bar. Great local hangout.
  15. familysailor

    Sterling Hayden

    Yes, his haircut and profile look like him too. Correct for what he looked like at that time. (I think)