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  1. familysailor

    "National Cleavage Day"

    Wanda? Is that you?
  2. familysailor

    A big project!

    Blunderfull-- Why not start another thread about your particular interest? Leave the "A Big project" to Leo and his followers. Please.
  3. familysailor


  4. familysailor

    A big project!

  5. familysailor

    Seascape 18

    You might get some help here: Or here: You need to be on Facebook to see what's up. You need to join the Seascape OC to read or comment. Lot's of owners with questions and solutions for all the various models.
  6. familysailor

    Bob Perry, this thing is cute as all get out.

    There are 30 photos here:
  7. familysailor

    Another powerboat collision...

    Quote from TMZ article with link to complete article. "TMZ has learned the Ontario Provincial Police (OPP) charged Linda O'Leary with "careless operation of a vessel." TMZ broke the story ... O'Leary's boat was on Lake Joseph August 24 when it slammed into another boat, killing 2 passengers. Our sources say the OPP obtained 5 videos from cameras trained on the lake and they concluded she was driving 17 MPH at around 11:30 PM ... which police say was not a safe speed."
  8. familysailor

    Seascape 18

    Got it. You may be able to contact the owner through SA. His log on is "Fippy" Here's the thread I was referencing in my reply message:
  9. familysailor

    Random PicThread

    Malibu tunnel returning to the San Fernando Valley...
  10. familysailor

    Seascape 18

    Last time I saw it it had moved to RYC. It's been three months or so since I walked the Storage yard.
  11. familysailor


    Same thing happened to me even though I WAS wearing Eye Protection. In 1967 they were those glasses with side screens. I was milling pop-rivets flush inside part of an airplane galley. (Nordskog in Van Nuys) The little bits of metal bounced around until they came from behind then bounced off the inside of the lenses and crashed into my eye. The worst part was the every other day rust spot scraping. watching the metal instrument descend onto your eye and then start bouncing your eyeball around was CREEEPY!
  12. familysailor

    ding dong the bitch is dead David Koch dts

    No... Putin arranged that.
  13. familysailor


    Probably not. Check area 51 for documentation...
  14. familysailor

    Deliberately stranded and then kneedeep in the mud :-)

    Has anyone ever considered trying snowshoes and cross country ski poles for this situation?
  15. familysailor

    Shit I Didn't Know

    I don't know... I gotta say that one guy is really pissed off at the gong!