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  1. Eggshell rant

    Maybe you're getting clumsier in your old age, I know I am.
  2. Svendsen's Boatworks To Close 11/1/17

    It seems Svendsen's is moving to Richmond to combine assets with Bay marine. They're acquiring or have acquired land next to Bay Marine. Probably the area vacant for years between Bay Marine and KKMI. Svdendsen's will have a Marine store, Rigging shop, etc. Looks like head to head competition with KKMI. So for Marine supplies in Richmond we will now have the small but good Ace Hardware, West Marine, KKMI and Svendsen's assuming they absorb the small supply shop at Bay Marine. The Svendsen's Chandlery will stay in Alemeda for now... Article in Latitude 38: Svendsen's Relocating to Richmond October 13, 2017 – Alameda, CA Svendsen's Boat Works —an institution in Alameda for 54 years — is relocating. The yard will close its gates in Alameda at the end of November, and reopen in Richmond. The Chandlery will remain at its current location for the time being. (Click on the photo to enlarge it.) Closing their gates. Svendsen's Boat Works will relocate to Richmond, and close their Alameda operations on November 3. Photo Latitude / Tim © 2017 Latitude 38 Media, LLC "Beginning January 1 2018, Svendsen's renowned team of experienced boatwrights, riggers and metal fabricators will join forces with Bay Marine Boatworks in Richmond to become the premier boat repair facility in Northern California," a press release from the boatyard said. Bay Maritime, the owner of Bay Marine Boatworks and Bay Ship & Yacht in Alameda, bought all the divisions of Svendsen's, including Svendsen's Marine Distributing, as well as Svendsen's Rigging Shop and Svendsen's Metal Works. "We have plans to move all of the capabilities and many of the employees of Svendsen's," said Sam Elliott, Svendsen's Boat Works General Manager, adding that combining the yards will increase Svendsen's ability to service most of the pleasure craft in the Bay Area. "We're going to have more capabilities," Elliott said. "We'll have better service overall. We really think that the sum of the two yards will be better than what they were separately. Unfortunately, we can't stay in the Alameda Marina due to the development," Elliott added, referring to the proposed expansion of the Alameda Marina. Svendsen's has been in Alameda since 1963. Photo Latitude / Tim © 2017 Latitude 38 Media, LLC The press release also said that the "soon to be combined facility in Richmond will include an expansion of Bay Marine's existing boatyard with use of recently acquired land, as well as state-of-the-art environmental improvements. The site will also include a new marine store presently in the planning stage." - latitude / tim
  3. Very Windy Day in Santa Barbara

    It's a CFJ or Club FJ used in California for High School Sailing among other things. Most don't have bailers either kick open or transom. Some have these see next post for interior pic
  4. Napa Fire

    There were several descriptions of "golf ball" sized embers being driven by the 40 mph winds Sunday night and Monday morning... they could have been actual golf balls considering all the golf courses in the area. Something that size has plenty of fuel to start another fire before it consumes itself. I guess we should be glad there aren't many bowling alleys around... Maybe the devil was playing 18 holes.
  5. Forum upgrade??

    Shit, I can't kneel to tie my shoes without all my joints threatening to punish me...
  6. Napa Fire

    WOODY! Cut it out... anyone that wants to find photos or news can Google for it. Or... simply turn on the TV. You fucking up the bandwidth.
  7. Napa Fire

    No clue yet. They're too busy dealing with getting people out and searching for the missing. From What I've read and heard they will start looking for causes once everything is contained and/or controlled.
  8. Forum upgrade??

    Yeah... Black background makes it difficult to read many labels in the black. Toooooo trendy
  9. Bye bye Artemis Racing

    Really... Sorry I mentioned it. I'd still rather watch Formula one in Monaco than NASCAR races anywhere. I'd also rather watch foiling cats on a tight course than (probably slower) Mono hulls on a distant ocean course. We'll see what develops....
  10. Bye bye Artemis Racing

    For me it's like watching formula one cars at Monaco or Stock cars at Monaco....
  11. Bob Perry, this thing is cute as all get out.

    Yes, that's the one. I remember the thread during the design phase. If i win the lottery I'll ask you design me one with a retractable keel and sprit. The guitar storage could be used for anything other than storing a musical instrument. Any attempt of mine to make music would cause severe damage to the environment. Thanks for digging out the drawings!
  12. Bob Perry, this thing is cute as all get out.

    I like your CA 21 better. Do you have the sailplan available?
  13. Girl with patreon account goes sailing in hot place

    No--- She's WAY too young.
  14. Steve and Dave Clarks Unidentified Foiling Object

    +1 She's going on ignore. Try not to quote her mindlessly rude responses. She's apparently looking for a bar fight in the wrong neighborhood.