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    ROLLCALL - MIA Anarchists

    Maus-- I don't understand the link... I do miss our AmCup interactions. I am embarrassed by the current President and his minions. Sigh. Howzit in the European area? Seems as if Totalitarian, Nazi, mindless asshatizm is on the rise. I'm disappointed, old and tired of the relentless march toward stupidity--- trumpism.
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    Mysterious monolith found in Utah desert

    In the first photos posted by the helicopter guys you can see the top...barely. A later longer version of their video shows the three sides as they walk around it. Makes it more interesting that a square post. Message inside?
  4. familysailor

    Mysterious monolith found in Utah desert

    Did anyone else notice it's triangular?
  5. familysailor

    Roller covers for Micron 66

    Bullshit! I have been though several divers including some of your subcontractors (even though you assured me in a face to face meeting YOU would be diving my boat personally). Those that have adhered to a strict once a month schedule have been able to avoid unneeded abrasive removal of the bottom paint have been able to extend the life of the bottom paint and the sail drive trilux 33. Those that pay attentive to my instructions are still under contract, you and your divers, NOT. Fuck off.
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    Roller covers for Micron 66

    After taking it down to raw aluminum I sprayed about ten light coats of Interlux Primocon followed by alternating coats of White and Grey Trilux 33. Again several coats about four spray cans worth. Works fine as long as your diver follows instructions to treat it like a baby's bottom. I had a diver go at it with a wire brush and he took it down to the aluminum in less than three months. Same for the Micron 33, as long as the diver cleans once a month as contracted there is no need for the white scrubby. A t-shirt or at worst a soft terry rag is al that is needed.
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    Roller covers for Micron 66

    Weenie roller as Zonker explains..
  8. familysailor

    what is it?

    Looks a lot like a turbo Wabbit seen around SF Bay...
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    CA Bay Area orange sky

    Looks like viewing Mordor....
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    Random PicThread

    Sylmar Quake Bofore dawn Feb. 9th 1971. DAy after my 21st birthday. Thought I had a hangover...
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    We are all Misfits

    Perfect venue....
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    A big project!

    Please start a different thread. Let's keep this purely all thing related to "Tally Ho" and Leo. Thanks.
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    This is most obvious when looking at how South Korea, Singapore and Hong Kong have "flattened the curve". Masks help reduce the spread. We just don't have enough. Those of us that have a few left from the NorCal fires should or should not wear them when out shopping for groceries?
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    Seascape 18

    Nothing really happening in the SF bay Area...
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    Movies that messed you up as a kid

    Young couple babysitting me, 4 yrs old and my sister 5 yrs old took us to the drive-in and let us sit in the front seat while they snuggled in the back seat. This was the Movie:
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    Any Beneteau Seascape / First 24 Owners?

    You might find more info on this Facebook page: Unfortunately you need to join Facebook to access it.
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    I want to know

  18. familysailor

    I want to know

    Has anyone else noticed that Fogarty looks a lot like Steve Martin?
  19. familysailor

    "National Cleavage Day"

    Wanda? Is that you?
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    A big project!

    Blunderfull-- Why not start another thread about your particular interest? Leave the "A Big project" to Leo and his followers. Please.
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    A big project!

  22. familysailor

    Seascape 18

    You might get some help here: Or here: You need to be on Facebook to see what's up. You need to join the Seascape OC to read or comment. Lot's of owners with questions and solutions for all the various models.
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    Bob Perry, this thing is cute as all get out.

    There are 30 photos here:
  24. familysailor

    Another powerboat collision...

    Quote from TMZ article with link to complete article. "TMZ has learned the Ontario Provincial Police (OPP) charged Linda O'Leary with "careless operation of a vessel." TMZ broke the story ... O'Leary's boat was on Lake Joseph August 24 when it slammed into another boat, killing 2 passengers. Our sources say the OPP obtained 5 videos from cameras trained on the lake and they concluded she was driving 17 MPH at around 11:30 PM ... which police say was not a safe speed."
  25. familysailor

    Seascape 18

    Got it. You may be able to contact the owner through SA. His log on is "Fippy" Here's the thread I was referencing in my reply message: