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  1. The End is Nigh!

    X games
  2. Motorcycle Threads

    Came upon a crash scene on Hiway 80 going over the Donner Summit. Car full of people who had been drinking lost it on a corner and busted themselves up on the guard rail. While working on a woman in the back seat who had obviously spleen injury from her complaints of pain location, I noticed a young boy, mid teens, dribbling a basketball around the car. I asked if he was in the car and upon getting a positive response got my wife to get the ball away from him and get him to the side of the road to lay down. Shock makes people do weird things and you have to watch out for it. I'm sure PB and others have stories about this.
  3. Rememberance Anarchy

    Steamer, another Tin Can sailor. Thanks for your service. DD826 USS Agerholm, WestPac 1973
  4. Rememberance Anarchy

    My brother served as well as myself. He embraces his status, wears his Veteran's hat a lot. I have a hat he bought me and only wear it once in a while as I don''t really feel comfortable when people take notice and thank me for my service. I think the biggest PTST I have from my service is the treatment we got as civilians when not on base, than and survivors remorse. The short haircut normally was all it took to be recognized as military.
  5. Rememberance Anarchy

  6. Motorcycle Threads

  7. Motorcycle Threads

    Darwin thread just down the hall...
  8. Motorcycle Threads

    Sorry for your loss. EMS had to have concluded he was in shock and transported, should have taken the helo.
  9. "National Cleavage Day"

    Suspension bridge...
  10. I got divorced today.

    Back on topic, wife has been complaining lately that I don't let her finish her sentences, only allow her to do what I want to do, etc. Went online and set her up with the local abused women group for counseling. Hope it helps.
  11. I got divorced today.

    I did make a lot more in the Navy as a volunteer than I did as a firefighter volunteer. Both served a purpose.
  12. Motorcycle Threads

    Just back from the SEMA Show, couple of bikes laying around. This one had grinding noise coming from the rear wheel so I would guess it wasn't road worthy.
  13. I got divorced today.

    If I scrape my boot will he be gone? Fuck off Random.
  14. Virus Anarchy

    ESET NOD32
  15. Data Recovery

    Wife's friendly IT guy at work is going to take a crack at it before I completely destroy it. Love the new Acer.