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  1. Guitar


    Down border surfing and still fucking the dog. On FB.
  2. Keel haul and leave him for the courts later. Unless he is innocent of course. Child porn. Fucker.
  3. Guitar

    Planned power outages this week?

    I've just decided for my power future, battery backup. Have 3.4kw of panels but instead of connecting it into the grid, hopefully I'll be able to run free. Just need to figure this shit out. kw hours vs amp hours storage. Love a challenge.
  4. Guitar

    Planned power outages this week?

    We just lost our brand new engine, that and the voters turned down an assessment to keep the dept. alive with 24/7 x2 on an engine. Penny wise, pound foolish. Confirmed hot right there. Sad news was the firefighters stayed in the cab until the fire passed with minor damage to the engine. Rekindle in the night finished her off.
  5. Guitar

    Planned power outages this week?

    I've been on the phone calming my sister down, 27 miles from the previous mandatory evac area. She is in north Sonoma area. All better today.
  6. Guitar

    Residential Wiring: transfer switch with Solar
  7. Guitar

    Planned power outages this week?

    Thursday morning a 3:30 am to Friday night at 6:20. Now we get news of another black out on the 25th. I am installing solar and you need to search out this company, Sunny Boy, they have inverters with external power source system so when the power goes out you can switch over to the panels. Nobody has this available elsewhere. That and a small generator will get us through, that and we just go out to our trailer to cook, make coffee.
  8. That is fucking brilliant.
  9. Guitar

    Collapsing buildings

    Pop it and drop it. Start over.
  10. Guitar

    What's the worst word you can call someone

    Had some road rage to deal with one day. Finished the conversation by calling him a "wiener". Nuff said.
  11. Guitar


    I've got Alzheimer's and dementia in my genes, lost both parents to it. I think I'll find an alternate before I die from either.
  12. Guitar


    If you ever see pictures of American tourist, you know why. Knees and heart disease are a couple of what is touching my generation at retirement.
  13. Guitar