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  1. Sailplane racing Chile FAI Grand Prix

    Out by where my folks use to live.
  2. Sailplane racing Chile FAI Grand Prix

    Looking at getting a paramotor here shortly. Too much of a hassle to rig / launch / recover Tempest so looking to get back to why I moved up in the hills to begin with, flying. Left my old hang glider in Texas before I moved back to California. Looking at these new light weight motor and possibly a cart instead of foot launch. I've never ever bought myself a brand new fun toy, always was second hand stuff. Not for this. At 65, it's now or never and I seriously want this experience.
  3. http://www.cnn.com/specials/live-video-2?adkey=bn
  4. I have done some crazy stuff... but

    When living in Long Beach, the wife and I took a lunch drive to Monterey. Held 135 on I5 for about 3 minutes in her Z3 on the way home. Rode beautiful.
  5. Why the tie?

    Got nothin but Jerry Garcia ties in the closet after 6.5 years of wearing one every day. Haven't had a hair cut since I stopped wearing them.
  6. Most women I know personally accept full chest hugs without hesitation and actually offer it. I would be reluctant to assume everyone feels this way. My brother's wife gives me the side of the shoulder hug after not liking things I did and said during probate. Most will give you the body english of what they prefer.
  7. Fox Abatement

    We live on a ridge and there is a low spot next to our house which flows the traffic pattern of all animals, birds, bees, bug, and those things with legs are always transiting through here. Had two large coyotes come through the yard the other morning and I only knew they were there because they flushed the deer up from where they were laying down. Went on the deck and just yelled a bit and they continued on down the canyon. I have scat on several rocks on the property where foxes, coyotes and others mark their territory. We all get along great. The local boys enjoying a nice morning on the ridge.
  8. Fox Abatement

    Take it to Political Anarchy, I stopped watching that shit years ago. lol
  9. 525's - "The Original Sport Boat"

    First boat was the 525, second 5.5 (Columbia Saber), third 505 and now the Tempest, THE original sport boat from Ian Proctor. The Tempest still kicks on the newer designs, we beat the factory crewed U20 on the longest inshore race on the west coast, a 70 mile downwind drag race. Ended the race with my mast inverted and still beat the U20 by a minute and a half after 8 hours racing. In one race with big air (30+) hitting over 16 knots in a wind blown crossing of San Pablo Bay in SF. Loves heavy air and is a great boat for SF Bay. Races competitive with the SC27, U20, and Moore 24's which I would call the second "original" sport boat after the Tempest. Wabbits are very fast as well and just about untouchable under PHRF downwind. Been thinking about doing over the Tempest with an open transom and a reworked keel.
  10. parts dept anarchy

    Dropped the key for my old S430 and that was all she wrote, well over $200 for that replacement.
  11. Ark of Noah insured ?

    I think it was more did it race some hit boats.
  12. Broken cast metal

    Weld it. Just not with JB. https://www.google.com/search?q=cast+iron+repair&rlz=1C1CHBF_enUS767US767&oq=cast+iron+repair&aqs=chrome..69i57.4269j0j7&sourceid=chrome&ie=UTF-8#kpvalbx=1