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  1. Guitar

    Vendee Globe 2020

    Wild Hare, go Pip!
  2. Guitar

    Marriage Lesson # 5067

    She likes to cook. Bought her some nice knives. Had a "friend" sharpen them for her. You ever had your wife have someone else sharpen knives for them? Can't look at them without wanting to throw them out the door.
  3. Nothing to do with the regatta but some may relate to the title to know the location. For those who have attended or know of the area, Huntington Lake, both shores are currently in the burn area of the Creek Fire. Latest update this morning. Beautiful area, much will change.
  4. Guitar

    American Magic - NYYC

    I was wondering who would be the first to spot the Canadian badge. I completely missed it posting the image. Imagine that.
  5. Guitar

    Boat sinks in parade wake

    USGS has denied any faults in either area, specifically, none named Trump.
  6. Guitar

    Minimal Camping Trailers

    1956 Terry 12 Footer. Love living in the past with the birch paneling and gas lamp. Just tugged her over the Sonora pass east to west. 26% grade.
  7. Guitar

    American Magic - NYYC

    All this discussion leaves me feeling patriotic. Any boat pics around?
  8. Guitar

    Fenns treasure found

    Hell yes. Had a few great adventures with family on trips out of state looking. Got a little bent looking but had fun.
  9. Guitar

    USN Ship In San Diego on Fire

    I was a Hull Technician on a tin can, HT's are welder/ shipfitter / firefighter. They put the ratings together for a reason. As PB eluded to, normally we would start the fires that needed to be put out. Other that firemen lighting off the boilers.
  10. Guitar


    Down border surfing and still fucking the dog. On FB.
  11. Keel haul and leave him for the courts later. Unless he is innocent of course. Child porn. Fucker.
  12. Guitar

    Planned power outages this week?

    I've just decided for my power future, battery backup. Have 3.4kw of panels but instead of connecting it into the grid, hopefully I'll be able to run free. Just need to figure this shit out. kw hours vs amp hours storage. Love a challenge.