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  1. DD826 WestPac '72/'73, with about 20k sea miles. Volunteered as my best bud was getting drafted. As you say, proud.
  2. So, how many Vietnam vets we got here? Marched against it and signed up months later in '71. Still have survivors remorse, as most I have spoken to do. Sad times for being a Patriot.
  3. Hand made item are most cherished, we're on our 36th year. Do you want her to remember the occasion or just enjoy it?
  4. Had a call of a unconscious male I responded to, older male in the process of pleasing his SO with his penis emplant. Paramedics arrive to take over and begin compressions, one of the PM'w was female. Needless to say with every compression the patient would give a salute. We had to leave the room as our response was becoming disrespectful. He didn't survive.
  5. How to look impressed...
  6. Same here, in school tried out for band, fingers too short to play, tried out for chorus, tone deaf. I was a runt in class because I basically was started in school when I just turned 5 in Sept. Sports, nope, although I did do good in wrassling at my weight. As you say, you don't want to watch a video of me singing Happy Birthday.
  7. Shag, you will not regret investing in the time. Humbling, emotional and overwhelming all at the same time. Perhaps ancient man decided to create religion after viewing one because all you hear from people during the totality, no matter what video you watch is "Oh, My, God". I'm an atheist and I was still chanting this while observing.
  8. Tripot Meadow, Smith Ferry, ID. We are upper left in the screen, white Chevy truck. Watch us bug out once it is over. Truly an amazing event, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qFfTxNw82XM&t=72s
  9. RIP, lost my mom to this horrible disease. Not really wanting to get tested later on.
  10. Reports from the Boise area, "they are coming in already".
  11. Most people say the same thing about that town. Good gold in them thar hills. Gotta love a woman with dirt under her nails.
  12. Yep, I've been scouring GE for campsites up in the National Forest to get away from town. Fully self contained as well with our trailer. You headed up through Winnemucca? When you going? We're leaving O:Dark thirty on Friday morning, 10 hour drive.
  13. Found a little town with the same name as our town (Garden Valley) and I posted on their fb page. Got a person that will allow us to set up our small trailer (12 footer) on their property right off the road. That is the fallback plan. Located some area north near the absolute line of totality out in the National Forest that looks like a good spot to be as 1st choice.
  14. WIfe and I are putting together a trip to go experience the eclipse in ID. Anyone else going? Should be epic.
  15. Yeah, my first reaction was WTF? Power lines over water and low enough that Hobie mast could touch it. Damn.