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  1. Guitar

    Residential Wiring: transfer switch with Solar
  2. Guitar

    Planned power outages this week?

    Thursday morning a 3:30 am to Friday night at 6:20. Now we get news of another black out on the 25th. I am installing solar and you need to search out this company, Sunny Boy, they have inverters with external power source system so when the power goes out you can switch over to the panels. Nobody has this available elsewhere. That and a small generator will get us through, that and we just go out to our trailer to cook, make coffee.
  3. That is fucking brilliant.
  4. Guitar

    Collapsing buildings

    Pop it and drop it. Start over.
  5. Guitar

    What's the worst word you can call someone

    Had some road rage to deal with one day. Finished the conversation by calling him a "wiener". Nuff said.
  6. Guitar


    I've got Alzheimer's and dementia in my genes, lost both parents to it. I think I'll find an alternate before I die from either.
  7. Guitar


    If you ever see pictures of American tourist, you know why. Knees and heart disease are a couple of what is touching my generation at retirement.
  8. Guitar


  9. Guitar


    Retire when you can and are able. I just turned 67 and started receiving SSI when I turned 63 just because of the economy and I was unemployed at the time and building up my own business. I have very few peers that can do anything, walk, hike enjoy the outdoors physically. So use it or loose it. Wife is set to retire in May and that is when I get my personal time back to do things I want to do. With her working we always do things together so I put my individual needs and wants on the back burner. Looking at getting back into flying, did hanggliding in the '70's and early '80's, looking at paragliders now.
  10. Guitar

    Freeboard, when you know your limits.

    Started a fledgling yacht club some years back and got a donated 505. Plenty of holes in the hull from previous fasteners and fittings. BIG regatta a our local lake in April. Bit of a front coming through at launch but we cast off and headed out. Blowing in the upper 20's when we left the dock but soon picked up some pace. We had to tack after some time as the dam was in our way. My skipper wouldn't come out of the boat to the rail so I just stayed out on the wire. Two tacks later and we rolled, turtled and had a west wright potter type boat come by for the rescue. Waves were getting up to about 3 feet at this time. Rescue boat dropped sail to motor (bad idea) and immediately drifted over the top of us cause us to completely turtle the boat to prevent him tangling up in the rigging. I yelled at them to raise sail and then proceeded to jump off our boat, swim over and take over the helm as the helmsman had no clue on how to handle the weather. We ended up sinking in 30 feet of water and after getting back to shore found out the highest gust was 56 knots. Internal flotation tanks were not up to the task that day.
  11. Guitar

    Climbing Anarchy

    So I should have said something to the woman pushing a double side-by-side stroller down the Mist Trail?
  12. Vernon, welcome back. What is your thoughts on the trial of the officer in Texas? The one who killed the neighbor because he was home and she wasn't.
  13. Guitar

    Climbing Anarchy

    Caught these monsters in camp climbing rocks. Both my wife and I remembered doing this as kids so I went down to have them poise for me and then shared it with their parents in camp.
  14. I caught the action first on SA when Jimmy sent it last time, who will go over first (push the bubble) this round? Hope it doesn't happen but we know someone will.
  15. Guitar

    Climbing Anarchy

    I used the stairs. Vernal Falls.