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  1. Guitar

    Stan Lee DTS

    With cape on, making a cameo where ever he goes. RIP, thank you for the fantasies.
  2. Guitar

    Rotational Torque Forces Calculator

    Now if only I could fit that in my kit, or fit MY kit in that.
  3. Guitar

    Rotational Torque Forces Calculator

    Damn, too easy. Thanks WW.
  4. Guitar

    Rotational Torque Forces Calculator

    So I just quarter the break strength? It's that easy?
  5. Ok, this shit is NOT my strong suit so I thought I would bring it here. I use Dyneema / Spectra line in the 200 - 400 lb break strength for my products (auto glass removal). It cuts through the adhesive bonds without damage to the paint / part. The whole industry is switching over to this material verses the stainless steel wire we have been using. My question is this, I have a new tool out that winds the filament upon a 1/2" shaft and I want to know what the torque would be to reach those break strength limits. Basically I want a chart in the lid of the box to show the settings on the torque wrench so that the user can set it at about 20% below the break strength and prevent breakage. Here is the new tool, it is used to remove the small quarter glass on cars. I can't use those XYZ fucking formulas so don't toss one of those on me. #glassbotquartermaster Thanks. Rick
  6. Guitar

    Tattoos, Smoking and "Class"

    Got one tat, how many times in your life are you in Hong Kong on your way to Australia by boat? 1973 WestPac cruise and turned 21 a few days later when crossing the equator. Just got the Road Runner cartoon with "Beep, beep your ass" under it on the side of my right calf. Enjoy a good cigar once in a while but I take the label off prior to smoking.
  7. Guitar

    Lake Atitlan, Guatemala

    Nirie, From the images I have seen I figured it would be gusty. Thanks for the info. Possibly going in Jan. for a week. What else is there to visit and see. I hear the people are absolutely wonderful.
  8. Guitar

    Lake Atitlan, Guatemala

    Possibly going down in Dec for a week. Any sail boats for rent? Friends have a house at the lake.
  9. Guitar

    "Last Project" 1956 Blue Jay

    Switching over to Sacramento State Aquatic Center to see if we can launch at their facility.
  10. Guitar

    It's Chili time!

    Plums, you would be surprised with the taste.
  11. Guitar

    "Last Project" 1956 Blue Jay

    Just rigged that way for the parade.
  12. Guitar

    "Last Project" 1956 Blue Jay

    It's great living in a small community. I was able to twist some local business owner's arms and put together the beginning of a "go fund me" account. Quietly picked up some fresh sails for the boat. Refinished the mast and boom, adding a plastic sail track to the spruce mast to update it for the new sails. We plan a launching at our local lake and will be starting up our yacht club we attempted to get going back in the early '90s. If you are in NorCal and want to come to the event, Sunday noon, Stumpy Meadows Reservoir, El Dorado County. It's a beautiful drive. Bring a lunch.
  13. Guitar


    Checking in, continue to dose with the pure CBD. Feet pain is better, I also have longer duration of lower tinnitus volume, which is constant for me. I've vairied my doses to either one or two per day. Mostly one now unless I feel some discomfort. I'd much rather take the CBD than eat a handful (600 mg) of ibuprofen. I'll be testing the other two strains in a few days to report my findings.
  14. Guitar


    Right now my fingers are sticking to the keys. Harvest is underway.