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  1. Guitar

    Mt. Hood rescue Chinook helicopter

    I was replacing some laminated glass in a excavator with pinchers for logs at a logging deck upcountry years ago. As I was working to remove the broken glass I could hear the Skycrane coming up from the bottom of the very steep canyon. As I turned to watch it come up I was shocked to be looking right a the belly of the beast as he came up almost vertically! Tipped the nose down and moved over the logging deck to drop his load of logs suspended beneath him. Less than 15 seconds later he swings around, slides over the edge and puts the nose down. Fucking blew me away.
  2. Just added a new deck (Tigerwood) to the house and looking to have a El Toro tied up next to it for a flower garden. Wife prefers a woodie, again, not in any type of condition for a restoration, this will be hard aground. Thanks. SF Bay / Norcal only.
  3. Guitar

    Looking for Dead El Toro

    Looking for an old wood El Toro or similar for garden project. Need one that is completely gone as far as serviceable. Just added new deck to house and want to "tie up" a small boat next to it as a raised flower garden. SF Bay or NorCal only. Thanks.
  4. Guitar

    Mt. Hood rescue Chinook helicopter

    Had one fly over yesterday. Wife's cousin was involved with SAR up there and crewed the helos.
  5. From my house 76 miles away across the valley. I can see the flames jumping with the naked eye.
  6. PG&E just put out notices that when the Red Flag Warning goes up with high north winds they will be cutting power that runs through forested areas.
  7. Guitar

    Shooting at Annapolis Newspaper

    Melania's jacket says it all.
  8. Guitar

    Awesome Book

    Most of the reading I do is research for prospecting and living just over the ridge where the largest migration of humans in history took place, there is some seriously good stories out there referencing the movement of men and gold. Just came across an account of J. C. Fremont and the mapping of the western states. Looking through the two glass doors at the end of my walkway is Pilot Hill where John Fremont lost his favorite horse after crossing the Sierras and on his way to meet up with Captain Sutter. He was traveling with Kit Carson at the time and visited the gold discovery site nearby.
  9. Guitar

    Strawberry Thief

    Get a motion activated sprinkler.
  10. Guitar

    Retirement Anarchy

    I'll second the situation with retiring and the wife still working. Caught an edge there. She has two more years to get Medicare and then she can pull the trigger. Not reasonable to pay two years of medical insurance with her not working.
  11. Guitar

    Retirement Anarchy

    Retired to the mountains at 27 and have continued to work to stay retired. Work from home now, living on less, traveling by air very rarely now which I love. If it were not for a hefty trust left by my dad I would still be paying down my house. Now that it is paid for it is much easier to relax some. Get out and enjoy the quality of life. Great company to work for but as earlier stated, you're not you boss. Grab a pole, go fishing.
  12. Guitar

    ozzy man reviews gymnastics

    I'll turn on the stereo then.
  13. Guitar

    Weed or Hash ?

    legal now
  14. Guitar

    Weed or Hash ?

    Those that feel stupid on pot were already there or don't allow themselves to utilize the potential of the drug. Plenty of weed out there that will get you to either place. You guys are still thinking Tommy Chong instead of Carl Sagan. There is a reason they call it "mind expanding". Silicone Valley drug of choice? LSD.
  15. Guitar

    and soon california is to be fucked...

    Water, the future gold standard. source: