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  1. Data Recovery

    Got the setup Grrr suggested. Just ordered new Acer. Fuck it.
  2. Data Recovery

    No joy. Spins up but doesn't show up on my computer. Bugger.
  3. Data Recovery

    Waiting on processor from Amazon.
  4. Napa Fire

    Steel roof and currently re-siding with hardyboard. I mow the natural grass down to 1 inch and only have one oak near the house. Also keep my oak branches trimed up about 8 feet even though I know it should be higher. I was looking at the canopy of oaks in the canyon below and just mentioned to the wife, under the right conditions they would burn like grasslands. Only if we had crowning would we be in danger.
  5. Napa Fire

    My sister's house is less than 2 miles from the nearest fire line, but it is also one of the most active. N. Sonoma. She got called into work (county worker / water) just to answer phones even though she is in the evac zone.
  6. Data Recovery

    Brain dead when I posted about pulling the hd. I build shit for a living and love tearing shit apart. Duh.
  7. Data Recovery

    Grrr, order above. Thanks. Will give it a try before spending the big bucks to recover files.
  8. Data Recovery

    Dennis was on target, easy peasy to pull and I'll be headed to Fry's Electronics to get the converter hardware to hook up to the new computer. Got an older motherboard that I bought last year to build on. Gigabyte Z87-DS3H and adding a I5 processor.
  9. Data Recovery

    laptop is outdated and not worth anything, tossing. I'll take a look at it over lunch. I love pulling shit apart.
  10. Data Recovery

    Woody, it's fried, old Gateway laptop so not too easy for me to access the hd, spins but no data transfer. No local backup, we felt lucky. NOT. Working off of a XP computer now, I know, I know. Building new box today with updated shit. Just got partial (4g) of files from about 40g needed. Had a local geek work it. 19 days away from my biggest show of the year, SEMA. Don't need this shit. Just need to remake my handouts, oh yeah, no graphics. Getting quote from Secure in Sacramento. I just really need one file off of it and I will be good to go.
  11. Data Recovery

    Well, waited too long to get that new computer and continued to work off an old laptop for my business and it took a big shit on all my files. Tech bringing over what he was able to save in a few minutes but concerned with what I lost. Anyone know someone to recover files? Got a quote of $400 for internal restoration / retrieval, $1k and up for dismantling drive and recovery.
  12. Napa Fire

    http://www.fire.ca.gov/current_incidents Download Google Earth overlay here which shows the progression of the fire in 6 hour increments. Last 6 show where the hot spots are working. https://fsapps.nwcg.gov/afm/googleearth.php
  13. Napa Fire

    Morning update: The Southern LNU Complex is being managed in Unified Command by CAL FIRE Incident Management Team 3 and the Napa County Sheriff’s Department. The complex consists of the Atlas, Nuns, Abobe, Norrbom, Pressley and Partrick Fires. The Nuns and Norrbom fires converged together last night. A Red Flag Warning remains in effect for the region. Additional resources continue to arrive from across the state and neighboring states to assist in Firefighting efforts. Acreage for each of the fires are as follows: Atlas: 43762 acres 3% containment Adobe: 7955 acres 1% containment Partrick: 10817 acres 2% containment Pressley: 473 acres 1% containment Nuns/Norrbom: 14698 acres 3% containment Air has cleared so we can expect to see air attack on it today which should bring some good results. Major reason for this fire to get so big was smoke was too heavy to fly the big boys. Horrible. As like most, really wish I could physically help.
  14. Napa Fire

    They are good to go.
  15. Napa Fire

    The beast shows it's head...