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  1. Guitar

    Calculating Bevels

  2. Guitar

    Sunset pictures

  3. Guitar

    Sunset pictures

  4. Guitar

    I Remember

    I was on my way to LAX that morning for a flight to Michigan and a trade conference. I'll never forget being told to get back to work from my dickhead manager. I wanted to throttle him that morning. Never forget.
  5. Guitar

    Random PicThread

    Actually, it was the Stones.
  6. Guitar

    Gene Wilder DTS

    Terry Garr = hot.
  7. Guitar

    John McCain DTS

    If you are a Navy guy, or gal, you had to have seen the USS Forrsetal fire video, it was normally shown during the time you were learning about shipboard fires. John McCain was sitting in his plane waiting to take off and it was the one that got hit by the errant missile that went off. He had two 1,000 lbs booms hanging from his wings. After walking out the refueling probe attached to his plane he jumped and rolled to safety. Moments later one of his bombs "cooked off" killing 134 onboard.
  8. Guitar

    John McCain DTS

    It's all about where our feet landed on this spaceship earth, that sir is the big deal. His were big feet and they traveled this globe with honor.
  9. Guitar

    John McCain DTS

    As a Democrat, he was one of the few Republicans I would have voted for. RIP sir, you did well.
  10. Guitar

    Storm(y) is Coming to Town

    Consider it politically appropriate here and I took your boohoo boy out of my post.
  11. Firefighters are warning people to never leave bottled water in the car It acts like a magnifying glass
  12. Stormy Daniels is coming to my neck of the woods in Oct. Got to go and get a pic with her if possible. .
  13. Guitar

    Redding CA wildfire

    Fire "Season" begins Sept. 1st. normally. Shit is gonna burn.
  14. Guitar

    legal weed anarchy

    Nope, the CBD oil is pure, free of any TCH the active drug they test for. CBD is not illegal. You can buy it over the counter. Fuck Wyoming... Now reading the article it states that CBD is listed as a Class 1 drug. This is fucking stupid, you can't get high from CBD. Same stupid motherfuckers that don't know the difference between hemp and marijuana.
  15. Guitar

    legal weed anarchy

    Have not heard of anyone testing for CBD in drug test, it is not, I repeat not psychoactive.