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  1. Paul at Masthead

    Any florida ravens out there.

    Courtney Ross has one. I believe that there are a few in the Clearwater, FL (tampa bay area) You can contact Ross Yacht to get a hold of Courtney
  2. Paul at Masthead

    Looking for an single or doublehanded boat

    Hello UD Sailing A shameless plug but we have a very lightly used RS 500 XL and a used RS Quest currently available. Masthead Enterprises is located in St. Pete FL
  3. Hello Send me a direct email to Masthead Enterprises has lots of used Lightning Jibs and spinnakers, but only a few mainsails the sails would be almost free for the sea scouts program
  4. Paul at Masthead

    Schock 35 with lifting keel

    I can still see the look on her face....from under the water that is.
  5. Paul at Masthead

    Schock 35 with lifting keel

    Doug Fisher at the time was working for Steve at Schock when they built boats in Bradenton Florida. O.H. Rodgers designed the lifting keel system. I thought the new bow section and rig was designed by Paul Lindenberg or OH Rodgers....not sure. Doug and his father Bill and the rest of the family finished off the boat. Bill kept the boat is a small marina in Bradenton and latter behind his house where you need to draw less that 4.5' to 5' to get in/out of there. We owe a J/35 3 seconds per/mile and rate 69 PHRF locally The boat had full cushions, a useable galley and nav station and a nice liquor cabinet that will hold several bottles of rum.
  6. Paul at Masthead

    Schock 35 with lifting keel

    Here a picture when it was blocked for the storm. We're going to do a bottom job while it is out of the water. barnacles and growth never sleep in Florida
  7. Paul at Masthead

    Schock 35 with lifting keel

    I pulled the rudder to get it as low as possible for the storm. You really need to pull the rig - but you just don't have enough time to get everything done
  8. Paul at Masthead

    Schock 35 with lifting keel

    In preparation for hurricane Irma we hauled out Morning Glory, which is a Schock 35 with a lifting keel. The boat was built in the mid 1980's. It is my no means new or state of the art. The boat draws 7' keel down and 3'8" with the keel up and the cassette rudder. We use a fixed rudder for racing. The West Coast of Florida can be shallow and having a boat with a lifting keel is a nice way to go. The boat has had a successful track record over the years and we raced our local BOTY 2015-2016 series and won the racing fleet Thought i would just share a few pictures for the West coast Schock 35 sailors
  9. Paul at Masthead

    GibbSea 362 info?

    Here is a few picture of the GibSea 362 out of the water. The Centerboard is 25mm or 1" steel it weights just under 1000 lbs. It should be listed as a Keel / Centerboard , not a lifting keel. It is a Joubert / Nivelt design it has a nice hull shape.
  10. Paul at Masthead

    GibbSea 362 info?

    Thanks Rod for posting about the Gib'Sea 362 for me. I have not found much information about the boat yet. Beneteau and Jeanneau also make a configuration like this but their keel or centerboard. the Gib'Sea has a 3/8" line coming up from the deck which leads back to the winch. The Beneteau's use a "gear drive or something like a worm gear to raised and lower the keel by using a winch handle for below deck. Like 110 turns ? We will haul out the boat soon and figure it out then.
  11. Paul at Masthead

    rs aero

    I'm a Dealer in St. Petersburg, FL We have several aeros in stock we have 5-6 area in the palm beach area and two in the Daytona area Check out Sandy Point progressive sports in Miami they have aeros in stock too
  12. Paul at Masthead

    rs aero

    Hey Paul - any chance of an RS Aero regatta in Florida this winter - with some charter boats available? We're working on some details. We should have charter boats available....unless they are all sold come regatta time
  13. Paul at Masthead

    rs aero

    Jerryd - We will get you out in an Aero Soon last weekend was phrf racing, this weekend delivering boats to Miami next weekend the Flying Scot wife / Husband regatta
  14. Paul at Masthead

    rs aero

    We expect our first order of Aeros to reach Florida by the end of February
  15. Paul at Masthead

    rs aero

    Nice picture of the aeros We have a load of RS Sailboats due in the end of January and we have a few Aeros that are not sold yet