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  1. Paul at Masthead

    Blooper dimensions

    I = 40.5 and J = 13.5 with a J of 13.5' if you use 155% genoa as your largest headsail you would be looking for a LP of 20.93' Bloopers are easy to modify it fit your dimensions At Masthead Enterprises sells used sails - we have a Blooper Luff = 44.5' Leech = 31.8' Foot = 32.0' LP = 21.4' it is rated as Good Plus sailmaker = North colors Red Yellow white Green and Blue Stock # 10546 Price is $375.00 Bloopers are super inexpensive bloopers on the right boat in the right conditions are worth half a knot of boat speed as mentioned before it is the best sail in the inventory. you put it up and you go a 1/2 of knot faster and when you take it down you will go a half a knot faster
  2. Paul at Masthead

    Any florida ravens out there.

    Courtney Ross has one. I believe that there are a few in the Clearwater, FL (tampa bay area) You can contact Ross Yacht to get a hold of Courtney
  3. Paul at Masthead

    Looking for an single or doublehanded boat

    Hello UD Sailing A shameless plug but we have a very lightly used RS 500 XL and a used RS Quest currently available. Masthead Enterprises is located in St. Pete FL
  4. Paul at Masthead

    rs aero

    I'm a Dealer in St. Petersburg, FL We have several aeros in stock we have 5-6 area in the palm beach area and two in the Daytona area Check out Sandy Point progressive sports in Miami they have aeros in stock too
  5. Paul at Masthead

    rs aero

    Hey Paul - any chance of an RS Aero regatta in Florida this winter - with some charter boats available? We're working on some details. We should have charter boats available....unless they are all sold come regatta time
  6. Paul at Masthead

    rs aero

    Jerryd - We will get you out in an Aero Soon last weekend was phrf racing, this weekend delivering boats to Miami next weekend the Flying Scot wife / Husband regatta
  7. Paul at Masthead

    rs aero

    We expect our first order of Aeros to reach Florida by the end of February
  8. Paul at Masthead

    rs aero

    Nice picture of the aeros We have a load of RS Sailboats due in the end of January and we have a few Aeros that are not sold yet
  9. Paul at Masthead

    Henderson 30?

    I trimmed main on New Wave for a few years in the late 90's. It was always a great battle against Zoom and a few of the other Henderson 30s. In 1996 it is/was a great design with a few cool innovations. nothing but good times.
  10. Paul at Masthead

    Some of my old sailing photos 2

    Infinity Holland 47 1980 SORC Williwaw SORC 1980
  11. Paul at Masthead

    Some of my old sailing photos 2

    Great Post love all the old pictures Here windward passage in Tampa Bay 1981-82?? during SORC