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  1. toledosailor

    West Michigan Thread

    My money is on Grand Haven.
  2. toledosailor

    West Michigan Thread

    What about 2016 QC/Tripp? Will the Tripp start make sense out of St Joe or should they have it out of Holland?
  3. toledosailor

    Swede 55

    Check out the Cayanne 41, same hull shape, similar rig, tiller boat, but long sloping reverse transom... the 41 rates 87 on Lk Mi. TYhere are a couple on Lk Mi, some on the other side of the state, and I understand there are some out east, on and in Canada... There must be some equal brainwave going on. Wrote the original post 3 years ago, looking for like a swede 41 or something. Now have a Cayenne 41 and a new set of sails on order. Can't wait for the high wind on the stern run!
  4. toledosailor

    Swede 55

    Has anyone seen the swede 55 "Tiana"? Just wondering as it is on yachtworld for sale and looks in good shape. Thanks!
  5. toledosailor

    Swede 55

    Bacchant is a woody for sure. Beautiful boat to sail, effortless!
  6. toledosailor

    Swede 55

    Does anyone know if there is a smaller version of the Swede made? Just seems like a great boat to put a large roach main and masthead kites!