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  1. Pukka

    Simrad 4G radar network connection RI10

    Called Navico- you can use the network 2 of the gofree for 4G interface.
  2. Can you plug this into network two of a Gofree module and save getting a network extender? (NEP-2) My Zeus 9 only has one network port. Or is that only for another Gofree to have client/access mode simultaneously?
  3. MY solution was to abort putting on Micron 66 and put additional coats of Ultra 2 on. I got a refund on the Micron 66. Not what I'd planned, but better than paying hardstand fees and sitting on my hands. I will not be putting on International AF in future unless I have a controlled environment. Definitely won't be applying different AF's in one haulout. YMMV.
  4. Yep, all good Burnsco/azkonobel sorted it. Cheers guys.
  5. Mind was diy west 105 & 2kg 300mesh copper/liter. Need a severe sand/ burnish every year to remain effective. Yeah, I know, shoulda been water based bla, bla..... Actually mine should have been 3 kg/ liter as had no solvent.
  6. The whole thing is so convoluted as the US version of Ultra must be separated from M66 with primercon. But tech guys here maintain the NZ version (altered owing to our EPA) is ok with M66 as long as it is fully cured. I've a mind to stick a test sample in and accelerated curing environment and see if they are bullshitting. Irrespective, the fuckers set me up to shoot my foot.
  7. Copper epoxy too much trouble to maintain so decided to try a flagship proprietry AF. Decided on Micron 66. Advice of Rep was abraid coppercoat with 120 and 2x interprotect.--Done 1x coat International Ultra 2 contrast colour for guide coat on when to recoat.- done 2x Micron 66......NOT DONE as it is frying the Ultra......FARK! Tried @ one day....fry, @3days.....Fry. Called out the tech guys, "You.ll have to wait for summer". WTF? ......exit $1700 of paint.
  8. Pukka

    Is there ANY Antifoul that works? ( Bottom paint?)

    I would give it a go...if I could buy it. Not the Pro, prefer the 1100SR if at all. It is not available here and would be 5x price if it was.
  9. Pukka

    Ultrasonic Wind Options and Questions

    "There's no "processor" pins involved. CANH and CANL are driven by isolating transceivers devices" As in opto isolated? Regardless, I don't have the skills. Better to run the device diagnostic thru the PC . I tried the measurement on two different MM's and got the roughly the same result and didn't believe it was the cause as it is close to the OL reading of the meter. But I decided to fix it anyway. It was the only clue I had. Whether the scale (M) is false, and actually wildly fluctuating, I have no clue, it was just different to the others. The cable had strain relief, and had performed well for a couple of years.
  10. Pukka

    Is there ANY Antifoul that works? ( Bottom paint?)

    I think it has come a long way since the first iteration in 1996, intersleek 425. (700,900,1000 & latest) Problem is it is easily damaged, difficult to put on. Tie coat being essential. Coupled with three x cost of top current antifoul,. I can see consumer resistance there. The latest claim of slime release at 3knts is ambitious.
  11. Pukka

    Is there ANY Antifoul that works? ( Bottom paint?)

    Slippery -"non-biocidal" paints supposedly that are the future. Intersleek 1100SR .....1500 euro for 10L modified polydimethylsiloxane/FluorinatedPolyethylene glycol co- polmer -3knt self cleaning Intersleek Pro.............$300 for 5L PTFE polytetrafluoroethylene non biocidal - 12knt self cleaning. Avail. Fisheries Co. (minus tie coat) $160 Hempasil X.........can't remember. Curiously, or not so, some of these have organotin cataysts. Albeit, in quantities approved by the powers that be as "non-biocidal adjuncts" that are bound up in the co-polymer. At this time they are not willing to sell to recreational users. The intersleek 1100sr is supposedly Hydrophobic & hydrophilic at the same time to cover wider bio-film method of attachment. at 24mnths
  12. Pukka

    Ultrasonic Wind Options and Questions

    Besides, testing connected to device(s), doesn't tell you whether its the cable or the device. Diagnostic 101 First test I did was remove unit from masthead and test with GH2183 cable below to eliminate device. Next was run the GH2183 up the mast to confirm. Upside was, I got comfortable with using the ATN.
  13. Pukka

    Ultrasonic Wind Options and Questions

    I do not have enough experience on the subject to correct you but my gut tells me not to put more than the rated voltage through a processor on a PCB so I will stick with my current MO. The termination is in the plug so I can check that disconnected from devices. A device problem will come up on self test, then its back to manufacturer and use the spare. The first thing I did was plug the U/Sonic wind into the gh2183 cable eliminating that from eqn. The plug I dissected and found porous rubber, and negligible separation between canL & ground, having previously bared cable adjacent to see if it was cable or plug. I did not replace cable as I was already 2x ultrasonic units down, and not particularly wedded to their functionality. And the xperts were like tits on a bull. (Airmar) I Improved separation and remolded plug from flexible epoxy using a mold made from the GH2183. Result- Same resistance between all conductors and ground. Network has been operating for 6 months now with no problems. The cable is $300. If that aint definitive don't know WTF is. You can derive what you like from my experience, it was given in the spirit of getting things done, for the least cost. Expert: X= has been Spurt= drip under pressure
  14. Pukka

    Ultrasonic Wind Options and Questions

    Resistance testing cable, data I/O, with devices attached would be pointless, and possibly damaging . That there was a difference between a good cable of "overload" between H & L and grd, and one (with network errors) of Megaohms is suggestive of insulation problem. Found and fixed. That a 1 megaohm resistance fault to ground in either will corrupt the N2K differential I doubt, but don't know. Airmar didn't either. Seems this has happened in N2K "T"'s as well. "There's no way that 1M between CANH and/or CANL to any other signal is the cause of any problem. " Reasonable assertion, but the fact it is there at all is a problem. How can you be sure of its scale if it not supposed to be detectable.
  15. Pukka

    Ultrasonic Wind Options and Questions

    Have it any way you want md. Pretty obvious, even with basic knowledge of electricity. But it was enough of a smoking gun for me to fix the problem. The Meter should have been OL as with all the other insulation suggesting something was amiss.Didnt see the point of megga-ing it owing to voltage.