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  1. They'd have to be shims, Bugga all clearance. Gonna pull the boat out end of April, then I'll know what to do. Too much good weather at moment. Rudder shaft is one piece, don't know whats with the threaded rod/bolt clamping the ears of the yoke. One piece or tapped into head? Murphies law, if i touch in the water something will break.
  2. of course, its no good at that either. better than hunting back and forth like a kid in a toy shop. Doesn't go any better upside down!
  3. On a lighter note, dad & daughter...towin "ga-barge" the rubbish truck. It rows like shit, tows like sh_T...and smells like..... Much derision has been, probably unfairly, directed at gar-barge.
  4. You're right but its a PIA. That top nut is what pulls the rudder shaft taper into female keyed housing (that the yoke fits over) to set up preload. Below that is the delrin bearing housing that is part of cockpit floor. I think its delrin, don't really know. Below that I've chopped out a small section of rudder tube and installed a AP lever that is located onto the 50mm shaft with 3x10mm 316 socket screws into detente's in the shaft. below that I installed a gland, carbon fibred to struts athwartship and fore & aft. It ain't gonna fall out. But thanks for your concern. What you've just reminded me off, tho, is I haven't put the marks on the nut and shaft to make sure it aint unwinding. What a fucking earful, You'll probably put me on ignore! With all the effort I'm pissed there is slop. I'm convinced it is in an area i haven't been. (Haven't mentioned complete re-foil.) If its blade to shaft, I'll breaking out the anti-depressant.
  5. Yep, good stuff. Or, along same lines, depending on the extent of elongation, extract bolt & drill larger diameter to extremity of elongation/larger diam bolt? When I get bolt out I'm expecting wear to both bolt and yoke.
  6. I'll pb it, then heat it gently first. There better be or its blade to shaft disconnect! And it improves dramatically if you crank the crap those those nuts, but then the tiller is too stiff vertically.
  7. Ta, good idea. If I can get the bolt out and the yoke hole is elongated I'll just make a new one out of stainless. A doubler would work but I can't weld bronze & doubt brazing would be strong enough.
  8. Could you post a picture like that but from the side?--below. Hey thanks for the collaboration. I hate the loose feel but also loathe to do something ass backward. loathe to do something ass backward. Been doing that plenty with this boat. Don't want to heat owing to the delrin top bearing. Shaft is 50mm stainless (solid). Bolt is going to have to come out
  9. Thanks for the suggestion. I took the dome nuts off but the bolt is in solid. So cannot tale the yoke off. Bit hard to tell where the slop is. Leaning towards elongated holes in the yoke arms.
  10. I have isolated it to either elongated holes in the yoke that houses the wooden tiller that has a bronze bolt through. Or the bolt is worn. Drill oversize and sleeve or braze and redrill? The slop is quite annoying. It feels as though you hitting small objects in the water. Bad pic-Had to enlarge and crop. Searched the net & couldn't find brazing and re-drilling specifically.
  11. Hmmm, don't get it on hoist but on furl about half way through. PIA. (Slight thread drift-semi related) Gonna put a pennant on to increase angle of halyard to restrainer this w/e. Furler components all running free. Tried more halyard tension etc. I guess i could rivet a small standup block to the mast head and furler swivel, with a line down the mast cleated off. Single handed, I need that furler.
  12. Sorry, didn't get notified of your post. No Iala capability as far as I know. (First time I've heard of it.) Just a vanilla GPS . Waas is not operational down here. We have only one DGPS land station & I think you need a dedicated receiver for it.
  13. Endless delays but in the water now and first light wind sail. Definitely a ++ but need more wind. I will have to use the old sails to be objective Also yet to get electronics up.
  14. I Have a GH2183 & a G2183. I am just about to install in my boat on a N2K backbone. As a dummy run I have set up the two GPS’s/Hdg on the bench (one at a time) to compare output. The G2183 (manufacture date 2010) exibits fairly stable position & COG data, whereas the GH2183 (2015) has wildly swinging COG and a longitude 0.006 of a minute variation. Roughly 25’ at 36°S. (Latitude is only .002’) Both were tested in the same environment with the same weathercaster settings. (1Hz). The G2183 versions I have supposedly only update at 1Hz, and set higher, will just be repeating the same data. I understand at rest, the COG is going to swing with inaccuracies of position (which will stabilise with motion) but is this normal for the GH2183? How can it be stabilised. Ta for any help with this.