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  1. Random PicThread

    Hobot what's this? I have an identical pistol. My older brothers found it in a barn.. Maybe in the 50s? -jim lee
  2. My newest project

    Maybe so but you also like Vegemite so your opinion is suspect to say the least. Bob is right on Spam. Favorite snack (on the boat only, for obvious reasons) is Spam on a Ritz topped with spray cheeze. Mighty fine! I wonder if it would be good with vegemite? OK. I just used Google to look up 'spray cheese'. Who'd have thought such a thing existed. I don't even want to know how or why. On the other hand Spam is a staple in the South Pacific. Smoked oyster glued to ritz cracker with spray cheese. -jim lee
  3. Darts #4 & #5 build log.

    Well thanks! I donno' what's next. We let the lease on the big building go. Tim/Tom would like the rest of the summer off. So would I. We bought a smaller old, nearly falling down building. ( With tenets ) So I guess the next chapter will be Left Coast slum lords. At least there'll be a chance of having some income. It was pretty neat that Ogopogo was able to beat the Sierra at WIRW (and win the class). I'm quite proud of the Dart being able to compete with those machines. Pretty funny that both builders are neighbors with each other. -jim lee
  4. Darts #4 & #5 build log.

    Here's the last entry to the build-log. http://leftcoast.biz/iWeb/Left_Coast/Dart_build_4%265/Entries/2016/7/22_The_end.html -jim lee
  5. Shipwrights near Anacortes, WA

    Left Coast? Might as well toss our name in the hat as well. You have a trailer for the machine? -jim lee
  6. Where Did All the Sailors Go?

    I"m going to have to borrow this and footnote you. -jim lee
  7. Build your own Dart!

    Ah! See? This is no longer my problem or concern. Go ask sloansailing. -jim lee
  8. Build your own Dart!

    Sold! -jim lee
  9. Build your own Dart!

    That's right! Everyone that watched us build the Left Coast Darts, knowing we were doing it wrong.. Now's your chance! The Dart Tooling is going up for sale! You now have the chance to grab the tooling and do it right!! http://leftcoast.biz/iWeb/Left_Coast/Dart_tooling_sale.html Unless we get an offer in the next couple days, we're going to put the entire tooling package up on eBay. Want to try your hand at building your own Dart? Contact us! -jim lee
  10. Darts #4 & #5 build log.

    #5 is mine. -jim lee
  11. My newest project

    Yeah, I guess so. We ain't met up with off-world aliens. ..that I know of. -jim lee
  12. My newest project

    Sounds like you're driving right past the Conway Pub. They serve one of the best Burgers in the entire area. -jim lee
  13. My newest project

    We ran into this doing our carbon tubes. It wasn't cost, it was the low viscosity necessary for doing an infused part. From what I was told, as epoxy is created less viscous for infusion, it tends to loose its mechanical properties. If your doing pre-preg, then this is a moot point, go epoxy all the way. Doing infusion, other factors can begin to be more important. -jim lee
  14. Back in the Early '90s I was running the Races at Sierra Point YC in the Bay Area. I was very pleased how much support I was getting from the club. Anything I wanted, "No problem sir!" One day I asked the Commodore about it. His answer was "This sailboat racing is the biggest money maker this club has ever had. Have fun with it!" -jim lee
  15. I left that as my entire Exit review when I walked out of my S-ware job from KLA-Tencore. Long time ago.. -jim lee