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  1. help my kids catch fish

    thanks all for the recs.
  2. help my kids catch fish

    I am taking my one and four year old boys cruising from greenport to nantucket at the beginning of august. I grew up freshwater fly-fishing and spin-casting but don't really know the first thing about saltwater fishing. I already bought an inexpensive conventional rod/reel combo from west marine. now I need to add line, lures, etc. I don't really care what kind of fish we catch, preferably something easy to get off the hook :-). Can someone point me to the proper type of lures to make [the fishing part of the trip at least] a successful endeavor? I am thinking we'll drop a line on the slow sailing days, and maybe occasionally jig or something in the harbor, if that's a thing. Links to amazon/west marine /wherever else are much appreciated, as is any other advice. Regards.
  3. Sikkens-Cetol Marine Teak Finish

    the cetol on the '88 teak in this picture has not been touched for two seasons. color works for me.
  4. B 36.7 vs C&C 110

    I would say that's +2 for the c&c then. going upwind: definitely no need to backwind the main or fight the helm. boat is very balanced and drives with the wheel center-line and two fingers on the wheel. if you find one that's not balanced, the rake is probably off. the auto-pilot also appreciates the balance and hardly works at all which gives me freedom to make cocktails or enjoy the view from the bow for awhile. for your second question, no it does what you tell it to. If you want to drive straight, it goes straight. if you want to come up 5 degrees, she'll do so immediately. it's actually a very fun boat to sail as the response and performance are both great.
  5. B 36.7 vs C&C 110

    i might as well chime in. i have a 110. I don't race it. I do like it and so does the wife and four year old. there are a lot of diff configurations for this boat (four or five different keels, two different hull materials, three traveler locations, two different mast materials, double vs. triple spreader, sprit vs. pole). so "one-design" is not really a thing. she's quick for a cruiser, but i've never tried to sail to a rating, 81 seems aggressive. if you have specific questions let me know and I'll try and answer them.
  6. Jeff Hammer R. I. P.

    also the epic firewater wipeout around the whirl
  7. Jeff Hammer R. I. P.

    manhasset and JBR
  8. Jeff Hammer R. I. P.

  9. Jeff Hammer R. I. P.

    Hammer - I hope they have meat sandwiches and bottled beer on the other side. Thanks for letting me drive sometimes. We'll miss you tremendously. And already do. Gabe
  10. boat swap on mooring

    practical, but i've become quite partial to it. '88 outrage with all the teak done just so and the classic "desert sand" color. i don't think i'll ever sell it.
  11. boat swap on mooring

    thanks - what would you consider a "proper fendering system" for an 18' bw? link? I tried googling but didn't find really anything that fit the bill.
  12. boat swap on mooring

    Thanks - this is pretty much the current method. Trying to see if anyone has found a "better way". the problem is that a whaler makes a much bigger dent than a RIB if you don't get the fender placement just right, so I end up with a wall of fenders which is annoying. still, it works. I do like shaggy's idea of the big pole in the rod holder with a line on the end. it saves having to deal with fenders, but you add complexity as you have to move and re-tie both boats once you're ready to switch. maybe fenders is faster. all of this is really about saving time anyway.
  13. boat swap on mooring

    yeah that's the solution i use when i get an empty mooring and launch driver involved. but it's slow. winner i think. now to purchase one of those big bamboo rods. . .
  14. boat swap on mooring

    not bad, except i can't just leave a line trailing off the stern of the whaler. so i would have to nudge the bow of the big boat close enough to the whaler's outboard to grab a line with a boat hook, which for various reasons I can see going pear-shaped quickly. still, probably better than my broad-side with fenders approach. i like my first world problems. . .
  15. boat swap on mooring

    question - i have an '18 whaler and a 36' c&c. I keep the whaler in a slip and the c&c on a mooring. what is the best strategy for swapping the boats on the mooring? tying up the whaler and leaving with the c&c is not too bad, but the reverse is a bit harder (tying the c&c up to a mooring that the whaler is already on). any one do this often and come up with a strategy other than use lots of fenders and go slow? typically I'm alone (or with a four year old). thanks