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  1. t_huebs

    Emirates Team New Zealand.

    That was me. It was pretty obvious from day 1 of the rule that if you sailed with the foil arms at less than "max down" you could drive a significant lift vector to windward. Look at how moths and kitefoils and really anything with a t-foil goes to windward. You don't rely solely on the foil arm to provide lift to windward like a keel, you rely on the foil operating at some angle. It's a very different dynamic than anything that is leeway coupled like keelboats and the AC cats. I think this is why folks much closer to the programs than me have been saying they'll be quicker around the course than the cats. When I started kite foiling, and I am by no means an expert, it took a while to sort speed vs angle out. As a very rough example: You can point upwind and go 10 knots, cool. vs You can point lower, heel over to windward more, go 15 knots AND climb to weather faster. It's going to be really interesting if the boats are at all closely matched and we get to watch decisions in real-time about how to mode the boats when sailing close to each other. You might not even see detectable sail trim changes but the boats changing lanes dramatically via foil lift vectors. "Pinching" might not be about trimming a touch tighter and pointing a little higher, it'll be about driving more lift to windward from the foil at the cost of more drag. Going "bow down" or "fast forward" to get over someone might be taking some lift out of the foil to reduce drag.
  2. t_huebs

    Team NYYC

    VMG monsters. From about 5:15 when they tack onto starboard, watch how quickly they climb to windward. First good shot of that I've seen.
  3. t_huebs

    Moth or Musto Skiff

    What is it that you want to do, other than spend money? I bought a MPS over a decade ago and the class in the US could only get a handful of events together as we were too spread out. Great fun boat though. I bought it instead of a moth as moths were very early in development at that point. Moths are now a lot further along in refinement, that refinement has also led to higher prices and the top end of the fleet being worlds away from most mortals. The boats are obviously fundamentally different ways to go fast on the water. Coming from a dinghy background I also rationalized it along the lines of wanting the feeling of planing and blasting along instead of foiling. I'm now fully into kite-foiling and I'll tell you that the feeling of foiling is entirely different than sailing, and fully amazing. That means it all comes back to the first question: what is it that you want to do?
  4. t_huebs

    Youth America's Cup

    Yeah, going to be a little confusing when the 69F pops up at Cagliari and does a series then the "youth series" in very similar boats is a different thing.
  5. t_huebs

    Youth America's Cup

    Seem similar to the 69F that was in Seahorse recently? https://wilson-marquinez.com/69f/
  6. t_huebs

    What To Choose???

    It sounds like you have a range of boats that you're interested in, and could be happy with. Given that, pick the one with the most active and/or supportive class & fleet near where you are. A fleet will get you out much more than just having the boat by yourself. I was in early on the MPS over a decade ago, and I was effectively alone for most of the time I had the boat. With several moves, other boats (505s primarily) and no class where I was, the boat wound up sitting unused for long periods and the cost vs benefit of keeping the boat was... sub optimal. I will say I was uninterested in Contenders and RS600s as sit running is much less fun than a spinnaker downwind but the Contender folks are great, I don't know if there are any RS600 folks TBH. For now singlehanded stuff is no longer boats, kites and foiling are pretty sweet, and in your price range.
  7. t_huebs

    SF bay / Tahoe little boats

    Bigger kite with automated systems, you can tell the 505 guys...
  8. t_huebs

    Eight Bells Mark Lindsay

    Spent many a good day in a Lindsay 505. Also spent many a day refinishing the foredeck on one. Farr 39ML was a hell of a boat I spent lot's of time on too.
  9. t_huebs

    Farr 395 Rigging/General Tips

    Strop/Strap/ring/Double tylaskas, whatever all the same. Also sketchy if you have to get out on the prod to sort it. Quick google to refresh myself and I think they had/have a single block hung from the prod that the tack line would run through. Obviously double tack lines are the best solution here and what pretty much everyone runs now. There are a lot of ways you could get creative and rig that. The harder part is the second halyard Not sure the boat I sailed on was bone stock for halyards.
  10. t_huebs

    Farr 395 Rigging/General Tips

    It's been a few years since I raced regularly on a 395 but I'm pretty sure we could peel kites. We might have had to handcuff the tack with a strop but I'm not sure, they all blend together after enough years. What I do recall is that our inhaulers were rigged from the forward end of the cabin-top grab rail through a friction ring (that the sheet would also go through) and turned aft at the base of the mast. I have no idea if any structure was reinforced to take those loads or not.
  11. t_huebs

    Where to find a used waist harness?

    try iKitesurf classifieds: http://c.ikitesurf.com/classifieds harnesses only, hopefully, the sort works: http://c.ikitesurf.com/classifieds?search=search&type=3081&location=all&c_states=all&price=all&brand=all&year=all&size=all&sortby=date&views=all&page=1&orderby=dsc&expires=0&favourite=0&wanted=0&terms=all&deleted=0&reported=0
  12. t_huebs

    Sailors Powerboat

    Aside from plans changing after I shrunk the boat for the winter that'd be easy. It actually serves as a useful filter and I can fire a link to a google drive trove of pics if they email me and it's not fully bonkers. We could start another thread with best emails you get selling stuff on CL, got this one recently: "Thank you for getting back to me. Can you assure me that it is in good state and that i will not be disappointed with it? I'm ready to pay your asking price, but the issue is I'm a Marine Officer and I'm not in my own state now, I'm on a secret mission in Marine Corps Logistics Base Albany GA and use of mobile phone is currently restricted at the military base, But I'm able to access email anytime as we will make use of laptop so my only quickest payment option is PayPal as i can send money via PayPal anytime.Since I'm requesting this transaction to be done via PayPal. SEMPER FI"
  13. t_huebs

    Sailors Powerboat

    Allow myself to quote myself... Ad for this is up on craigslist: https://providence.craigslist.org/boa/d/21-seaway-seafarer/6548459964.html Before anyone gets up in arms, I just bought an ad for a sailboat here at SA so I'm claiming that as good enough as nobody comes to SA to browse ads for powerboats.
  14. t_huebs

    Sailors Powerboat

    Glad folks are talking about Irens' Rangeboats here, the LDL concept is a good one for efficient cruisers. There was one with a Nanni hybrid/diesel powertrain a bit ago. I just hope I can still get my hands on one when I can afford one. In the meantime, this is the current ride, mainly used for cocktailing and taking pictures of sailboats: Seaway Seafarer, 115HP Suzuki 4 stroke so you can get up and go, or idle around almost silently. Seaway is now owned by Eastern who also builds the Sisu 22. Unfortunately, I have to move halfway around the world shortly so she's gotta go. Yeah yeah, buy an ad. I will in the near future. If you can't tell from the background and/or registration. Newport, RI.
  15. t_huebs

    DC Designs

    Either tank can send waves, if you wanted to get really funky you could run both models side by side in waves and video it in the big tank. On the other hand you could get some good numbers from the little tank. I spent entirely too much time down there.