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  1. AC 36 Protocol

    A one off post, to set the record straight. Very few warned of the evils of Larry Ellison when he went after Alinghi and Ernesto Bertarelli. Everybody who did was seriously abused and accused of being both an Alinghi supporter and an apologist. Of that few, Marion was the only one who I can recall who really was a supporter and apologist, because she had an agenda and relationship she never disclosed. Clean is right that she couldn't be trusted, she dealt in mistruths (the original "false news"?) and was actually very bitter and didn't trust many, if any. But for all her faults, Marion was right about 2 people, Ellison and MSP, both of whom were touted as saviors of the AC and both of them were shown to be anything but. She deserves some credit for that. The few I remember warning that there was no difference between Ellison and Berarelli were Marion, Dogwatch and myself. I am sure there were a couple of others, so sorry for not name checking them, but it was very, very few. The other big thing I remember was Spinbot and his promise that if Larry ever pulled any of the tricks that EB was accused of, he would be just as vigerous in his condemnation as he was against EB. That never happened. Shame on him. FWIW, I believe that Clean was also in the camp of not trusting Ellison's intentions. My final thought is that we now have a new defender and COR. Some are already suspicious and some are already totally blind to anything that may be wrong. The reality of the AC is that there will never be a perfect defender and there will always be mistakes. The reality is always in the event itself and AC34 was pretty special. AC35 was interesting for me but I suspect far less interesting for many. How AC36 will be judged will be interesting and I am pretty open minded about it. I think it is possible to hav spectacular monohulls, but I wonder how you do it and still get good match racing. However, I also suspect that match racing is way over rated in the AC and there have been very few occasions, if any, when proper match racing decided the AC. I will check back in after 2021 to see what the judgement is.
  2. A Cat Worlds Sopot

    Seriously? People keep asking me why i don't post on this forum any more. Above is one of the reasons. i don't need this shit. If somebody at the regatta site sends me a message and photo, I take their word for it and because nobody else is updating us, i post it. All WnW needed to do was to say it was sunny where he was, but no, he takes my comments and posts the word "bullshit". Fuck it. Why bother.
  3. A Cat Worlds Sopot

    I have only seen 1 boat that was hit by lightning, a 49er, looked perfect from the outside, but every single internal frame was toast and the boat was as floppy as hell. In that case, the helm spent a few days in hospital. I am pleased nobody was hurt on this occasion. I am not sure I could ever trust that mast again as the laminate has to have been damaged.
  4. A Cat Worlds Sopot

    It's funny you don't think writing "bullshit" about one of my posts was abusive? Seriously? And it's not as if what i posted was wrong. With the message I posted above from Mel i also got a picture of dark clouds coming. The race office had just told everybody to tie their boats down. Maybe your perspective of things is a bit different from other people's, but when a good friend sends me a message I trust her and when the race office also posts the same thing, I share it. What do you do? Nothing. If you are on site and are posting, why not post something useful? Woke up this morning to a new message from Mel Also went onto Facebook for news and the first thing I find is a message from the worlds f/b page that says "Racing cancelled due to expected thunderstorms". So WnW, I think I will continue to trust my sources over your "bullshit" Latest news is that tomorrow, the racing begins at 10.00am with 2 races to complete the qualifying series. then back to shore and the fleets will be split into gold and silver. Then there will be 1 race of the finals. Forecast, for what it's worth, says there will be 13-18 knots tomorrow, Thursday is looking like 12-15 knotsin the morning dying to light and shite in the afternoon while Friday will 16-20 knots.
  5. A Cat Worlds Sopot

    You should have read the official website which said batten down the hatches. It was on their WhatsAp feed warning all competitors. I also got the following text from Mel Brewin just before I posted Do you want me to also post the picture she sent me of the building thunderstorm which I believe has now hit leading to sailing being canned for the day. After receiving that text I spoke to 3 people who are there and they all said the same thing. so why are you being an arse trying to undermine me? Strange you are there and I know more than you. Did you look out the window and see blue sky in one direction and not look the other way? Or are you just being a dick?
  6. A Cat Worlds Sopot

    Latest news is that they are about to be hit by a storm. Official announcement to batten down the hatches. Unlikely to get any racing today but it's not been canned yet.
  7. A Cat Worlds Sopot

    Hahahaha! Although if the rumours are true, they are going with a monohull.
  8. A Cat Worlds Sopot

    As discussed above by 2 of us many hours ago There are at least 2 facebook pages https://www.facebook.com/aclassworlds2017/ https://www.facebook.com/groups/644102839122404/ There is a website http://aclassworlds2017.pl/test/ There is also a WhatsAp group that I think you can get a link from one of the 3 above. It is also worth checking out http://www.catsailingnews.com/ Some of us are in direct contact with wives and friends on support boats and try to post updates if we can.
  9. A Cat Worlds Sopot

    We will agree to disagree. I think many are smarter than making their buying decisions just based on the results of the best sailors in the world. I believe that people have decided to buy DNA just because they look the coolest boat ever built available to the public and most realise that the differences in performance are probably beyond their capabilities. It works the other way around as well. people bought Exploders during a period that most thought the DNA had an edge. Anybody who selects a boat because of Glenn's performance on that boat is being very naive. He won a worlds with a total dog of a boat (ASG3) which he then chartered to Mitch Booth for the Australian nationals. Mitch left after 2 days because the boat was so slow which caused a bit of friction between the 2 of them. The contrast between the 2 performances showed us just how good Glenn is. Last year was a long time ago. The Exploders have developed on a long way since then. the foils are very different so what happened a year ago is now irrelevant. I agree Mischa is not done yet, but he is one man. When you look at what has happened over the last week with the pre-worlds and now today, it is pretty clear that the game has moved on while DNA have stated they still are using the same gear. Many things can happen in a championship, but I look at what has been going on and I see that in general, the Exploders have been faster than the DNA's in all conditions experienced so far. Seeing we have had racing in conditions ranging from the minimum up to the maximum, I think we already have a pretty good idea of relative speeds. Last year Mischa was untouchable upwind by Stevie who managed to pace him downhill occasionally. Now Stevie is light years ahead in conditions that should favour Mischa. At very least, you can no longer say that DNA have an advantage, which is what most have believed up until now. That is why 2 Oz guns have bought F1's. They thought they were buying the fastest boats. Wangi is going to be very interesting. I think there will be some disappointed people once the dust settles, although i will make no predictions as to who it will be. I will give you a clue. Don't trust Bundy's numbers Stevie's are actually what he uses. The video is a bit of fun but without knowing what boat they are sailing, where the beams and foils are, exactly which foils, rudders and rudder winglets are being used, the numbers are pretty meaningless.
  10. A Cat Worlds Sopot

    I would put forward a different view. For many, performance is only part of the equation. Take a beautiful boat like the DNA and there will be people who would want to own one even if it wasn't the very fastest boat available today. It's part of the overall ownership experience. I know people in the monohull world who buy wooden boats wehn composite ones are considered faster. They acknowledge they aren't going to win so their buying criteria becomes something different from just which is faster that I wouldn't buy a DNA, but not because of performance or even price but because it would have left me only peripheral to the team development programme. Owning an AD3 has meant that we had 3 of them and could test so many more set ups. Early days, but I expect that DNA will need to do some foil development following this event. hopefully they will come up with something that will allow people to simply plug in new foils to existing platforms. Overall, we aren't doing bad as a class with the boats that are available. Of course, like ACS, I am biased toward Exploder, but I think it is wrong not to acknowledge that other builders.
  11. A Cat Worlds Sopot

    Agreed about Brayshaw. I think since February he only sailed for the short time he joined us up in NSW. It's good to see him on an equal boat again as he has exactly the same spec as the others. I expect to see the results improve over the week. I will also give a shout out to a "remote" team member, Adam May. Adam took delivery of his boat at the event, fitted it out and got 1 day sailing in light conditions before the event. Other than that, he had 3 days practice a month ago in Spain on a borrowed boat. He is using a Stevie short sail on a short DNA mast, which is a real experiment as it was totally untested before the event and he has chosen to "take one for the team" so we can learn from this. I think for a non A Class sailor to get a 6 and 10 first time racing with a new rig is exciting both for him and for the rig. Maybe designing AC50's and then watching them sail around gives you some real insight into how to sail an A .
  12. A Cat Worlds Sopot

    Stevie's old boat, which he won the Nationals with, also has the boards in the same position. The only difference between the boats is that the rear beam has been moved back 100mm which has been done to give a little more room under the sail for swapping sides. i don't think there is any speed implication in that change. Most of the other new generation of Exploders that were brought in to Australia just before the Nationals have this set up. Bundy tried a different set up with the main beam and boards further forward when he first arrived in Europe (Polish spec???) but decided that the Australian spec was better. We have talked about this a lot. One of our little sailing group (Johno) has modified his boat to put the cases even further forward and we have concluded that it is probably easier to sail and "safer" but it is more draggy. I am totally convinced by the current beam and board positions. An interesting thing for me is that the front beam is now back to where it was 15 years ago. What goes around, comes around!
  13. A Cat Worlds Sopot

    Since writing the above comments, I have learnt a bit more. Bundy sailed conservatively doing what he needed to win. On the other hand, Stevie doesn't seem to know how to do that. In our last training session before he left Australia, it was blowing 20-25 knots and Stevie was sending it so hard yet always in total control. It seems like he carried that on in the second race, winning by big margins despite cruising down the last run. 2 minutes in those conditions is around 800 metres ahead. The most pleasing thing for me is to hear that Bundy was quick both upwind and downwind. There was a slight concern that he might have been a few boat lengths slower on the runs. Depth seems to have been the key and there are different modes when going for speed or depth. Again, this is where some focus too much on maximum speed. Some of Stevie's highest boat speeds have come when I have actually been able to achieve better VMG by being slower and lower. As for Mischa, yes, he must be kicking himself but most of all about not being able to count because the capsize only cost him 1 place. The report says it was because Stevie was so far ahead Mischa couldn'r see him go to the finish!
  14. A Cat Worlds Sopot

    One day doesn't make a championship, but what it does say s that all the training that Bundy, Stevie and I did was worthwhile. Usually, i forecast a Stevie win at a worlds and have only been right once in 6 years, so I have been pretty careful not to make a forecast and certainly don't think that based on today Stevie and Bundy have it in the bag. There is a log way to go and conditions will change. I am concerned about the lighter stuff because we simply haven't done enough training and developing in those conditions. What i can now say is that I knew that their upwind pace on foils was pretty unbelievable and it would need something very special to keep up with them. the focus of the last 6 months has been on sustained speed, so headline speeds have meant little. The other problem has been that we train on pretty flat water and we didn't know how the speed would translate in waves. Another thing to consider when you look at the gaps they opened up is that in those conditions, they are noticeably faster with the short rig. They decided they couldn't risk the short rig because they don't yet have the confidence in it when it goes light and they felt confident they would be fast enough with the tall rig in breeze. Do you really need to win by many minutes or just cross the line first. I agreed I wouldn't tell the full story of speeds, but in flat water and 15 knots, the new target for people is to be constantly over 20 knots and pointing equal or higher than a non foiling boat. When i say constantly, i mean all the time between tacks. We have also worked hard on what we call "transitions", when to switch between foiling and not foiling but going high instead. There are huge gains to be made understanding this. I went to bed a happy man after seeing the results last night. If it stays above 10 knots, it will take a very special effort to catch Stevie and Bundy. If it gets lighter, I really don't know. A log way to go, but it seems to me that the Australian beam position and boomless sails aren't exactly slow.
  15. A Cat Worlds Sopot

    I never said it has become boring! It's the most fun I have had sailing probably ever. I cannot overstate how much I am in love with our boats and the sailing which is why i have done more sailing this year than I have probably done in the last 10 years put together, and that includes 3 seasons of 18' skiffs. I cannot get enough of it. What i was trying to say, obviously very badly, is that set up right with the correct gear the boats are a dream to sail. Once you get the boat set up and you reprogramme yourself so that what you need to do to keep a boat foiling is natural, the boats stop being scary. I read a lot of shit by non A Class sailors who tell people how hard A's are to foil, despite the fact they have never sailed one. There is one strange thing. Once you get used to one particular speed "zone", it doesn't take much more for it to become scary again (yes, i know that contradicts what i said above!). I guess that when i started, 22 knots was crazy scary. Then I got a bit used to it. You would have thought going from 22 to 24 wasn't that big a jump but it is huge. 24 to 26 is another leap. My top speed is 28 knots and that is crazy. Each of these 2 knot leaps feel like you have actually gone 5-6 knots faster, not 2. I keep expecting to see the GPS go to some huge number and then I find that in reality, it is only a little faster. The other strange thing is that any speed foiling upwind feels 5-6 knots faster than it actually is. I get the same sense of OMG as I do at the highest speeds I have achieved downwind. It feels so much more out of control and I cannot explain it. It's not just because it is harder and needs more technique. It just feels so on the edge all the time. I would love to get a heart rate monitor on me. What i do know is that the best thing is however good you get on these, all it does is open new possibilities and I am sure we are some way off maximum. The Moths seem to be tailing off a bit in terms of increasing performance. I think we still have some way to go. The top guys are now faster upwind than a moth in a straight line, although we lose out because of the lack of foiling tacks. Downwind, i think we are still a little off in speed but not bad in VMG. I used to believe we would never be faster than a moth around a course. Now I think it is just a matter of time before we are.