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  1. Perhaps Bernasconi and Verdier say
  2. Oracle Team USA

    Massively O/T but the coastal classic live tracking is a great watch right now... BG MOD 70 and Frank (Jimmie) still neck and neck... fucking steaming... http://forecast.predictwind.com/tracking/race/nzmyc
  3. Oracle Team USA

    But then they are just becoming larger, expensive and fragile GC32s? Wouldn't it be easier to just bring tabs/flaps to the 32s? I guess I still contend that its natural the GC32s will continue to evolve with ongoing upgrades as a sustainable platform, whilst it makes less sense for AC50s to try and modify themselves to be easier to sail... There are lots of LE dependent suppliers that would want the AC50 to continue too - including boat builders who made the hulls etc, but this isn't the same as there being a genuine demand...
  4. Oracle Team USA

    It's unclear how you could make these boats any quicker *and* less oil hungry - and the only options for oil make more of mockery of grinding than before - engines for some/all hydro, or larger accumulators and more pre-charging making in-race grinding really just being a bit of a show?
  5. Team NYYC

    I don't know... I'd say never count him out until he decides so himself - perhaps he could take the crown from JS as the greatest come-back king... ;-) He hung in there in the AC50s and the new monos will probably remove the alleged young/reaction advantage making him more competitive again - arguably he's greater prowess in monos, but his sailing in AC34 and AC35 proved he is still reasonably versatile. Having said that I agree that we won't see him helming, because if he elects to join in, I think he'd want to be off the boat now... or maybe he has one more in him?
  6. The LV (not the AC) WS

    So she left him because he's selfish arsehole? Yup, sounds about right...
  7. The LV (not the AC) WS

    I'm not even sure what this means... an 'American life story'?, a surname, land assets, as if these somehow define how "American" you are...and how that somehow corresponds to how much you care about supporting 'American Sailing'.... ummmm what? Pass me the bong stingers! Actual deeds and real public conduct - not verbal self-indulgent assertions by someone or their surrogates - are what is proof of someone's true self - but I can appreciate how some in the US are struggling with this these days given the obvious example of this playing out right now...
  8. AC 36 Protocol

    Geez - projecting much? Let me break it down for your small.little.mind I never suggested ETNZ were victims mate, those are your words... the point was made by TC that the defender always fucks people because of recent history proving this, and that ETNZ as now the defender will become the fucker. I don't agree, so I then responded that if you look back far enough you can find multiple times the defender didn't fuck anyone, and that in many of these cases that defender was ETNZ - still waiting for someone to argue this is wrong btw... I *also* added EB and LE fucked others - including themselves and ETNZ - and did so at times even when they weren't the defender. My point was the EB and LE are always fuckers irrespective of holding the cup, and holding the cup doesn't make you a fucker, as evidenced by ETNZ... If you don't understand that you are the victim - of too few brain cells or too many jugs...
  9. The LV (not the AC) WS

    Won't ESS just evolve over time to solve this though? You'd probably be better at driving today's F1 vs an F3 from the 90s ;-)
  10. AC 36 Protocol

    ETNZ has been defender multiple times before... Please illuminate us as to when they fucked others as hard as EB and LE did... Of course, then consider that EB and LE fucked ETNZ without prejudice
  11. The LV (not the AC) WS

    What's wrong with ESS? Lack of wing?
  12. The LV (not the AC) WS

    Agreed, I don't doubt LE (and others) want to make this a thing, and will even try to throw money at it to do so. But they struggled to make it a big enough media spectacle for sponsors when they had the prestige of the AC attached to it. How an earth do they think they will make it bigger and better (hell even the same!) when its just yet another regatta (arguably there already are too many diluting coverage of sailing). And again, if you even needed more proof that for some of these syndicates this wasn't about winning the cup, witness who elects to join this little circus vs chasing the actual fucking cup. It will be in black and white. Even if they do get it off the ground, it will become a second-rate private regatta much like a maritime Ferrari Challenge / Corse Clientio where the only people interested in it are those competing. No TV, no media, no big sponsors, no gate takings = no money here so it will ultimately (and probably quickly) die. Best thing about it existing would be for A4E to set up her own little forum somewhere so that she can argue with the voices in her head that tell her that Land Rover would put as much money into this little side show as opposed to sponsoring a proper sporting event.
  13. Oracle Team USA

    Don't feed a troll who doesn't even understand the basic difference between a youngster and youth
  14. Team NZ

    I think because ETNZ's approach already conformed by that point - every body else had to stop true-auto, but ETNZ's follow the dot was legit and thus permitted
  15. Team NZ

    Ugh you just fell into A-hole Sailors trap - it was him trying to stuff words into the likes of Sclarkes mouth... read up a little further in the thread to see what's transpired... your last para should be directed at him, not Sclarke