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  1. rh3000

    AC Rugby

    Chromecasting via wifi at the olds with their flaky gear and have had 100% perfect video since the Wally-thrashing...
  2. rh3000

    Team NZ

    TC - this guy reckons the arms are still "1.2 tonnes" each - so no total mass increase to them and the boat after all eh! ;-)
  3. Tvnz already have the NZ rights for free to air live coverage across broadcast and online. Rest of world will have free to air too via local provider or YouTube
  4. rh3000

    Team NZ

    Nonsense mate - TC has your number, so unless you have clear evidence* that it hasn't capsized at all today then we'll just have to assume he's right in the implication it did... *I think we'll be needing time-stamped geolocated uncut 4k footage since dawn till dusk of the boat never getting out of shot... and even then someone will poke holes in it! The footage not the boat!
  5. rh3000

    Luna Rossa Challenge. AC 36

    That thing looks like it's practically taking on water at the stern (!?)
  6. rh3000

    Boats and foils comparison

    TC this is ventilation...
  7. rh3000


    arm fairings are custom
  8. rh3000


    Do you really think anything posted here makes a blinding difference to what details, data and knowledge the teams have on each other? Hell all we get here are the dregs from the spy shots the teams don't mind sharing.
  9. rh3000

    Team NZ

    I can't believe you just said that mate :-) You'll take those words to your grave!
  10. rh3000

    Team NZ

    Or a good place for a remote control webcam
  11. rh3000

    Team NYYC

    We must be watching different clips - mine featured a massive climb then dive into the sea at the start followed by some basic foiling for a few seconds that also included nose touch downs every so often... Were you thinking 'Airbus' because it reminded you of AF447 similarly nose diving into the Atlantic? I can see the resemblance.
  12. rh3000

    Team NZ

    Ahhhh right... Nice literal quote there...
  13. rh3000

    Team NZ

    Great to know he's finally picked a team!
  14. There is no way even SGP are dumb enough to think those stats will pass the sniff test for any sponsor or team principle. Those vanity metrics are for the laughingly gullible, comically inept and easily fooled. Sometimes all three in one.
  15. rh3000

    Boats and foils comparison

    They are further out than the arms you seemed so concerned about before though :-) Remember that time you were convinced the new foil arms would dramatically effect foiling and stability? Nah me neither ;-)