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  1. rh3000

    The Choke continues...

    Ladies and gentlemen there you have it...
  2. rh3000

    The Choke continues...

    You use 2003 as evidence that DB sucked, and yet also state that RC and BB etc left because "Blake made it impossible for them to stay and or be competitive" in 2003, which by your own statement "was proven correct" by ETNZ going on to lose. So I wonder if you are able to realise your own contradiction here - your own assertion cancels the other out. And then your final attempt is to complain about an avatar? It's like the ad hominem of ad hominens! Bless! That you don't know the source of it portents much to everyone else here... yet another discovery that if it happens will cause you yet more embarrassment.
  3. rh3000

    The Choke continues...

    Impressive at least in the level of self delusion exercised to weave and wave such a corrupt narrative
  4. rh3000

    head like a hole

    Also looks like work directly under the foil arm, rolling well under the boat
  5. rh3000

    Prada Cup

    Given the likes of Regatta Recind was nearly fatal to ETNZ, the skins would need to be pretty thick mate...
  6. rh3000

    Prada Cup

    Much of it was... #letsgetdalts, the Auckland regatta rescind, flaggate and blackballing ETNZ post capsize, IP theft and destruction, to name a few... But of course you already knew that, as does everyone else, so not sure your revisionist effort will accomplish much, as per usual.
  7. rh3000

    Team NYYC

    Whatever bouancy migjt have been in that forward compartment with air trapped above the hole, was somewhat diminished when they popped the manhole (which they did whilst it was still on its side) to climb in and inspect things. If they hadn't done that, it might have been a lot better. Hindsight though...
  8. rh3000

    INEOS Team GB

    Perhaps @The_Alchemist can do his calcs on this, (if he didnt already when it was first shown).
  9. rh3000

    Luna Rossa Challenge. AC 36

    LR were out at sparrow's fart this morning - were sitting off Rangitoto and had their mainsail up by 7:30am
  10. rh3000

    Emirates Team New Zealand.

    They are in the background of that shot too
  11. rh3000

    Team NYYC

    Is it not actually very very very dark blue?
  12. rh3000

    INEOS Team GB

    I don't get it...
  13. rh3000

    AC TV Coverage

    The facts were they torched the youtube and social media accounts including all the subscribers and followers instead of transfering them as they were supposed to. Petty, spiteful, and destructive to the cup - but they didn't care, it wasn't theirs anymore, so just burn it all down... sounds familiar eh..
  14. rh3000

    AC TV Coverage

    Please don't pretend you don't know, or remember...
  15. rh3000

    AC TV Coverage

    I guess I should check linkedin more often