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  1. Given you refer to a local river and appear to live in western Washington, I'm guessing you may be referring to the Columbia and possibly the Sailing on Sunday series that happens (almost) every Sunday from Fall to Spring. If so, this is an extremely low key race where announcements regarding course, and other things possibly of interest to you, are made on VHF Ch 72. If you listen in before and around noon you'll hear the course and know where folks will be heading so you can avoid those areas if you wish. Even better though, is to consider joining in on the fun in your own boat and as crew for others. You will quickly learn what goes on, hopefully enjoy yourself, but no doubt be better prepared to avoid boat-to-boat issues in the future. More information here: https://sailpdx.org
  2. JSoup

    West Coast Sleds?

    Just got from vacation in San Diego, so don’t know any details, but what we happened to see around. Apart from several TP52s and similar, Rio 100 is at (and hard to miss) the Mission Bay Driscoll yard., and Cabron (sp?), a Botin 80, was at what appeared to be a guest dock on Shelter Island.
  3. JSoup

    In San Diego with family- what to do?

    Thanks for all of the great suggestions! Spent the afternoon at Cabrillo National Monument and had a great time. There is plenty of “neck swiveling scenery” everywhere we go - including several amateur model shoots out by the tide pools. It’s not just the 16 year old that notices!
  4. My family of 4 is visiting San Diego for a long weekend, tomorrow through Monday. Daughter 12, son 16. Any thoughts of some fun stuff we should do? Son and I are active racers, the girls not so much. Thanks - Eric
  5. At least here in Oregon you can rent 1 ton pickup trucks from Enterprise, but I think you need a commercial account. When I looked into this a couple years ago, towing was allowed. Our load was about 12000lbs. I had the truck reserved but we ended up buying a dually, so didn’t go through with the rental.
  6. JSoup

    Need Help

    SF Woody Sailor - you may want to reread the original request. A J/105 may not be your cup of tea, but what he's asking for is basically their design brief. Please note this sentence in particular: "I am getting to the point (70 years old) where I would like something simpler (less crew) to sail, and perhaps cut down on the operating costs (slip fees, maintenance on the boat)".
  7. JSoup

    Random PicThread

    Yeah, what he said. That looks like it could be Portland and I think that boat may be at PYC, what’s the rest of the story?
  8. JSoup

    Pac Cup 2018

    Dawson - in 2014 it was about $9,500 for a J105 on Matson on our own trailer. I think rates were a little better in '16. That doesn't include the haulout fees of ~$1,500 and the trucking fee to move it across the street ~$500.
  9. JSoup

    Best wood for 5o5 transom rebuild

    Thanks to both of your for your responses. I think laminating two 1/2" or one 1/2" and 3/4" together is probably the best option. The skins are generally in good shape. The wood goes in the vertical sections on about 3" on each side and across the top section. It appears that the wood core was exposed originally, which is hard to understand, but I will glass it in.
  10. I am helping my 15 yr old son rehab a neglected 1972 Moore 5o5. We have no illusions of making this a race ready boat, just a fun toy to screw around on. The mostly open transom had a wood core that was half dry rot, so we chiseled that out and need to replace the wood. The original wood was 1" solid fir (? - not plywood). I was originally thinking we would use 1" marine plywood, but that is hard to come by locally and expensive considering how much we would need to buy versus actually need. Now I'm wondering if there is a better, at least more economical solution. We will encase the new core in epoxy and fiberglass it into place, there will be no exposed wood. Thoughts? Thank you!
  11. JSoup

    Columbia River Sailors

    That quote is probably BS and product of passed down rumors over 3 decades. I wouldn't bother trying to understand, or believe, it.
  12. JSoup

    Columbia River Sailors

    Yup, check out the fleet here: http://www.islandsailing.org/about/sailboats/ i worked there in college (late 80s) and the Zap was part of fleet way back then - still is.
  13. We've been super happy with our J/105 and have had some success ocean racing. We do cruise it too, but it's a much better daysailer and ocean racer than cruiser. No standing headroom gets old when trying to cruise. Id be surprised if you found a 109 anywhere near that price range. One of the best things about the 105 is that despite a high barrier to entry (compared to Express 37, J35, etc) the sail and running costs are much lower than other boats on your list.
  14. JSoup

    Need used 505 centerboard

    Thanks for the continued comments. A local knowledgeable source thought it could be a Ballenger from some photos I sent, but wasn't sure and it doesn't look like other Ballengers I've seen photos of, but I read that they changed hulls several times. It appears to have molded in "cutouts" on either side of the mast partners (the white in the photo) that were subsequently filled in with what looks like professionally done fiberglass inserts. I still haven't been able to find the hull number on the hull, but the sails have 4087 on them, so I'll go with that for now. This would make it about a 1970 Vintage. This think was literally found in the woods where it had been parked for manyyears on a friend's property. As you would imagine, it needed a lot of cleaning, and of course all of the lines and hiking straps replaced, but otherwise would be ready to sail given a workable centerboard. We have no illusions about it ever being competitive, just looking for some relatively high performance fun.
  15. JSoup

    Need used 505 centerboard

    Thanks for the responses - I've looked for a Hull Number or other identifying mark and can't find anything. How can I determine the make and vintage?