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  1. ACWS Portsmouth 23rd 26th July

    How come there is no youtube version of the race yet ??
  2. ACWS Portsmouth 23rd 26th July

    Thanks Stingtay, my net is to slow to view the high quality, and i cant turn dovn like on youtube, buffer is slower than connection..... im waiting for a youtube vertion to watch it, but thanks !
  3. ACWS Portsmouth 23rd 26th July

    Is there a youtube version of the replay of race 1 &2 yet..... Even the replay does not work on the ap.........
  4. Hitting a mark, taking your penalty and sailing on is not cheating. That's how this sport is supposed to work and for the most part, how it actually works. But it´s just another stupid rule, as if it was faster to hit the mark.....
  5. Artemis?

    any news on when they will race... ?
  6. AC Youth Cup

    FYI The Danish youth wikings, that got ditched by coutts and bundoc becourse they wanted an australien team to enter, has send a letter to AC...something, that they want to take germany´s place in the AC45 youth AC. http://minbaad.dk/nyhed/archive/2013/13/may/article/danske-ac-45-sejlere-klar-til-at-afloese-tyskerne/?cHash=1b27ec1659ef977da1a3a9150d388212 sorry it´s in Danish....
  7. Artemis?

    I think thats the wing base counter weight for when they unstep the wing. ok, sounds reasonable...
  8. Artemis?

    What is the box in the crane at 2.31 ??
  9. Artemis?

    So Artemis has yet to be seen on her foils....but 23 days remain. Has anyone seen the read bitch foil... ??
  10. Artemis?

    Has anyone seen ore heard of a foiling Artemis ??????
  11. Artemis?

    Please don't let them stop for lunch. I want to see them return to the dock rightside-up. They've got a new OR-inspired sign now.. They must feel they are on thin ice since they wobble around in 2 knots....understandable..! Got to have that great picture on the new page!! new page ??
  12. Artemis?

  13. Artemis?

  14. Artemis?

    Nice stuff, cant wait to see if she can twist as mutch as "TwistZilla"
  15. i550

    Now that is a nive looking boat!! well done!