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  1. Bye bye Artemis Racing

    I guess it depends if they want to win the most elusive prize in sailing or they just want to go and play in fast boats. Both are ok but obviously their main goal isn't to win the AC.
  2. I don't think it will have a canting keel, more like a giant sport boat with foils. Possibly racks and wires.
  3. Bye bye Artemis Racing

    "The most important consideration for our team is the need for a cutting-edge boat design, one that results in speeds that are as fast or faster than in the last America’s Cup held in Bermuda." What a stupid criteria, I guess that is their choice though.
  4. How to remove First 40.7 Rudder

    Just do a long ocean passage, I'm sure it will remove itself.
  5. AC36 Protocol - Ask Dalts

    Are they new boats going to go back to soft sails?
  6. AC 35 torrent links are here. http://crew.org.nz/forum/index.php/topic/14611-replays/
  7. cool or horrifying?

    Definitely, kite pole in the water, boom in the water, kite pole int the water boom in the water, kite pole in the water.. ohh shit hang on..
  8. cool or horrifying?

    Bullshit, the best way to learn to sail in weather like that is to go out and race in it. Beats sitting at home having a tug.
  9. cool or horrifying?

    To be fair to the original poster, the boats in the two cook straight vids are mega dollar canters. They are pretty impressive nonetheless.
  10. cool or horrifying?

    A one off, Tiller 35 https://www.facebook.com/truxtonsailing/
  11. cool or horrifying?

    Looks like lots of fun to me (except for the upwind probably needed to reduce sail). Here's us 2 handed with the symmetrical kite up leaving Wellington gusting over 40 true at times. Top speed about 18.5, a lot flatter water though
  12. Mainsail cloth choice

    PM Booboo on these forums he completed a almost 2000 mile race around the North Island of New Zealand with Nordac 3di and said the sails still looked fantastic after. (He also cleaned up in his division). We have purchased a new Nordac No.1 for our race boat the stuff looks and feels very tough but early days yet. The price was half that of Normal 3di.
  13. Team NZ

    Scratch that I'm a bit behind This is a start should keep the wolves from the doof. https://beehive.govt.nz/release/govt-invest-5m-team-new-zealand
  14. Team NZ

  15. Team NZ

    Looking forward to taking the cruising boat up to Auckland for the defence. My thoughts are that the multis will probably stay but maybe a move back to soft sails, the wings while amazing technology are a logistical nightmare ashore and a handful on the water when the wind gets up.