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  1. SeaRail 19 Owners Blog/Vlog

    Look at the Wheeleez tyres. could make life easier. https://wheeleez.com/
  2. Gitana 17 on Foils

    the damage on the foil shown in the photos above does not seem to be from an impact. If it was an impact, you would expect to see damage to the leading edge of the foil, not the back. To me, this is a structural issue caused by the foil flexing too much, and compressing and flexing the top surface. There is always the pressure to build as light as possible, and lessons will be learnt, and improvements made. Next time they should consult with the (Doug) Lord as he is gods gift to foilers everywhere.
  3. Gitana 17 on Foils

    He predicted 8 days to do the race. Did it in 7 days, 23 hours, 55 minutes and 24 seconds. This was their first race, and there is only room for improvement. Foils are not the silver bullet in all conditions, but with more experience, I believe we will find they will become the weapon of choice.
  4. underwater swordfight - what is it?

    volvo in port racer
  5. Clipper Does a Vestas

    Looking at their track, it looks like they thought they had passed the second lighthouse, and turned onto the same course as everyone else did after the second lighthouse. No-one bothered to check the chart plotter.
  6. what is it?

    It's up the right way, and the T rudder and Z foil are still in the water.
  7. Nice photo, but the boat is reaching at approx 90 degrees to the wind. What does it look like doing a Windward/leeward course?
  8. There has always been an upper and lower wind limit in the Amercias Cup. There will be no racing in 35 knots, and most of the time, the conditions are the 8 to 15 knots.
  9. Has anyone managed to get all four foils out of the water and survived? A gust combined with a keeler's wake had us diving for the bottom, but we managed to save it, but the crew busted his knee.
  10. Auckland has a small fleet of multihulls who also sail through this area, and most of them are still the right way up.
  11. Water in spinnaker pole, how to remove

    Cut in half, tip out water, post "How do I join Carbon Spinnker Pole together"
  12. One reason ETNZ went with a mono, is it will guarantee more entries into the 36th AC. The reasons for that is firstly it is outside the USA, and there will be multiple USA challenges, and secondly the rich old men who pay the bills all think they can sail a large monohull, but they are certain they can't sail a high performance Multihull. I personally feel any boat that can be used as a tourist charter boat after the racing is not a high performance boat, and will not full test the skills of the best sailors in the world.
  13. You simply design and build the boat to meet the expected conditions. ETNZ managed to train fairly well in these waters, with some level of success. While the conditions off Auckland can be windy and rough, more likely than not, it will be a 8 to 12 knot sea breeze but with a lumpy chop to content with. the current fairings and foils were designed for the light wind/flat water conditions of Bermuda, and there is no reason why you couldn't add a bit more carbon to have them withstand 20 to 25 knots of wind. You would also design the foils to give a higher level of control, as speed/power would not be an issue.
  14. I visited it at the Auckland Boat show. Rig and sails were impressive, and the general layout was well thought out, but the finishing was not up to the standard you would expect on a boat costing northwards of a million dollars.
  15. Sydney to Hobart 2017

    Has anyone got a Davidson 34 I can buy. My plans are to extend it to 100 feet, so I can join the fun. DAVIDSON 34' "INVADER" FOR SALE (QLD) 33K https://www.gumtree.com.au/s-ad/scarborough/sail-boats/-invader-davidson-34-/1139165172