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  1. Ditching Your Rig At Sea (from PD)

    Dump it all, and lose any evidence to be used against you, and then get all new stuff on the Insurance Company.
  2. Bora gulari nacra 17 incident

    I think the diameter of the rope could also be a factor in this. Narrow rope will cut in more than a thicker, but heavier rope.
  3. Dyneema Deck Railings

    Also the color will rub off the Dyneema, and get on white dresses etc.
  4. Foiling A Cats..... In chop

    My crew did the same injury, but not as bad (one month off sailing) on a Marstrom Tornado. We plowed into the wake of a keeler (just forward of the photo), and planted it, his foot was in the footstrap, but no chicken line. This front foot slipped forward, doing the splits, straining his knee. It was the footstrap that caused the issues.
  5. It will be interesting to see these boats preforming a slow tack. As the boat comes out the tack, it will struggle to great enough power to create enough speed to get up on the foils. I believe we will see more than one of them fall over in the pre-start. The advantage of a Cat, is the width, and the ability to great maximum power to build up the speed. With the AC75, you have a narrow light boat that will be very tender, and the crews will need work to keep the boat upright.
  6. Macif / Gabart / Jules Verne 2017-18

    It is Known that when you post an article on the front page, you should finish it XX days, XX hours and XX seconds before posting it.
  7. Macif / Gabart / Jules Verne 2017-18

    Macif is making the Volvo look very old fashion and slow. They both started about the same time, and Macif is almost finished, and they have only just got to the southern Ocean.
  8. Yacht Club Safety Review

    Also also have the nanny state Health and Safety laws, and the Govt agencies will prosecute where possible. I fully support the Skipper has full responsibility for what happens on the boat. But we can all learn from other mistakes, and we can make recommendations to the skippers and yacht owners.
  9. Yacht Club Safety Review

    Thanks everyone - Lots of great advice up to the usual standard we have all come to expect. Lots of fun. and Yes, I am a kiwi, and it's summer time. On a serious note, the reason we are looking at this is a sailor drowned after entering one of our singlehanded races, but he pulled out due to a lack of wind and went fishing. It seems he fall over the side when raising his mainsail. he was found facedown in the water, and his boat doing slow circles in the busy harbour entrance. Nationally there are no special safety requirements for single handed sailing, but some local clubs require singlehanders to carry on their person during the races in this series the means to self-initiate a 3 rd party rescue in the event that I become unable to sail singlehanded or fall overboard. Also the biggest issue with a Man (or person) overboard, is the person in the water generally cannot communicate with the boat. The boat is generally easier to see from the water, than the person from the boat, and if the person in the water could direct the boat back to them, it would save all the time spent searching. Given the low cost of waterproof handheld VHF radios, carrying on on your person could be the key to saving your life.
  10. Ian Farrier

    A big loss to the sailing community.
  11. caption contest

    Lower, Lower, We need to go lower. Too Low, Up, UP, UP
  12. Yacht Club Safety Review

    I am heading up a group that is reviewing the safety aspect of our yacht clubs keeler racing. Most of our racing is either Wednesday night racing within the harbour, plus a number of overnight coastal races. We also have a singlehanded series. While we follow the National Federation's safety guidelines, we are wanting to see if we can do things better. I would appreciate any comments or suggestions as to what other clubs are doing in regard to safety inspections, and requirements for yachts, singlehanded and crewed racing. Thanks in advance.
  13. NZ F18 Sailing

    Most of us have moved to sailing Tornado's. cheaper, faster, and lighter - more fun. Fleets in Tauranga and the Bay of Islands, and possibly Whangarei. there could be a couple of F18's sailing in Auckland.
  14. AC36 - The Venue

    Tauranga would be the perfect location for the cup. We have a large sandbank in the middle of the harbour, with narrow deep water channels surrounding it. We could build the grandstands on the sandbank, and have the boats racing around the sandbank, very much like race cars around a track.
  15. So we now know what a foiling Monohull will look like, the next question is how will they sail it? Will it be standing upright, with the lee foil out to the side, as shown in the promo videos, or will the foil be pulled completely down below the hull, and the whole boat being heeled 20 to 30 degrees to windward, like they are doing with the moths. When a Moth heels to windward, they are in effect making the boat wider (distance from the CoE in the water to CoG above the water), and therefore creating more power and speed. ALso the lift from the rig will also help to make the boat feel lighter, and therefore faster. This could indeed make the AC75 quicker than the AC50's.