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  1. So far the images have been of monos that can foil only when reaching in 20 plus knots of wind, not upwind/downwind in 8 to 10 knots. It will be interesting to see what they come up with.
  2. Looks just like this I 14
  3. What would a AC foiling monohull look like? I mean one that can foil downwind and maybe upwind, not just foil assisted reaching? How can you match watch with foils poking up to 10 metres out the side of the boat. How fast will they tack or gybe?
  4. The cabin is wrong. so not one of the photos.
  5. Speed does play a part in adding excitement to the event. Bulldozer racing is fun for the people involved, but it's not something I could get excited over.
  6. I am having trouble working out how foiling mono's would work in match racing. Currently there a a very small number of foiling, or foil assisted monohulls sailing. And from what I see, they can only benefit from their foils while reaching, in a reasonable wind - 15 knots or more. How would they perform on a light wind windward/leeward racecourse. The Quant 23, designed by GD's favorite designer (not), has a hull shape as close to a multihull as you can get in a single.scow style hull. And the foils are long and would interfere with the rig when retracted. On a 18m hull, the foils would need to be massive to work, and would take a lot of work to manage pre-start and during tacks and gybes.
  7. Just had Peter Burling on the AM show on TV3, in NZ, when asked about what boat Said there is no reason why the cats can't sail on Waitemata Harbour - We're been doing for the last 2 years. The big disappointment is not being able to sail these boats (AC50's) for a while. This is the biggest hint we have had out of ETNZ so far as to what boat we will have.
  8. When Team NZ took KZ1 for it's first sail, Peter Blake was physically sailing rings around it with his tri Steinlager 3. As DC said, KZ1 was a dog.
  9. We need to remember whatever boat or design that is used, the teams will spend all the money they have to make it go faster. If they were racing bath tubs, and they had 100 million to spend to make it faster, they would. Any new design will take all the teams back to square one, and all would need to spend the money because it is a new design, and it would be harder for new teams to join. By keeping the current hull and wing design, there are 6 (maybe 7 OTUSA second boat) boats available to be used or sold to new teams. I would guess Prada would be happy to buy ETNZ's boat for a few million. It gets them a winning boat, and it gives ETNZ a powerful training partner, plus funds to keep running and to develop a new boat and systems. I would look at battery or electric powered hydro systems, freeing up the crew to sail the boat. There is still the design challenge of reducing weight, while maintaining sufficient power to sail. Also batteries give you the greenie/eco vote. The advantage (foiling) cats have for match racing, is it is harder to defend as the attacker has more options as they have a wider range of sailing angles to achieve near max VMG up or downwind. Also the right puff or shift will get you back into the game. Also mistakes are more costly as the speed loss is greater. Given the wind range most races are held in 5 to 15 knots, we need boats that get up and go, and foiling cats do that. If the racing was in Fremantle, with 20 to 35 knots of wind, then light displacement mono's could be a possible option, but in 5 to 15 knots no, If you want tacking duels, then you need heavy slow boats that don't lose any speed or distance when tacking. I fully understand there is a lot of skill required to drag 20 tonnes of lead around a racetrack, but bulldozer racing just doesn't do it for me.
  10. ETNZ has chosen the boat for the next AC. Paddling is allowed.
  11. Also remember the AC cup is about building and sailing the fastest boat around the course. It is not a match racing competition, it is a design and build competition, and it's looking like the kiwis may have done it this time.
  12. Before wishing for mono's go back and watch some of the videos from the earlier Amercia's cups. I have watched the 2000 ETNZ v Prada, and the the last race in the 33rd AC races. Yes the racing was closer (mostly within 50 metres), but it was slow and not very exciting. A lee bow tack was about as exciting as it got. There wasn't the options for the skippers to use to attack the other boat, or to defend. There wasn't the worry (or hope) that one mistake will lose (or win) the race. I fully appreciate there is skill required to lug 25 tonnes of lead around a course quicker then someone else, but these skills were still limited to a small number of old fat men (butterworth) in the back of the boat.
  13. You could see the LV cup being held in UAE, and the Amercia's cup final being held in New Zealand.
  14. The Weta is forgetting. It is almost impossible to capsize going upwind. Downwind, with everything locked in with 25 plus knots of wind, then yes, you can go over.