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  1. Many is busy doing the BIC Worlds, so weren't available.
  2. My club (TYPBC) at Tauranga, New Zealand has moved from a mixture of Hobie 16's, F18's and other small cats to a fleet of 10 Tornados. Tauranga Harbour has narrow channels and lots of sandbanks and shallow water, so for us, the Tornado with it's centreboards is the perfect boat. Most of our racing is Wednesday nights with the keelers and a mixture of short coastal and harbour races. The New Zealand fleet has re-built itself with imports from Australia and Europe. Finally the 2019 Tornado World Champs will be at Takapuna Beach, Auckland (site of the 2008 Worlds) from the 4th January to the 10th Jan 2019. We have got sponsorship giving us free shipping of boats from different locations around the world (mainly Europe, Australia) (port charges still need to be paid). If interested email
  3. pacice

    Farrier F-85SR

    Thanks - It backs up my thinking, and I will talk to some of the NZ boys about their rig set-ups.
  4. pacice

    Farrier F-85SR

    Looking at the design, the taller mast has an extra 5 metres of sail area. I have heard of different Farrier designs having issues with weather helm, if the main is made too big, and the boom is extended too far. What is the best way to get extra sail area on the shorter (NZ 8.5) of the two masts, and not get issues with weather helm.
  5. pacice

    caption contest

    As the rest of the fleet sailed across the harbour, John knew he was in trouble when he discovered he couldn't fit under the boom.
  6. pacice

    Loose Amas

    The amas are loose in a Weta, and do bounce around. The trick is to get the rig as tight as possible, Some people will get others to lift the Weta by the amas when they are tightening the forestay. This helps to get the forestay tight, and gives better performance upwind, and the forestay won't get too loose on the downwind legs (with the kite up).
  7. pacice


    The modern or Sports Tornado is now significantly faster than the classic. At the worlds, the Sports do three laps to every two for the Classic. When the trials were held to select between the Classic and Sports, there was little speed difference, but since then, with development, the Sports is a lot faster. One design boats like the Laser and the Hobie 16, are designs locked into a certain time (1970's) and after a period of time, they will fall out of fashion, as there are now better, easier designs to sail. Just because there is a million Lasers stored under houses around the world doesn't make it a great design of today. To extend the usefulness of a one design class, there needs to be a certain level of development allowed, and sometimes, the class needs to make big changes to stay competitive and fun to sail. The Weta Trimaran has made changes to the manufacturing of the hulls and the sails, plus there is a new larger main coming online. These changes improve the boat and the class overall. Once the Laser is dropped from the Olympics, it will disappear fast as a new class takes over. The Laser is an old design, well passed it's used by date. It needed to update it's rig, sail and manufacturing process to stay current, and to fix the issues we all know if suffers from. For the F18, they need to fix in the key parts of the design, Length, weight, beam etc, and leave area for development to allow the class to develop and grow. The competitive sailors will always keep their in good order and up to date. Changes will always filler down from the top of a class to the bottom.
  8. pacice

    F18: who takes the main upwind?

    The link below is to a series of videos form Mischa Heemskerk showing how his crew and him sail their F18. Well worth watching. Professional sailor Mischa Heemskerk shares his knowledge of catamaran sailing in this two hour seminar conducted at the Racine Catamaran Championships hosted by CRAW in August of 2010 at the Racine Yacht Club.
  9. pacice

    F18: who takes the main upwind?

    I'm on the helm of my Tornado and I take the mainsheet in light conditions, downwind and before the start, and whenever the crew has to do other jobs around the boat. I also take the main when tacking, so I can work the helm and main together, but as soon as we are going, the main is back to the crew, and they take it as soon as they have finished all the other jobs, jib, centreboards etc. Otherwise the crew has the mainsheet, and it is simply because they can respond quicker with the small and large adjustments required, and they can use all their strength to crank it on in the heavy conditions. You do need good communication between the helm and crew, as to what is happening, and how to trim and sail the boat. and make sure you buy the crew a beer afterwards, as they have done all the hard work around the course. Also if you capsize and the crew has the main, then it's their fault.
  10. pacice

    Rad new Ran Fast40 for Niklas Zennstrom

    If it's fast, then it's beautiful. - Slow then ugly.
  11. pacice

    Defending an existing PHRF rating

    All handicap systems are a means to randomly allocate prizes (or positions) across the fleet. It helps to keep everyone happy (or unhappy) and interested in racing. If people feel they have a chance of winning, no matter how bad they are, they will hopefully keep coming back. It also gives the good guys a challenge to try and stay in front. Given the differences in conditions, conditions of boats, and changes in crew, how much rum was drunk last night, and how much money has been spent, and the different performance profile, there is not rating system to can account for all these variables.
  12. pacice

    Vestas 11th Hour recovery

    And humped it to within a inch of it's life.
  13. pacice

    Vestas 11th Hour recovery

    I only made that comment based on what I saw, and the damage was far more extensive than what we have been shown to date. We have been told, Vestas hit a fishing boat, it looks more like it drove straight over the top of it.
  14. pacice

    Vestas 11th Hour recovery

    There is a line of blue tape around the damaged area. I guess this is the part they are wanting to replace, otherwise you are getting into a lot of structural areas of the bow, and a lot more work.