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  1. Have a look at the waterlust sailing canoe from CLC boats. It is similar to your boat and there are different rig options. I thing the Opti rig is a good option and starting point.
  2. pacice

    Farr 30 revisited

    Looks like a two-hander for the Olympics.
  3. pacice

    Sydney to Hobart 2019

    I have been told the crew inside the hull did not see any hole in the hull and from the outside, the break was flush with the hull.
  4. pacice

    Spraying the inside

    Best How to Video
  5. pacice

    SailGP 2019

    There is a huge amount of money and effort being spent on what is fast but fairly average racing. The racing will get better as the crews get better, but will it last that long? I think it would be better if they did racing for two or three weekends in each location. You will get a lot more racing, exposure and build-up for the sponsors. The points could be double on week two and triple on week three to keep the excitement and interest.
  6. pacice

    Rules question re multi and mono on start line

    My suggestion is a high speed timed run for the start. Hull flying over the committee boat, and if there is a gap, you will be gone before anyone can luff. If no gap - too bad!
  7. pacice

    Percentage of the distance foiling

    these boats can't stand up unless they are foiling, so it will have to be greater than 70%, or there will be no racing.
  8. pacice

    Caption Contest

    You can either tickle the end, or just SLAM the AZZURRA out of it.
  9. pacice

    code flag "Y"

    I always assumed the Y flag was there for dinghy sailing, from the good ol' days when men were tough, and life jackets were only for sissy's. Nowadays, it is written into the sailing instructions. I would class a J22 as a "large" yacht, and not a dinghy, and therefore it is the skippers responsibility and decision, not the yacht clubs.
  10. pacice

    Larry's AC50 Circus

    Currently watching on You Tube from New Zealand (Geo lock not on, or isn't working to stop me) and 901 other viewers.
  11. pacice

    Recoating carbon mast

    I did the same. Previously I had used a one pot vanish, and that lasted six or seven seasons. I am expecting longer from the two pot. For a small mast, there isn't that much work to sand and re-coat. the trick is to re-coat before it starts to peel.
  12. pacice

    SailGP - Sydney Inaugural Regatta

    Warning A suspicious file/pattern was found on this website. Access to the website was blocked. Requested URL: Information: Contains recognition pattern of the HTML/ExpKit.Gen3 HTML script virus
  13. pacice

    Larry's AC50 Circus

    Looking at the timetables for Sky and Prime, there is not sign of any sailing on either Friday or Saturday. It must either be on a separate pop-up channel (not listed), or it will be kicking rugby, cricket or golf off air.
  14. Change all the ropes on the boat to the same colour - It makes life easier for the skipper to shout - pull the yellow rope - no the other yellow rope.
  15. Follow it here Venom Sailing.