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  1. teknologika

    Moth decksweeper and lowered mast stumps

    Nick's sail probably wouldn't be legal now. The head angle looks to be too big, which is a new rule that has been added since 2016.
  2. teknologika

    Moth decksweeper and lowered mast stumps

    The moth situation is a result of our class rules and a 5185 luff length limit. If we only measured area, then we would have gains everywhere with a fully endplated sail, like the A class as we would just have a longer, higher aspect rig.
  3. teknologika

    Moth decksweeper and lowered mast stumps

    It is actually dependent on a lot of things. The deck sweeper moves the COE down, and looses power but has lower drag. So if you are sailing below the design condition I.e. looking for power the deck sweeper will be slower, esp downwind. Once you are over the design condition and tying to depower the deck sweeper will be quicker, esp upwind. A lot of variables determine the design condition. Crew weight, foil length, wing geometry etc. nothing comes for free and it is all trade-offs. This is why the top guys in Bermuda are using normal rigs downrange and sweepers uprange.
  4. teknologika


    Yes. Those foils are an accident waiting to happen ( t-foils are bad enough ) ISAF needs to ban them for inshore sailing.
  5. teknologika

    best new foiler for beginner?

    It depends on a few factors 1. Available budget 2. Your body weight 3. Crushing or racing? 4. Your sailing experience and what types of boat you sail 5. Expected local conditions. 6. Local fleets. 7. So you care about one design or not. Without knowing any of that, I would say try a UFO and see how you go.
  6. teknologika

    racing a waszp as a moth

    I agree they are more fragile than the moth with plastic and aluminium replacing carbon and stainless. I have seen heaps of waszp breakages including foil pushrods, split centrecases, t-joints and wing bars. The main difference is you can fix your moth and go sailing the next day (it is part of the moth regatta culture) whereas with a waszp you have to order spares and wait for them to arrive sitting on the sidelines. Personally it takes me 30 mins to go from leaving my house to being on the water, and that includes the drive to the sailing club. They can be compared on bang for buck, a used moth is cheaper.
  7. teknologika

    Foil shapes

    Some general advice. - Do the work. -Sail the boats. By that I mean read the textbooks, white papers, learn the software and the maths. Don’t try and wing it. If you want to design successful sailboats you need to sail them. You need to ba able to think of and idea, implement it, test it and learn. You can’t just “design it and they will come”. The really hard part isn’t the designing, it is understanding the commercial side of the business, and how to be successful. if you love the Superfoiler great. Look at the videos and if you can spot it’s design flaws and what you would improve you are heading in the right direction. (Hint, it’s NOT the foils) One last thing, don’t design boats with foils outside the max beam. They are a death trap and a lawsuit waiting to happen, it is only a matter of time.
  8. teknologika

    racing a waszp as a moth

    To be legal at a worlds, rules wise you will need to have a moth ISAF sticker to get your sail number, and pay your building fee. You will need to add the moth class insignia and sail numbers in a measurement legal config, so that would probably mean removing the Waszp ones. Personally I would buy this boat http://www.mothmart.com/foiling-moth/aus-3562-manic-2-by-david-lister-2/ wayyy before I spent three times more on a Waszp. Especially in WA with their moth fleets. You will save plenty of $$$ and you could organise a charter boat for the Waszp games if you really want to do that regatta.
  9. teknologika

    Moth Developement

    Let’s look at a comparison of two theoretical sailors with some fictional assumptions for comparison. Sailor A - 65KG - 6 knot take off Sailor B - 90kg - 9 knot take off Let’s assume three foil designs. Foil A - General foil with a top speed of 25 knots. Foil B - A high lift. Lowers the take off to 5 knots for Sailor A and 6 knots for sailor B top speed 20 knots. Foil C - Small foil. Raises take off to 9 knots for sailor A and 11 knots for sailor B. Top speed of 28 knots. Based on sailing bits prices, the foil sets are about $5000 each, so to have all three choices you need to spend $15K (the price of a waszp) Those who can only afford one set (they do exist) will choose the least worst foil option trading take off speed vs top speed. With the current 2 sets foil rules, the small sailor with multiple foils has a distinct advantage, they can use a high lift in light winds for a 6 knot takeoff and then swap to a small foil when the wind kicks in for a high top speed. Compare that with a larger sailor who can only afford one foil. The larger sailor, can try and minimise his take off disadvantage with a high lift, but he risks significantly impacting his top speed if the breeze kicks in. If the larger sailor chooses the small foil, he risks destroying his light air take off if the breeze drops. The larger sailor will probably choose the mid range foil and try and live with a lower top speed, and higher takeoff, loosing at both ends but trying to be ok in average conditions. A one foil rule, basically will force the whole fleet into a midrange foil optimised for a wide effective range, with a slightly higher takeoff and lower peak top speed. People are against the one equipment rule mainly because it reduces their personal options. The problem is that as the cost increases, less people can afford those options anyway. The most important voice in this debate is not the people at the AGM, it is the ones that love sailing Moths but can’t afford to be at the worlds to discuss the issue .
  10. teknologika

    Moth decksweeper and lowered mast stumps

    No. Just not in the same hemisphere.
  11. teknologika

    Moth decksweeper and lowered mast stumps

    Luka’s boat has had significant upgrades. Significant lowering of rig and shortening of mast included.
  12. teknologika

    Moths at Wangi

    Correct. The wind and sea state were glorious all week, the weed not so much. Great battles and good competition throughout fleet. Title was won by Nathan on a leased M2 from Amac.
  13. teknologika

    Crossbow fl 2017

    Yep. The internet had it's chance ... all the interesting conversations happen in private now.
  14. teknologika

    2017 Garda Moth worlds

    No Luka's boat is a completely different design, the hull lines come from Marty Johnson of Rocket Surgeon Composites. https://www.facebook.com/Rocket-Surgeon-Composites-415092318502912/ Yes, mine is a Monstro ... which currently has holes in it as I do all the long overdue upgrades...
  15. teknologika

    2017 Garda Moth worlds

    The Monstro’s that Josh and Reece built are a real credit to them, Keagan York was sailing the “old” Monstro. Luka Damic sailed a Scalpel. The new rudder was finished just two days before the worlds. The Monstros and Scalpel are all Nomex boats. There are build quality differences between the Voodoo manufacturers, the Atomic UK built ones are the ones to get.