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  1. What boat to buy?

  2. Fun in Florida in January or Februay?

  3. North sails ,pricing, discounts

    Forget North and contact Ullman.
  4. Joke

    Blond and brunette walking past flower shop. Brunette sees her boyfriend inside buying flowers and says "I guess I'm going to have to spend the weekend with my legs in the air." Blond says " Don't you have a vase?"
  5. Stack pack or not?

    Can we see some pics? Thanks.
  6. Cleaner Wax for bogus boat cleanup

    DON'T USE DISH SOAP! It will remove whatever wax remains. Instead, use a car "wash and wax" soap. Save your waxing for after haul out.
  7. New prop for saildrive

    I've had a KIWI for 12 years and love it. Reverse is instantaneous with no prop walk. Blades are composite and can easily be changed if damaged. (No damage in 12 seasons.) Great service direct from the New Zeeland manufacturer.
  8. Grommets

    I'm looking for some unique grommets. They need to have a rubber (?) insert so the 1/4" rope doesn't pull easily through the grommet. An alternative is a grommet with a solid rubber/silicone insert cut with an "X" pattern, like sometimes is found on the side of a backpack th tuch a cloth into. Any ideas?
  9. VC17 Alternative

    WM FW-21 now on sale. $10- off regular price.
  10. Best Offshore Jokes

    Blond and brunette walking past a flower shop when the brunette notices her boyfriend inside buying flowers. "Shit" says the brunette, "now I'm going to have to spend the weekend with my legs up in the air." "Why?" asks the blond...."don't you have a vase?"
  11. Fast, shoal draft cruising boat

    A Hanse 370 or 400 (2006 or later) would be perfect. A cruiser with a good turn of speed. My 2006 370's PHRF is 126 (JAM) and 114 (Spin Distance). The 400 is below 100, I believe. Designed with a self tacking jib and a large full batten main. Add a code zero and an asymmetric downwind spinnaker and you're off to the races. Great storage aboard and fast sailing. Limited availability in US. Some in CA. Lots in Europe.
  12. Stack pack or not?

    Thanks for all your comments and suggestions. Right now my thought is that I will install lazy jacks (that I can retract when I race) with a standard sail cover with cut outs for the lazy jacks (so I don't need to always retract the lazy jacks). One of the marine hardware companies makes a "clip" that slides in the groove on the underside of the boom to run the lazy jack lines. Anyone know which manufacturer and which part?
  13. West Michigan Thread

    WHITE LAKE CANVAS 231.893.4093 Fabulous work. Fair pricing.
  14. Stack pack or not?

    I will have a new racing main in the spring for my Hanse 370 which I will use for both cruising and racing (weekly buoys and distance). In the past I have had a stack pack type mainsail handling system. I need to decide what type of main sail handling system I'll use for this new main. Either (1) a stack pack type system that I can roll up against the boom when racing with integral lazy jacks or (2) lazy jacks that I can take forward to the mast while racing or leave up while cruising with a standard sail cover with cut-outs for the lazy jacks. Your thoughts?
  15. Used Offshore Equipment

    Check the classifieds at www.cruisersforum.com