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  1. silversailor

    Funny Comments while Racing

    If you be ready you ain't got to get ready!
  2. silversailor

    yellow coating on gelcoat - how to clean?

    Toilet bowl cleaner. Cheap. Effective. Just make sure you don't let is sit too long. Flush well with water.
  3. silversailor

    Jib up with assym on sportboat?

    What about a non-sportboat. I race a Hanse 370. Avoid W/L due to diffuculty in either furling or genoa (usually a 155) at windward mark and hoisting asym. Instead, sail JAM on a triangle course. If I ran my 135 could I leave that hoisted and hoist the A-2 behind it?
  4. silversailor

    Trouble finding good daysailer options

    Alerion 28, 30 sport, 33. J88, 92 Hanse 325
  5. silversailor

    Stuck in the mast

    How did you get the messenger line down the middle of 20-30' pex pipe?
  6. silversailor

    Stuck in the mast

    GREAT IDEA. There's several on Amazon, 33' long (that's longer than I think I need, WiFi to my iPhone or Ipad, with LED lights around the camera. I can insert it at the lower end of the sheave and an elecrticians snake at the upper end to, hopefully, retrieve the errant chain. Thanks all.
  7. silversailor

    Stuck in the mast

    In the past I have used a portion of a bicycle chain attached to a messenger line to drop new halyards down the Sparcraft mast of my Hanse 370. Works like a charm... until the last time. I was replacing a single sheet for a self tacking jib. It enters the mast through a sheave about about half way up. Feed the bike chain through the sheave and dropped it down. Somehow it got caught on something inside the mast. May be the support for the lower spreaders. After bouncing it around a while we could not pull the messenger line back up or down. Right now the bike chain resides in the mast. The messenger line extends down the mast and exits near the base. Any suggestions on how to retrieve the bike chain without dropping the mast?
  8. silversailor

    Inflatable vest test

    I tested 6 older inflatable PFDs. Only 2 worked. The other 4 did not hold air for any length of time. Replaced those 4 immediately.
  9. silversailor

    Zinc sunscreen recommendation.

    Believe it or not, Harken now has a division called Harken Derm. There first product is a 50 spf sunscreen with zinc. It is totally non-greasy and lasts forever. Use a small amount and rub it in well.
  10. silversailor


    I'm planning on installing a RBS powdercoated backstay flicker on my 37' boat. The good news and the bad news are the same. It doesn't come with any hardware. This allows installation on almost any mast but will require several trips up the mast. First one for pics and to scope out possible attachment points for the forward end; second for seeing if selected hardware fits and, if so, drilling, tapping or whatever needs to be done to attach the forward end; third trip needed if selected hardware didn't work. Aft end seems pretty simple: either a small shackle or a low friction ring with a soft shackle. Has anyone installed one? Suggestions? Thanks.
  11. silversailor

    Harken Winch Question

    The pin at the base of a powered winch can wear and no longer disengage the motor. Harken should have a kit for replacing the pin and related spring. I needed to do that for my powered 40 classic.
  12. silversailor

    West Michigan Thread

    I have often thought that the Tripp could be expanded substantially by permitting simultaneous starts from any harbor on the east side of the Lake. Then adjust for distance. I realize that it's not perfect but Windquest and all the similar rated boats are never in the same wind as most of us anyway. Could easily double or triple the entries now that Tripp has abandoned the tradition of starting where the QC finishes.
  13. silversailor

    West Michigan Thread

    Will the Governor's Cup have both Spin and JAM divisions? What will be the format for each? W/L? Offset? Number of races each day? Also, will the Tripp still be a night race? Ending at SSYC or McKinley? Thanks.
  14. silversailor

    My Next Boat

    Any competent skipper can single handed dock an inboard engine boat of almost any size. I can dock my 37' single engine sailboat easier than docking my 19' skiff. Ditto in the Catalina 30. Hundreds available, easy to maintain, parts available, lots of space and a secure boat for a family.
  15. silversailor

    What boat to buy?