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  1. silversailor

    SH / DH Cruiser / Racer

    HANSE 400
  2. silversailor

    West Michigan Thread

    Why not the Hook Race? Same weekend. Longer race. All set to go.
  3. silversailor

    Cableless code 0 design

    Thanks Ryley. Some questions (you may want to respond via PM):: 1. Size of your Columbia? 2. Why North? Did you consider Doyle or Quantum? 3. Did decide to use a furler because you shorthand? 4. If you sailed with a crew of 4 or more would you use a furler? 5. Why did you chose the Facnor FX2500+? Thanks. Let me know how the new sail and furler are working?
  4. silversailor

    Soft Storage

    All the suggestions have been helpful but I'm still looking for a finished product I can purchase unless I can convince Joe.Barry to make a set for me. Joe, set your price. Thanks all.
  5. silversailor

    Soft Storage

    Some of the new sportboats have soft storage systems instead of hard lockers. The use bags that slide on and off a track. Any idea where I can purchase some?
  6. silversailor

    Soft Storage

    A number of the newer sportboats have hanging storage systems instead of hard lockers and shelves. The soft storage slides on and off a fixed track. I want to add some to my boat. Any ideas where they can be purchased?
  7. silversailor

    Stowing One-Touch Winch Handle

    Lewmar fit better than Harken.
  8. silversailor

    Cableless code 0 design

    How about answering my question...
  9. silversailor

    Cableless code 0 design

    I’m considering a Code O for my 28’ sport boat. Cable vs cableless? Furler vs no furler? Your thoughts.
  10. silversailor

    Pearson 33-2

    My wife and I cruised one for 8 years. 6' fin keel. We loved that boat. Biggest downside was a ver shallow bilge with water frequently on the sole. Other than that, she sailed beautifully. I did not race her so my comments are limited to cruising, We didn't hesitate to spend 2-3 weeks aboard, frequent weekend trips and many long daysails. Well built. Can't recall a mechanical or construction issue. Would still have her today if Lake Michigan did not go shallow (20 yrs ago) and I could not get her to her slip. Swapped her for a 1990 Pearson 34-2. What a mistake!
  11. silversailor

    Best sailing lakes North America?

  12. silversailor

    Chicago Boat, RV and Sail Show

    Gene, with all due respect I think you've got it wrong. Whenever I tell someone that sailing is my passion, they never mention cost; they never mention yacht clubs. They all immediately say "Wow, that must be hard." The public views sailing as something that's difficult to do. I explain that if I took them for a daysail the most difficult thing they will do is pry that little tab on the beer can. They laugh but still perceive sailing as a lot of work. True, sailing, even in it's basic form, requires something more than turning the key and pointing in the right direction, but it's clearly not the obstacle the public perceives. Until we overcome that perception, there will always be 20 powerboats sold for every sailboat.
  13. silversailor

    Mark Olson: Arrested, numerous criminal sex acts

    Sounds like he's qualified to run for President!
  14. silversailor

    What to do near Sarasota FL?

    There's great fishing in and around SQR. Lots of fishing guides. Kayak fishing, fly fishing and inshore, nearshore and offshore in the Gulf. Additional sailing in St Pete and the Davis Island YC. Great restaurants and lots of music for every taste. Nearby Anna Maria Island is a little more low key. Try the Rod & Reel Pier Restaurant for B-L-D. Excellent food and real local ambiance. Also, nearby Cortez with local fisheries. Dont miss the Star Fish Market and restaurant. For higher end dining try the new Shores Restaurant on the north end of Longboat.