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  1. Team NZ

    Great atmosphere in down town Auckland today. I've read alot of negative bollocks from many a troll on here ...but the appreciation shown today in town makes all those dicks seem so irrelevant. We have it...come and get it.
  2. Team NZ

    On the train home now..great day out!!
  3. Team NZ

    Thursday and Friday work put off to monday.....time to party like its 1995.
  4. Team NZ

    With the amount of shit GD has taking from Spithill.....why not give it back. Sure Spithill was gracious today.....but he didn't have a choice really?
  5. Team NZ

    Gotta love sport....from absolute misery 4 years ago to top of the world now.....brilliant ETNZ!!
  6. Team NZ

    I'm luke warm for this style of ac.... but the suspense created by past events (2013) and this 5 day break is pretty fucking good. Not sure who to credit for that.....Rus or ETNZ ability to front up cup after cup.
  7. Oracle Team USA

    Their boat isn't like any of the other boats.....maybe it is fast because it is harder to sail?
  8. Team NZ

    Top notch that New Lynn one
  9. Team NZ

    I hate a troll just like the rest of my kiwi fan boys.....however the form of any of these teams must be taken with a grain of salt until the pressure of survival is thrust upon them. For Oracle that isn't for awhile. So hang tight and enjoy the ride.
  10. Team NZ

    Out of range?....must mean they are going faster now than ever before
  11. Team NZ

    Some of this campaign reminds me of '03.......mainly the lack of testing time. Apparently in '03 they spent a lot of time trying to refine their boat to the nth degree, so much so that they suffered from lack of time on the water. Hopefully that's not the case here, they have looked slick.....at various times.
  12. Team NZ

    I'm guessing it does. I have no idea what's at play, I just thought it looked odd, so went back over it a few times to try and see what is going on. They also seemed to retract the windward foil very quickly after the turn. Certainly looked like they have enough power.
  13. Team NZ

    When looking at the practice vids from the 18th, it appeared OTUSA's wing had already changed camber to the opposite side before reaching what would be traditionally the eye of the wind thru a tack. They looked pretty slick pulling off a number of foiling tacks in a row.
  14. Oracle Team USA

    Not entirely sure whay point you are making Chief....ETNZ have always been there..or there abouts because of the ability to innovate and as you say "bend the rules". Think of all thise other teams that have come and gone...some of which Jimmy was apart of.
  15. Oracle Team USA

    Shit i thought Kiwis were one eyed .....but you take the cake. Jimmy is a great sailor but i think you give him more credit than he is due. Anyway lets see how this one plays out.