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  1. Grinder

    Chicago Area III

    What is Eleven?
  2. Grinder

    Chicago Area III

    Damn, that is a lot. Party on at WYC...
  3. Grinder

    Chicago Area III

    I went from Belmont to the party on Sunday to get our 3rd place award and to see some friends. Parked in 'Lakeside Garage' next to Millennium Garage. I was there for 1 hr 12 minutes. $30.00 parking fee. No wonder people don't want to sail in Chicago.
  4. Grinder

    Chicago Area III

    Edit: The orders to ‘quiet down’ we’re not from Steve Kindra. Steve did a great job. Thanks to him for sponsoring & running the regatta.
  5. Grinder

    Chicago Area III

    It was good to get some breeze-on conditions to shake off the cobwebs. Shutting down the bar during the awards is a dumb idea. Yelling at people to be quiet and pay attention at a party is childish.
  6. Grinder

    "Dis is Sayula"

    So glad I brought this thread back! I love the story and am getting my sailing friends to watch it, too.
  7. Grinder

    "Dis is Sayula"

    Amazon Prime is showing it for free. I'm way late to this party, but what an incredible story! I'm turning all my sailing friends on to it.
  8. Grinder

    Chicago Area III

    No love for Jackson Park YC? Welcome. Fuck that salt water shit.
  9. Grinder

    andrews 70 'alchemy'

    Alchemy was blazing fast on the West coast. Pretty cool it's here. Best of luck to them.
  10. Grinder

    Perdock for Police Chief?

    Send him a message!
  11. Grinder

    Chicago Area III

    It is my understanding that the South end of Monroe Harbor will be vacant of moorings for the 2018 boating season. All boats will be moored in the North 1/2. Interesting & sad. eh.
  12. Grinder

    West Michigan Thread

    roger, WILCO
  13. Grinder

    West Michigan Thread

    It would be swell if there were a video of this talk, to share with the masses from the West side of the lake.
  14. Grinder

    VOR Leg 7 Auckland to Itajai

    Godspeed John Fisher. He was doing what he loved with his friends, racing around the world, going fast. Rest In Peace, sailor, you’re off watch now.
  15. Grinder

    Chicago Area III

    J111 N.A's in Holland, Michigan in September. 20 boats predicted. World Champion J111 Skeleton Key in Chicago for the Summer.