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  1. Nautilus is the old goblin, owned by Lindy Thomas. The sea scouts have had the boat for 5+ years. Im sure it would need quite a bit of work and the sails are old. If you post in the Chicago area III thread, many of them will have more info.
  2. Wrong, they are talking about doing this just before the start. If they make it to pre-start side of the line before the gun, this is fine. However, if the gun goes off and they are ocs, they immediately lose their rights and will probably break a rule.
  3. looks like a foul to me. they go from starboard right to windward give during the gybe. they don't get mark room. you clearly had to avoid them. if they had turned to DDW at that mark, they would have been ROW and as long as they gave you room to avoid, they could have then gybed and had the room from the mark they needed.
  4. Be carful here, you do have to sail above close hauled to keep clear, and then protest him for your having to sail above CH. if you decide to not sail above close hauled, and he has to avoid you, you brake rrs 11, whether or not he broke 18.3.
  5. We still have 15 days til the start of the season, they still have heaps of time to get us all registered, get certs in and checked, waivers, etc. You had to know that this was going to be fucked up the first season, don't you remember when they needed Don to take over for the old system, took him a year to get it all straightened out. They will probably won't have it up in time and will have to do it all by hand for the first 2 days. Luckily, they aren't in charge of another race until Chi-Wau and not very many race those first 2 days.
  6. You were bound by RRS 18.4 to not sail past you proper course before you gybe. That forces you to gybe before heading to the shallow water, which in turn puts the outside boat in a leeward ROW position. They aren't bound by RRS 17, since they got a new overlap during the gybes. Your mark room stops as soon as your stern leaves the mark behind, that said, it doesn't matter. Since you have now become the windward boat in the rounding, you can't take more room away from the mark that the room you need to pass the mark safely. Now that you are passed the mark, the leeward boat can luff you head to wind if they want. Even if they were bound by RRS17, they still have the right to stay at their safe distance from the sallow water.
  7. They had 10-18 each night sometimes more. Most nights were oversubscribed. It was very successful.
  8. I disagree, I've hailed boats that is time to go or let's tack, etc. if you tell a boat you need room for a ROW or an obstruction, that is different.
  9. If red hailed and there was no ROW boat or other obstruction around, i would always find that red broke RRS 2, giving Yellow the ability to get redress. also, if i were yellow, i would respond you tack, instead of tacking. then avoid red, but stay very close, maybe then you can get to the layline.
  10. http://www.beyc.com/
  11. They should have had a twing line (tweeker) rigged and buried to the rail. They had the pole way too high, should have been about at the gooseneck. When going DDW, you need to stretch the kite down, reducing the shoulders. This will stabilize the lateral sway of the kite. The kite was over eased as well, I never let it curl DDW in big air. Also, need someone on the vang at all times and don't be afraid to blow it.
  12. First, as far as the Association Appeals Committee, i understand there is no limit to the number, location or overlap of Association Appeals Committees. I fully expect CASRA to ask US Sailing for an Association Appeals Committee of their own. Why would CASRA want all of their Chicago boat owners to have to pay $75 per appeal for a LMSRF appeal. Yes, LMSRF will still provide certain LM administrative tasks, just nothing significant for the Chicagoland area. Also, funding the federation might be a different challenge, since ~90% of their revenue comes from Chicago boat owner dues and those don't need to be paid anymore. LMSRF isn't or shouldn't be responsible for anything that is US Sailing Area K, they may have input, but they are not the de facto Area K federation. That would disenfranchise 6 out of the 10 states in Area K. I'm just happy to have a new organization with a clear focus and vision for Chicago racers. i wish them all the best in their endeavor.
  13. It seems to me that LMSRF - RGC is just a way to keep LMSRF in the mix in Chicago, I wonder if it would have even been created if CASRA wasn't a thing. It looks to me that RGC was just a reaction to CASRA and not a initiative that would have come anyway. RGC is too little, too late from LMSRF. Since I'm are on the too little too late thought, why is it that only Area III LMSRF members have to pay dues for LMSRF? Is that fair? Or were we just the biggest pool of members and they were looking for a payday. Except for BOTY prizes, what will LMSRF provide to Chicago racers going forward? We won't need to be a member of LMSRF to race the entire CASRA schedule and we saw at the townhall meeting, not many racers are concerned with the BOTY awards. If CASRA will standardize the NOR/SIs, do the schedule and organize a website for entry/scoring, this is now the death knell for LMSRF in the Chicagoland area. CASRA has been meeting for more than a year, they most certainly have plans for what they are doing, maybe they just didn't want to share them with a committee that has only been up and running for 2 months, that most of feel will be less useful than the last LMSRF Area III committee was. I'll say it again, chicago BOAT OWNERS NO LONGER NEED TO PAY AREA III DUES. GOOD BYE LMSRF, HELLO CASRA.
  14. you need to get the sail maker and LMPHRF to tell you what the penalties will be. Without that, you won't be able to know what is best.
  15. So the boat is designed by Botin, not Farr. The boatyard that built the boat has nothing to do with the fundamental deck design. This thing will never go close to offshore. Its so out there that it will only race in class. Certainly not primarily under handicap rules. This also takes out the need for a staysail as it will mostly see windward leeward racing. Good on you for spending other peoples money but that winch package that you are bagging is well into the 50k USD range. Add any fancy shit like that and the price will go right through the roof. Also not sure which C40's you have sailed on but none have driven runner winches (not even all 52s have that function) and none have driven main winches either.... Curious if you have any idea about what all that shit costs to add to a boat that has PLENTY of expensive bells and whistles. For example. Just adding a standard string drop system from harken is about 12k USD. Driving just one additional main sheet winch is going to set you back an additional 15k USD.... In fact if you even had half a clue about what you are talking about you would know that each button engages the relevant primary and the overdrive selection system is now integrated into the pedestal.... So yes there is value engineering happening there for a PRODUCTION boat. +1, nothing to add. EDIT: Oh yeah, you forgot about the canting keel, I don't know of any other W/L racer which has one. Schock 40