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  1. SailChiTown

    Chicago Area III

    It was a private member boat.
  2. SailChiTown

    Protesting other fleets

    I think that's crap, many of the best and winningest sailors I know come in on port layline and find a hole or tack underneath
  3. SailChiTown

    Chicago Area III

    Well, the RC was dragging anchor, we finished 20 min before the crashes, the line was about 50ft. long.
  4. SailChiTown

    Chicago Area III

    I would highly rec the following from that list: Nick Chadwick Datum Marine Solutions, LLC Marian Lambrecht Hoskins Schuss Marine Survey
  5. SailChiTown

    Protesting other fleets

    The reason I ask if and how long you were on, what you called, your proper course is that, while you are turning down to your proper course, you have to give room to the port boat. You don't get mark room from them, you are a ROW boat changing course and RRS 16 applies. If the port boat was really on the port layline and there was no offset, then it's very difficult to get to proper course before you get to that port boat, normally you would have to wait to come down until they have passed. If there is an offset, it's still difficult to establish a straight course in time to give them room to avoid. If you are coming down to them, there best and sometimes only out is to keep going forward. Remember, even if you are doing a steady turn down, your course is constantly changing when looking at RRS 16. The port taker, according to the RRS, doesn't ever need to anticipate that you will keep turning down, they just need to keep away from your straight course.
  6. SailChiTown

    Protesting other fleets

    I was just wondering how long after you stopped turning down, did you have to alter. You said they were on port layline.
  7. SailChiTown

    Protesting other fleets

    I'd be interested to discuss the mark rounding, if you were changing course, as you say, did you give the port boat room to keep clear?
  8. SailChiTown

    Chicago Area III

    That's an outreach program, they will probably bus them in.
  9. SailChiTown

    Chicago Area III

    It's the old TP52 Heartbreaker, being chartered by the owner of Tequila Mockingbird.
  10. SailChiTown

    Chicago Area III

    If you would like to protest your rating, there is a very specific process to follow. First, read and follow the class rules and rating rules by which you are racing under. Second, the deadline for filing is dec 1, for concideration for the 2019 season. Please include in your appeal, the other ratings in your section that the "committee" should consider.
  11. SailChiTown

    Remove DSQ boat from race?

    OCS isn't a DSQ. A sailor can correct an OCS long after the start of the race, therefore, the RC can't tell them to leave the race course. Unlike a Black Flag, that in most fleets, a board of all Black flagged boats will be posted at the windward mark. If a boat is OCS, they still have rights and are allowed to mess with other boats, as long as it helps their own standings in the race or series.
  12. SailChiTown

    Chicago Area III

    Always amazes me how much money J boats are. Used J88s are $30k more than similar conditioned ben 36.7s.
  13. SailChiTown

    Calling/denying buoy room

    The RRS clearly establish, 3 boat lengths as the zone of a mark. There is no explicit protocol for calling a zone however; RRS 18.2e says that any doubt of a change to the overlap or not overlap at the zone, shall be presumed that it did not change. Therefore, my approach to a mark, i always call the zone (either overlapped or not overlapped) at 4 boat lengths. so as to establish an agreed upon condition before the zone. Normally they yell back, "we aren't at the zone yet", to which i just reply with the same assertion of the overlap. Then when we get to the 3 BL zone, i just repeat my positionion, and that's when they start arguing about the overlap. that is when i have won the debate.
  14. SailChiTown

    Rules of the "Road"

    No OA or RC worth anything would put them on the same course
  15. SailChiTown


    In match racing rules, you haven't completed your gybe until your sail mostly fills on the other board. In this case, the sail never filled. Audi never established Starboard, still give under 13 until well after contact.