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  1. Chicago Area III

    If you would like to protest your rating, there is a very specific process to follow. First, read and follow the class rules and rating rules by which you are racing under. Second, the deadline for filing is dec 1, for concideration for the 2019 season. Please include in your appeal, the other ratings in your section that the "committee" should consider.
  2. Remove DSQ boat from race?

    OCS isn't a DSQ. A sailor can correct an OCS long after the start of the race, therefore, the RC can't tell them to leave the race course. Unlike a Black Flag, that in most fleets, a board of all Black flagged boats will be posted at the windward mark. If a boat is OCS, they still have rights and are allowed to mess with other boats, as long as it helps their own standings in the race or series.
  3. Chicago Area III

    Always amazes me how much money J boats are. Used J88s are $30k more than similar conditioned ben 36.7s.
  4. Calling/denying buoy room

    The RRS clearly establish, 3 boat lengths as the zone of a mark. There is no explicit protocol for calling a zone however; RRS 18.2e says that any doubt of a change to the overlap or not overlap at the zone, shall be presumed that it did not change. Therefore, my approach to a mark, i always call the zone (either overlapped or not overlapped) at 4 boat lengths. so as to establish an agreed upon condition before the zone. Normally they yell back, "we aren't at the zone yet", to which i just reply with the same assertion of the overlap. Then when we get to the 3 BL zone, i just repeat my positionion, and that's when they start arguing about the overlap. that is when i have won the debate.
  5. Rules of the "Road"

    No OA or RC worth anything would put them on the same course
  6. Rules??

    In match racing rules, you haven't completed your gybe until your sail mostly fills on the other board. In this case, the sail never filled. Audi never established Starboard, still give under 13 until well after contact.
  7. Rules??

    In match racing, very little is considered unseamanlike...they toss those boats around so quick.
  8. Rules??

    No, the give boat always loses on RRS 14.
  9. Rules??

    In the US, we find it very difficult to penalize the ROW boat for 15, without contact. I'm not saying it never happens, I've only seen it once in 60 events
  10. Rules??

    Audi is ahead of Bavaria. At about 12sec, Bavaria becomes overlapped to leeward, giving room for RRS15. Audi, as the windward, give way boat, at 20 sec, turns uncontrollably directly in front of Bavaria. Bavaria, turns to windward, rounding up behind Audi to avoid contact. One could argue that Bavaria lost control right after Audi, if that's true, ok; but it doesn't change the rules. Had Bavaria not changed course when she did, there would have been much more damage with a full on T-bone. A crash gybe to do with Audi, was not practical. Audi broke RRS 11, Bavaria breaks RRS 14, but is not penalized as, from the time that is was clear that Audi wasn't keeping clear, bavaria did everything she could to avoid contact.
  11. Leeward Gate Best Practices

    Mixed fleets, 6 lengths of the longest boat. Single fleet, 6-7 lengths. One key to gates, re-square the gate as the first boats get to windward mark, nothing I kate worse than having a gate and the whole fleet goes around one side. It's not considered a mark move to square a gate.
  12. Rule 17 - Proper Course rule question

    diagram would have helped, your post said LH gate, took that to mean left turn mark. What you have here is a clear violation of RRS 18.2b. green gets to sail to the mark and then proper course to round the mark.the moment either enters the zone, red has to come down.
  13. Rule 17 - Proper Course rule question

    saw your diagram, was thinking the other gate mark.
  14. Rule 17 - Proper Course rule question

    The key point here is, when B gybed on to starboard, were they overlapped or, was A ever clear ahead after B crossed DDW. From the sound of it, B was overlapped. In that case, RRS 17 is off, since B didn't come from behind, inside 2 boat lengths. Therefore, she has what we call full luffing rights, can go all the way head to wind. Also, the zone doesn't matter much because, B is the ROW boat and RRS 18 doesn't limit the inside ROW boat from luffing at a gate mark.
  15. 3Di NorDac

    J105's and T10s require woven dacron, so these sails wouldn't work for them...