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  1. Lock Crowther Multihull Regatta

    See if you can convince a few more players to load RaceQs on their phone too as its fun to watch the dog/cat fights around the course,
  2. Multihull Lifeline requirements.

    I went thru this also to get Cat5n on our TT720 and fell back onto the 3.12.1 clause which to my reading is clear... (to paraphrase) "can't or don't want continuous lifelines then you must be clipped in while on deck". Now the safety of harness lines and length there of is a whole other can of worms. From a safety audit perspective if you have jacklines and harnesses your OK IMHO (not a auditor BTW)....what you do while sailing is entirely up to you... unless shit hits the fan and a coroner, lawyer or insurance company is doing a investigation. Also to my way of reading..... subsequent clauses are a dependent on the preceeding clause ie implied OR unless they specifically say: a) blah blah blah... b.) AND blah blah blah Problems arise when the auditors are left to interpret the rules so it would be better if the language was less ambiguous
  3. Airlie Hammo Magnetic 2017

    Silly question for the big monos sailors.....are those guys seriously thinking that having their hands out is going to make 5 tenths of fuck all difference on a 100' mono with a 12 tonne canting keel? Confused about the physics.
  4. F-22 Update

    Looks more like a step as it's a huge ventilation plate (cavitation is something different) and doubt you would need a hydrophane foil of a 6 Hp. Know what it is Peter? I extended my ventilation plate forward and angled down a bit on our TT720 to get hull wake flow inline with the plate to reduce spray but nowhere near as large as that.. OK quick google... https://www.ozpropellers.com.au/aluminium-hydrofoils-1/yamaha-outboard-hydrofoils/yamaha-outboard-hydrofoil-suits-8-30hp.html My guess is to help with pitching and help smooth the ride under power. Light boats lift their arse easily and the prop gets lifted out of the water.
  5. Race Replays

    Not sure if this has been said but can people who have the bandwidth please leave the seed up for a day to help others... I normally don't do this (yeah I know I'm a leech) for other torrents but given the outstanding job RudderNZ and others have done to post these seems only fair we payback a little...Just my $0.02 Like others have said.. dinner and a sail are on me if you're over here in NO, GA and TS's stomping ground of the central coast NSW These boys have definitely put Wangi Wangi and our local waters on the international map. Cheers Mark
  6. Race Replays

    Any chance of some more 360 videos floating around? Coolest thing is watching them with an Oculus headset... (no I'm not sitting on a bike at the time but that would be a next level of geekness) This is so cool as you can focus on the stuff your interested in rather than rely on changing camera angles etc. Watching the sail trim or foil operation during tacks, gybes and starting tactics is very informative. Plus you can hear the onboard banter rather than the made for the masses BS commentary.
  7. Sailtimer Wind Instrument

  8. Centerboard Vibration/Hum

    Chisel point the trailing edge ie make it assymetric bevel to one side Nothing drastic only a 1mm or so.
  9. Rebirth of the classics?

    Now that is funny! Been 35 years for me (and the boat is about that old too) Well HJ its been quite a while for sure. But all is not lost as I'm in the process of rebuilding the c/b case, but jobs that are done ....new galley layout, new electrics and fancy LED lighting, new Solar setup, new windows new traveller... and the list goes on. She is going to be well used soon.. promise. True this is real $ expenditures... but its a B.O.A.T (bring out another thousand) and its still a great design so well worth the investment IMHO. In my case its mostly an investment in time. End of the day it will not be a "new" boat but then I will also still have probably 80k less debt too.
  10. Rebirth of the classics?

    The boat you have is the best one .IMHO ..as long as it gets used and not just a money pit as you so well point out. I float this idea out there so that those who have yet to own something to start their adventure don't despair when faced with the considerable price of entry for the latest and greatest "entry level" cruising multis. And no I'm not about to sell mine just yet
  11. Rebirth of the classics?

    Now I will freely admit I'm biased being the proud owner of a TrailerTri720 but I have a question/suggestion for the masses... There is quite a resurgence in the small "cruiser/racer" multi with examples like the Farrier F22 and the Corsair 760 (and I'm sure a host of others). And while each has their followers I can't help but wonder if one wants an infinitely more affordable option (with the associated trade offs) that renovating an older TT720 doesn't have some merit for those on stricter budgets. Now don't get me wrong.. the newer designs are faster, have less maintenance, roomier etc etc and yet .....I can still sail my TT down the coast with confidence, beat most monos one would call trailer sailors. cook a delicious meal and sleep comfortably 2 (but in a pinch have done 8!) in all the same cruising holes frequented by the flashier 3rd 4th and 5th generations of our original. (technically I think the TT18 was the prototype) All that and still fold up with the same ease that was designed into Farriers designs since day dot. So am I a hopeless romantic? or are these "classics" the perfect choice for those that would love one of the new examples but doesn't have that kind of coin.
  12. Trailer Winch F27

    Not sure why a webbing would fail unless its been exposed to too much sun or just too old. But this is another good reason to always have a backup belay using your jib halyard to a primary winch on deck On my strap I sewed a sunbrella sleeve on the first 300mm (from hook), so that it acts as a cover just like one does on furling jibs.
  13. Trailer Winch F27

    Being a Brit then only a Defender will do ;P I only use the winch to raise my TT720 mast and belay the forestay with a rope to lower (person doing this is on the ground and only acting as a safety as I control the decent with wraps around the primary in the cockpit) Note I use the jib halyard around a primary winch as my backup for both raising and lowering
  14. F-22 Update

    Foil or non-foil? Is there such a thing as a non foiling boat anymore?Flying boats? Aren't they airplanes. Ones without motors are Sailplanes ;P
  15. Farrier F-85SR

    Awesome Clive I'm sure your 4th will come around ...with time. Stick it to Phill to make sure he gets the dates right for next year and lets get 24hrs done in a F85sr.. Hats of to you for being out there and a even bigger hats off to the 24hr guys. Please post a link to your RaceQs track as I'd love to see it.. Well done boys .. well done!