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  1. I agree. That airmar triducer is, in my experience, pretty useless and I pretty poor experience of flushing the Airmar DST800 also. It became very very unlinear which I attribute to the small dimension of the paddlewheel compared to the boundary layer thickness
  2. Boomkicker rod boom vangs

    Exactly...there should be a considerable bend in the rods in the normal sailing position. I'm very happy with mine.
  3. what is it?

    Fareast 37R
  4. Their website is back up and I suspect that the marketing/sales team is very busy preparing for the Dusseldorf boat show next week. I spoke with them at the Paris show before Christmas and they seemed very busy with a 2-3 year order book on most models.
  5. VPP calculator online

    Seems to work pretty well for my Pogo 8.50. Generally the upwind speeds are a slightly high and downwind speeds somewhat low
  6. Barometer with logging

    Something like this maybe? https://www.svb24.com/en/nasa-barometer-meteoman.html
  7. Ubi Maior Jib Furler

    Anther option for furlers for hanked sails is Bartels ( bartels.eu ). Not as funky as ubi-maior but solid German engineering and they work very well.
  8. STIX or LPS for *f5

    You will find ORC-certificates (with LPS) for a bunch of them on ORC sailor services (www.orc.org). search for FIRST 45 F5 and FIRST 53 F5
  9. Signet+NKE=?

    Anyone knows whether it is possible to use a Signet Hall effect log transducer on an NKE instrument system instead of the NKE supplied (very unlinear) Airmar DST800 transducer? Of course the wiring in the connector needs to get sorted but that is a small problem.
  10. Battery for Tactick Micro Compass uk

    You should be able to order the battery from any large electronics supplier. I got it here: https://www.distrelec.biz/search?q=ML2430-HZ1
  11. Strange sounds from the boat

    I'd agree that it is vibration induced by vortex shedding somewhere in the rig. Annoying but not dangerous.
  12. ORC Sail Restrictions

    Keep in mind that ORC count code0's with less then 75%half width as a "headsail set flying".My stab at an inventory would be A2,almost full size A3, smaller A5 and a code with abt 55% half width. Depending on the boat and if you expect a lot of Light upwind work one ciuld consider adding a J0
  13. Tacktic/Raymarine instruments

    If the battery is completely discharged on a new instrument I would return it immediately because it will most probably never come back to its full capacity and its life span will be severly reduced.
  14. Lipstick on a pig. (From the FP)

    Read rule 49.2 again 49.2 When lifelines are required by the class rules or the sailing instructions they shall be taut, and competitors shall not position any part of their torsos outside them, except briefly to perform a necessary task. Yes but 49.2 When lifelines are required by the class rules or the sailing instructions they shall be taut, and competitors shall not position any part of their torsos outside them, except briefly to perform a necessary task I'm talking of a situation where the lifelines are not required which is a common situation in inshore races, at least where I sail
  15. Lipstick on a pig. (From the FP)

    Don't know what rules they're sailing under, but they are for small keelboats under offshore special regs, for cat 3 and 4. (Nothing to stop a class rule being written, either.) And as has been pointed out, ducking under a single lifeline while facing inboard is illegal: As I read RRS49.2 you may actually hike under the lifelines if lifelines are not required by either class rules or SI so we actually do not know if a rule was broken.