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  1. Pelle

    Pogo 8.50

    I built the tillers myself. They are carbon om foam core so pretty light. I like the racegeek as the display has very good visibilty. I bought it for use on a J70 I used to race with but now its mostly used as a repeater to the nke instruments and for the startline funktions.
  2. Pelle

    Pogo 8.50

    And tempt you with a little video
  3. Pelle

    Pogo 8.50

    My freshwater system is a couple of 20 litre cans that couples to a foot pump. 2 can fits under the pentry bench. I have a 55 litre compressor box. that fit on shelf in the aft cabin. All quite simple but works for me,
  4. Pelle

    Pogo 8.50

    I have been racing my Pogo 8.50 since 2015 with a fair bit of success (in DH-racing) under our local rating system that admittedly is a bit kinder to this style of boat than ORC. That said I had, before the Covid mess, planned to do some ORC racing this year and I analysed the ORC ratings quite a bit and my conclusion is that an 8.50 in correct configuration can work well DH in ORC. Full crew is much more difficult. It is a really charming boat to sail but that said it is hard work to get max performance from it (as it needs big sails and a lot of sail changes) and it has its limitations. Even though it can go upwind much better than people think it lacks a point mode and the acceleration is very slow. Thus it will never be good windward/leeward boat and it will never be really good in light air even if my 55% upwind code 0 helps a lot. On the other hand if you get a 120 TWA reach in 20 knots you will sail 2-3 knots faster than your rating so it is horses for courses...:-)
  5. Pelle

    Taming a nervous NKE auto pilot

    The 9-axis needs a multigraphic or the new multidisplay I'm afraid. The older 3-axis Regatta compass works with the older displays. I'm sure that the standard compass could work OK because mine did for many years before starting to act up...I would try to borrow another compass sensor In order to see if that could improve your situation.
  6. Pelle

    Taming a nervous NKE auto pilot

    I just saw this thread. I also have a Pogo 8.50 and my pilot that behaved in a similar manner but not as severe. I traced the problem ( I think) to the (standard fluxgate) compass sensor. First I managed to borrow a regatta compass sensor to test and then I bought the new 9-axis compass sensor. After getting that to work properly (I needed to upgrade to the latest Multigraphic display software which took a bit of time to find out) the pilot calmed down.
  7. I have both.we race shorthanded both inshore and offshore...the asym is faster in light air both due to better aerodynamics but mainly because it forces you to sail correct angles. Above 10 kn I get very similar VMG from both my S2 and A2 but the flexibility of the symmetrical spinnaker is king, especially inshore among the islands. I actually find it easier to handle the symmetrical when solo (gybing etc) but then I have a reliable autopilot. 2 handed its no issue gybing the symmetrical even in 20 kn +.
  8. Pelle

    VC17 (Premixed 1yr old)

    My experience is that the copper powder settles to the bottom of container and form a more or less solid mass....I have never ben able to mix it up again..
  9. Pelle

    the perfect boat

    There is really no such thing as the perfect boat but for the last years my Pogo 8.50 has been close for me. It's a good boat for shorthanded racing, less so for fully crewed and comfy enough for a weeks cruising.
  10. Pelle

    Showtime capsize on return trip[24163].pdf
  11. Pelle

    Seacock and valve

    Any knows what brand this valve is and where I could buy a replacement (preferably in Europe)?
  12. Pelle

    On Deck Tablets

    Some good info here:, I use one of these but strong sunlight is a problem.....
  13. Pelle

    idiots in power boats meet regatta, video

    About here:'23.7%22N+11%C2%B023'44.0%22E/@58.1335886,11.3647358,8679m/data=!3m1!1e3!4m6!3m5!1s0x0:0x0!7e2!8m2!3d58.1399278!4d11.3955569?hl=sv&authuser=0 or nautical chart:,11.396513&z=15&l=nautical
  14. Pelle

    Albin Cumulus? (Other boats?)