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  1. Pelle

    Puzzle yachts Sweden

    They might have built a few 39's but don't quote me on was a long time ago. The 36's have a reputation for beeing built like a tank with nice woodwork inside but I never sailed on one and havent been onboard one either since 82 or so...
  2. Pelle

    Puzzle yachts Sweden

    AFAIK Puzzle Yachts stopped building new boats in the early 90ies. They built some 50 of the Puzzle 36. The company still exists as a service yard on Hönö outside Göteborg.,11.6493324,17.69z/data=!4m12!1m6!3m5!1s0x464f8f915dc57dcf:0x20ab43ed45fd4b0c!2sPuzzle+Marin+AB!8m2!3d57.6816172!4d11.6504952!3m4!1s0x464f8f915dc57dcf:0x20ab43ed45fd4b0c!8m2!3d57.6816172!4d11.6504952
  3. Pelle

    Best cold weather sailing gloves?

    For helming or sitting on the rail in cold weather I like the Gill Helmsman gloves. Useless for general sailing though but warm and dry for those cold and wet nights at the helm.
  4. Pelle

    code 0 furler for a jib?

    or this: Photo of my installation
  5. Pelle

    ECMWF Gribs

    I think its included in the squid-sailing oceanic subscription which is 90€/month
  6. Pelle

    Vakaros Atlas vs Racegeek D10

    I have a racegeek. After some fiddling it works as advertised except that I have not yet been able to get any nmea data out of it (via wireless) but I'll admit that I have tried that much. The display is excellent with good readability in different light conditions. The app also works well and i like the interface.
  7. Pelle

    Taffeta filmless w Technora

    My jib in a similar materiel is on its fourth season and it is holding up well despite some abuse in shorthanded racing, no tendencies of delamination and shape is still OK.
  8. Pelle

    Harken Radials vs Performas

    By my personal experience with Harkens on my own boat which require 4-5 wraps and eats sheets for breakfast vs. Andersens on my mates boat which are happy with 3-4 wraps for the same size genoa and gives at least twice the life span for the sheets. For a normal cruiser/racer I would buy Andersen over Harken any day but thats just me....
  9. Pelle

    Harken Radials vs Performas

    That the Andersens always are very heavy is a myth. I recently looked for a 40ST winch and researched weights: Andersen 4.9 kg Harken radial alu 3.8 kg Harken radial chrome 5.4 kg Harken Performa 3.8 kg Lewmar Evo Race 4.9 kg Lewmar Evo Chrome 6.5 kg In practice for a normal crusier/racer my opinion is that the superior function and reduced line wear of the Andersen winches are well worth the weight penalty. For a full on racer or a larger boat it is of course another equation.
  10. Pelle

    AIS data on NKE-bus

    Hmm..Im pretty sure that my wifi box has 38400 baud on the wired output....
  11. Pelle

    AIS data on NKE-bus

    Thanks! I'll check with NKE but after re-reading the manuals it seems that the wifi box actually does multiplex the AIS data stream with the instrument data to a combined high speed NMEA stream which is what I need.
  12. Pelle

    AIS data on NKE-bus

    Anyone with first hand experince in having AIS data on the NKE bus? According to the manuals you can feed in the AIS-data and display them on a multigraphic display but does is work in real life. Is there a risk of choking the bus with a lot of AIS-targets?
  13. Pelle

    Hull ID Check
  14. Pelle

    ORC inclining test method

    The purpose of the inclination is to determine the VCG of the boat without crew. The effect of the crew both on displacement and righting moment is taken into account by the ORC VPP so it is actually not that bad.
  15. Pelle

    ORC inclining test method

    The obvious differenc between the stability calcs in ORC and ISO is that ORCi discards the effect of any volume above the sheer line. This effect should not give a huge difference in AVS but might be a degree or two. I looked at the two Pogo 12.50's with ORCi certs in Europe, one with fixed keel and one with the folding and the folding keel boat has AVS just under 110 deg ( ) so yours seem to be about the same. The fixed keel has a litte higher at 114 ( ) Getting just 1.5 deg heel angle in the inclining test is definitely too litte IMHO and you are at the mercy of the weather conditions if you want any kind of accuracy.