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  1. I'd agree that it is vibration induced by vortex shedding somewhere in the rig. Annoying but not dangerous.
  2. Keep in mind that ORC count code0's with less then 75%half width as a "headsail set flying".My stab at an inventory would be A2,almost full size A3, smaller A5 and a code with abt 55% half width. Depending on the boat and if you expect a lot of Light upwind work one ciuld consider adding a J0
  3. If the battery is completely discharged on a new instrument I would return it immediately because it will most probably never come back to its full capacity and its life span will be severly reduced.
  4. Read rule 49.2 again 49.2 When lifelines are required by the class rules or the sailing instructions they shall be taut, and competitors shall not position any part of their torsos outside them, except briefly to perform a necessary task. Yes but 49.2 When lifelines are required by the class rules or the sailing instructions they shall be taut, and competitors shall not position any part of their torsos outside them, except briefly to perform a necessary task I'm talking of a situation where the lifelines are not required which is a common situation in inshore races, at least where I sail
  5. Don't know what rules they're sailing under, but they are for small keelboats under offshore special regs, for cat 3 and 4. (Nothing to stop a class rule being written, either.) And as has been pointed out, ducking under a single lifeline while facing inboard is illegal: As I read RRS49.2 you may actually hike under the lifelines if lifelines are not required by either class rules or SI so we actually do not know if a rule was broken.
  6. That's pretty slick. Custom hardware or off the shelf kit? I think it is this: http://www.harken.com/productcategory.aspx?taxid=386
  7. I'd say the track system is only for headsails on furlers.
  8. An EV100 should be mounted on deck as the linear drive unit does not have a clutch and must be removed from the tiller when steering manually. Raymarines EV200 with the linear drive is designed for permanent connection and works fairly well for a rather moderate price.
  9. Using a vulcan with a NKE sysytem would require an NMEA0182/NMEA2000 converter and a small NMEA2000 backbone which would probably eat up any savings compared to the Zeus which could be connected using an NKE NMEA0183 interface box. (Either # 90-60-508 or probably better the newer # 90-60-538 which has an USB port for connection to a computer) Both boxes can also send the data on the NKE bus on wifi but my experince of this has been so/so i.e. it works but not really reliable so have had to use wired connections to a ship modul multiplexer and then on to my Garmin 721 plotter/MFD and computer with Expedition. I'm quite happy with the Garmin which could be an option to B&G plotters.
  10. Yep Omohundro was the originamast builder then the first small batch of Southern Spars masts was painted white and then came the clearcoated masts. I had white sourthen mast and it was very similar to the black ones.
  11. The price dfference between 3DL and 3Di in the offer I got was 10-25% depending on fiber selection and finish.
  12. I would (or have actually) bite the bullet and go to a 3Di product. In my experience the durability is in another league especially for medium/heavy Jib.
  13. I just ordered a Bartels ( www.bartels.eu ) structural furler for my Pogo 850 keeping the hanks on my headsails. It was much cheaper than other structural furles i looked at (Karver, facnor, colligo). I had a Facnor flatdeck furler earlier which I took of for two reasons; weight and that is was near impossible the change headsails due to friction in the foil despite correct size luff tape. No direct experice on the bartels furler yet but I talked to a First 31.7 owner who had one and he was happy with it.
  14. I found Cyberaltura ok when doing a similar excerise.